Why To Choose Ionic FrameWork To Build Your Next App

If you are just stepping into app development world , then you Mau come across with variety of question which comes before developmental process to start , and one of the best question being asked is which platform to choose to start the app developmental process .  Although there are plenty of them available in marketplace but in this article we are restricting our decision considering Ionic Framework .

Ionic framework facilitates usability of combination of programming languages like CSS , HTML5 and Javascript . With the combination of all these you can get your desired app with better user interface for your targeted audience .

Now lets look at some of the reasons why Winklix think you should use Ionic framework for developing your app :

One Code For All Platform

A coder has to write a single code for the app to be launched in all the platform , which is usually not the case in case of native mobile app development which will take more time to build and have to be build for that specific platform  . Assume if you are launching your application on Android only , then there me be a chance that a iOS user will not be accessible of your app and you may be loosing the customers of iOS .

Ionic framework gives you opportunity of launching the app across all platform with ease .

Ionic Framework Is Free To Use

Its Free !! This is probably the best feature that ionic framework offers . Right from developmental process to launching ,marketing and branding – it is quite expensive process . Usually it has been seen that any frameworks will cost you around $ 1000 , while ionic framework is free which can obviously  going to ease some of the burden . It might also be a case that even if are not sure of using it , you can atleast give it a try as it is free .

The User Interface Is Awesome

If you are looking for beautiful app to attract more number of users , then probably ionic framework is the best way to go with . Ionic uses a combination of CSS and Javascript which is used in combination with Angular JS which gives you awesome button , menus , colour scheme to choose from thereby giving you cutting edge application outlook .

Base FrameWork Of Ionic Is Angular

Angular as we all developers might have heard is a very popular platform for building both web and mobile applications .  So even if you are not familiar with Angular programming language , after working on this framework it will add on to your skills and with also enhance you to deliver web application to with the help of this framework .

Ionic User Cordova Plugin

What is plugin ? Plugin are piece of code coded in Javascript which facilitates multiple functioning of the application which is bit closer to native language of the platform . Cordova plugin facilitates using of feature such as geo location , accessing camera and battery of mobile phone and so on . Hence in short we can say it gives optimal working app .

Huge Community For Ionic Framework

Programming is a tough task and it becomes harder when you are a fresher in your field . Both Ionic and Angular has a large community of active user which can help you throughout your app developmental process . If you search on social media platforms , you can even be able to find even the founder of Ionic framework is there to help you as their primary aim is to help user to create perfect app .


From this article you must have a variety of reasons to try working on this framework . You must try it once for sure , as it is free . Go give it a try atleast once to explore the hybrid world of apps .

So are you looking for ionic app developers? Winklix has a strong team of ionic app developers that can deliver you an awesome mobile application .

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