Augmented Reality In Retail

Gone are those days when retailers was in personal touch of their customer , are also in known of their taste and preference on the basis of their previous purchasing . But when online marketplace has step into the market , personal relationship with customer has almost changed . The doors are now been open for online retailer , where customers are getting attracted and targeted by ad-targeting software in order to take retail to whole new level .

New technologies like Augmented Reality has started emerging in the market , with the success of online retail . Now lets look at some of the ways AR is transforming the retail and manufacturing industry :

AR in Stores :

AR filters will facilitate in store app experience by providing extraordinary level of engagement and service that is far beyond the scope of online retail .
In near future , customer will be able to see more augmented products while shopping through use of AR . But the question arises how are retailers using AR to improve the shopping experience ?

Give Customer Detailed Information About Product

In the present world where mobile application has been flooded in app stores , there are apps available that makes your shopping expeirence amazing and informative . Features like in app price comparison , in app features comparison helps customer to choose the best product in terms of quality and affordability . At the same time , with the help of application , customer can see the related product while browsing the desired product .

Allow Shoppers To Try Before They Buy

AR allows to experience product on them even before they buy it , and that to virtually via convenience of their home . With the use of technology along with mobile applications , user’s camera turns into smartphones , allowing them to see the product virtually at their home in case they are looking for furniture .
Also in case you want to buy an eye glasses , you just has to click the pic of your face , and frames can be applied virtually on your face , allowing you to choose from vide range of frames .
Other experiments with AR involve in-store mirrors that allow customer to get the virtual image of clothes in their body instead of going to fitting room .

Provide Personalise Offers

Using personalise analytics , retailers can get customer choices and requirements , thus helping retailers to customise personal offers based on individual shoppers need .
Retailers can also offer targeted ads based on customer pattern , instead of showing  unnecessary products .
AR has seriously transferred the retail industry . At Winklix , a mobile app development company , has professional team with extensive experience of augmented reality development . If you wish to develop an app and step ahead in market , contact us now .

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