Android 11 Preview : List Of Latest Feature Introduced

Android 11 Preview : List Of Latest Feature Introduced

As we all are aware that google has recently release their very first developer preview for its upcoming version of mobile operating system , Android 11 . The preview is being made available for Android Developers to download and test . As like every other release , Google this time as well making some huge promises from the release . These bold promises includes support for 5G , stronger privacy and the most important one new interface for messaging .

The developer preview which was launched on Feb 19 , 2020 which is used to be available at end of the march , has been released by Google earlier this year with a note that it will be available only for Pixel 2 , 3 , 3A and 4 smartphones which is only being offered by Google . Developers have option to download the release with full flash that will wipe out all data of device . So if you are one of the Android app development company , this its time to test the preview to stay ahead . Google will soon make it available for beta testing .

As we are mobile app development company , we have deeply analyses Android 11 and have extracted out most interesting features of Android 11 . Let’s discuss it below .

Latest Interesting Feature Of Android 11 

Conversation Bubbles

Google offers Bubble which is similar to Facebook’s chat heads which helps in access of multiple conversation at time , which can also be termed as multi tasking . We can term this features as new messaging feature which facilitates multiple conversation at same time . This enriched feature can be used by instant messaging and chat apps like WhatsApp .

Dedicated Conversation Section

Using this feature , user can easily find their ongoing conversation . This feature is embedded with showcasing of messages in their designated area in notification shade . This feature will thus create a specific space for messaging and thereby cut the clutter and talk to people by more focusing on their conversation .

New Screen Types  

Google has extended support for array of new screen types for Android device . This in turn enhance the overall user experience and theory bring new screens to market . Waterfall and pinhole is the new screen type in Android 11 , which facilitates smartphones makers to use app screens using existing API .

Better Privacy 

Privacy is always being the biggest concern ever in smartphone , of which many countries has taken their own measure to control that , for instance say introduction of GDPR in European law . 
With introduction of Android 11 , new one-time permission feature has been introduced . With this feature , users only allow access to user to give temporary permission to app for using their location , camera and mic . The new feature is also compatible with biometric data .

Native Screen Recording 

After the initial release of beta version of screen recording in Android 10 , google has full to planning to launch full features of screen recording functionality in Android 11 .

Increased Touch Sensitivity 

This feature has been specialised made for those who always used to use screen protector on their devices . Android 11 has introduced ” increased touch sensitivity ” option in setting menu , which ensures fewer missed taps and scrolls even if you have screen protector which is thick .

Advance 5G Connectivity 

5G let user enhanced their Wi-Fi app experience like viewing videos on 4K or playing high resolutions games with ease . Google is enhancing the overall connectivity APIs so that user can leverage superior speed of 5G .


Q. Which phone will get Android 11 ?

The initial smartphone which are expected to receive android 11 updates are : 

  • Pixel 4 / 4 XL
  • Pixel 3 / 3 XL
  • Pixel 3a / 3a XL 
  • Pixel 2 / 2 XL

Q. What is android native development ?

Android native app development is completely based on Native development kit . Java is being used to develop majority of android apps 

Q. How long does it take to develop mobile app ?

The development time of any kind of mobile app depends on the type of solution and features you are looking for in your android app development . At Winklix , we have in house team of highly experienced android app developers who can convert your dream app into reality .

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain Mobile App ?

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain Mobile App ?

Are you having some chill time after mobile app development ? If it is so , then you might be doing mistake . The task to run your mobile app is yet not completed .

In order for a mobile app to succeed and leave long term impression in users mind on long term approach , you will have to continuously upgrade your mobile app . Technology is continuously changing and at the same time security is becoming top most concern in mobile apps . Hence to overcome with this issue , your mobile app needs to be regular updated as per latest updates .

Once the app has got live on their respective stores , everything later on that is added to existing mobile app is considered as app maintenance . This process keeps on happening as long as you want to exist in app stores .

But wait , you are looking for answer of what does it cost to maintain an app ? Does this question thrills you for out of pocket expenses even after your app gets published ?

Let us answer to your question one by one is this article below , in a way that you can get to know how to figure out why we need to invest in it and how you can save your money in maintenance of apps .

