Ecommerce App Changing The Trends In Retail Industry

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Retail industry has been seen with tremendous change over the past few years , due to the fact that ecommerce solution are improving at fast speed , with major contribution of ecommerce mobile apps.

In order to know better what customer are going to expect with latest technology trends , companies must keep on researching the trending technologies . A professional ecommerce app developer can guide you about the trending technologies so that you can take full advantage of developing trends .

Some of the Ecommerce trends that are really worth paying attention to is :

The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence For Enhancing Mobile Apps In Ecommerce Industry

AI is considered valuable in retail industry due to its ability to analyse data in efficient manner than humans . For instance , if AI technology is integrated in ecommerce mobile app , it can analyse customer past behaviour , and can deliver the personalised shopping experience .

With the help of AI , customer can get the result on the basis of their interest and needs . Chatbots are another solution which can guide customer through the process of their shopping on ecommerce app , thus making it much easier that expected before .

Augmented Reality Is New Trend In Retail Industry

With the help of Augmented Reality ( AR )  , you can actually superimpose virtual images in real world . Or you can say , it is the same technology the Pokemon Go’s is based on .

It is acting as game changer in ecommerce industry . Many of the big brands has already implemented this technology to show people what their products are going to look like in customer real life . For instance , you are looking for furniture set for your home , then you can actually look how the furniture is going to look like at your home with different options via use of mobile app with AR technologies. For real time experience you can look at Ikea app .

For the best in class experience , you can hire a team of experts who know to be best in augmented reality app development company .

Ecommerce Is Shifting Its Focus Towards Mobile Solution Development

Mobile shopping is the new you . As per the recent studies , in United States customers did their online shopping via mobile devices than desktop computers . This clearly shows that customer are moving towards mobile purchases and this fortunately means that you must also move on with consulting some ecommerce solution specialist in order to optimise your mobile application .

Voice Search Is Another New Ecommerce Solution

Predicting that voice search with increase its popularity with time , Amazon has invested major resources in digital assistant . The implementation of voice search in app makes easier for people to simply speak to app and purchase what they desired thus matching the overwhelming customer experience .

Image Search Is Also Burning Heat

Images search allows people to search the product via use of images , which can be proven actually very helpful when customer is actually not sure of what the image is to be called . Companies can use it for making the search online more convenient .

Thus all the benefits listed above can be yours by choosing ecommerce app developers , who know how to leverage technology to its full benefit .

How To Successfully Design Big Data Application

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Over the past few years , big data application demands are continuously gaining huge popularity as it allows businessmen across all industries to perform any of the prescribed task with greater efficiency.

Big data application are those application which allows user to reliably store data , access it and manipulate large data sets . It is more often seen that healthcare industry can diagnose the patient condition more accurately using big data technology .  Marketers and retailer can use big data for doing market analysis and obtaining effective advertising campaigns .

Big data application development is often complicated , but it always stand for the benefit of emerging market condition .

In order to create a effectively working product , big data developers should keep the following points in minds :

Clear Vision Of Goal Of Developing Big Data Mobile App

Developer should have a clear vision in mind about the ultimate goal of the application they are developing , in such a way that they know exactly that what the finished product are going to serve and in which industry .

Client may have in their mind the type of database they will be requiring for big data app development , but they might not have a clear vision regarding the same . Clients always know what they want as their end product , but they might not be technical about choosing the database .

While designing big data app architecture it is really important to have a clear vision in mind about the goals of the app together with new innovative idea to guide project in new directions .

Focusing On Interface Still Important While Building App On Big Data

It’s easy to focus on choosing strong framework during big data app development , as ultimate aim of this type of application is to store large sets of data ,

However it is also important to use the customer centric approach in these type of application as customer will be the ultimate user of the app and hence creating an intuitive interface is necessary .

Big Data Developer Should Focus On Long Term ROI

Big data apps are often expensive solution , but developers should influence clients that it is beneficial for long term return on investment .

Although big data apps could be expensive at first  , but it has lots of benefits . It is always preferable to refer clients about big data application examples during early stage of development so that they can eventually calculate the return on investment . Doing so will help understand clients about the advantage of it .

So by keeping in mind the above points , big data app developers are more likely to do successful development .

Understand Your Requirement Before Selection : ERP Solutions

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An ERP is not just limited to software that can automate your operations , but is also a system to enhance your productivity and business efficiency . One of the toughest industry in which ERP system is critical to be implemented is ERP for manufacturing industry . Winklix is leading custom ERP development company having expertise knowledge in manufacturing , trading , retail , construction and real state industry .

ERP solution is one of the greatest intentioned in IT industry . Know to be as enterprise resource planning software  , it helps organisation to manage task of organisation in organised manner . It also helps data entries organisation together with monitoring the activities of organisation . These functionalities together with many other helps to serve clients with more ROI and high end satisfaction .

Each organisation has their own custom needs of ERP for managing their day to day operations , and hence there is no doubt that there is any such edge line where where at any point you need an ERP system . Even an small business or medium level business needs ERP for automating their task .

What To Choose : Custom ERP Development or Mass Vendor ERP ?

Well this is the very first question which arises in everyone’s mind which planning to have an ERP for their business organisation .
When talking about the mass vendors solution , two of the most famous ERP vendors are SAP and Oracle , which are ready to use solutions suitable for all organisation needs across all domains . You can even customise these ERP by hiring some SAP consultant . The only demerit being is it is made for mass vendors and customer have to pay on monthly basis for availing their services . Secondly they have been made of mass vendors , so that not fully suits as per your business needs .
In case of custom solutions , it can be made from scratch from any ERP development company which suits your specific needs . This is usually the best solution which can suits any business requirement needs , but will be requiring huge initial investment .
So the decision totally depends on you which solution you want to choose , as far as we suggest you must move on to choosing custom development solution as it will be made as per your organisation needs and you necessarily need not to learn or train your employees according to mass vendor solution . Also you will need not to pay on monthly basis to any vendor , custom ERP solution will once be paid , the whole controls belongs to you .
So in case you are looking for custom ERP development company , or SAP  consultant , we can do the same for us . Contact us for your custom organisation needs .