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Reasons For Maintenance Of Mobile App ? 

After putting your 100 % efforts on launching your mobile app on play and app stores , does your part of role comes to end ? If you are one among those who is thinking that as the app gets live , user will surely download it and you will earn profit then its absolutely wrong .
Rather in our terms launching of mobile app is just like end of one chapter . The real fight begins when user actually start using it . Now the question here arrises how can you actually finds what to do  and what steps you should avoid ? 
The best way to overcome with this situation is to look at the losers in marketplace and try to learn from their mistakes . There may be numerous of reasons for their failure , but always try to find how you can find a way out for the problem . App maintenance is best way to solve most of the problems as you can try hit and trial methods to overcome with every other issue which may arise from time to time. 

Benefits Of App Maintenance 

Minimise Uninstalls 

If the user does not get regular engaging updates , this it has been seen that they will likely uninstall it pithing first three months .
If the app has bug which has not been shorted in latest update or the app stops providing value after a while , then user will not find a reason to keep your app in their mobile app and hence they will uninstall it .
Providing customers with engaging updates that keep their interest on in the app and at the same time facilitating them with smooth and bug free app can minimise uninstalls and at the same time with also increase customer retention .

Maintain Positive Brand Image 

If you are not regularly updating and maintaining  your app , it means you are putting your brand image at risk .
Unhappy customer will ruin your brand image by posting negative reviews on social media platform and app stores which moves potential users ways .

Keep Up With Competition 

There are millions of apps that keep on uploading in app stores with feature more than or similar to your app . In order to get your app ahead in competition , you should regularly provide the updates with enriched features on regular intervals .
This not only help in your app maintenance , but at the same time customer will not look out for better option as they are already getting all things in your app .

Delivering Better User Experience

Always try to deliver an app that user will love to use in a way that it becomes essential part of their daily life .

All you have to do is maintain long term healthy relationship with your user in order to get your app success and growth . The best way is to monitor your app regularly is by getting insights from customers about  their feeling about app and updating the app as per their demand .

Continuous updating of app as per customer demand and reviews will help you provide better user experience .

What Does Mobile App Maintenance Consist Of ?

1. Publish New Content 

Publishing of new content in app on regular intervals like app images , app content , app banners , news , videos and more . While some changes like images , content can be done right from admin panel provided by your mobile app developer , some technical changes to the homepage of your mobile app , you need to contact your app maintenance team .

2. Bug Fixation 

Have you tested your app and pretty sure that no bugs will arise after publishing ? No app can be perfect in one go . There might always be some functionality that do not work out on few devices .
It is quite common to get complaints about bugs after publishing your mobile app . Technicals bugs are the one that only a mobile app development team can solve them .
Professionals fix technical bugs to improve overall functionalities and then re-test on different platforms. 

3. Push Notifications 

Sending of push notification right from admin panel is easy task . But when you need sending push notification with advance functionalities  , you will be actually needing help og your app maintenance team to upgrade them .

4. Latest Technology Upgrade 

When it comes to technology upgrade , it actually not wholly part of app maintenance . But just you not puzzle up , technology upgrade consist of :

  • Simply upgrading your app to enhance your UI/UX performance and many more
  • Implementing new technologies and tools like AI , ML , VR , AR and many more 
  • Removal of outdated technologies and tools from mobile app 

5. Data Backup 

Data plays an important part in maintaining the livelihood of mobile app and hence it is considered as  unavoidable task in app maintenance . If you are doing your app maintenance , then its the duty of your app maintenance team to take regular backups in short time intervals to avoid any data loss at any point of time .
The main reason of backup of data is in case of cyber attack or failure of server , your team can help you to restore to latest version of mobile app within short span of time .

Cost Of App Maintenance 

As of now , we have discussed things which are included in app maintenance . Now the question arises of what is the cost involved in maintenance of app .
In general as per market trend , app maintenance cost may range between 15% – 25% of the total cost of mobile app development .


As of now you get clear idea about app maintenance cost , what all it involves and how important it is to keep your app live and improving . If it is not taken with care , people will get bored with your app and will not love to come back to your app . If you are app owner and looking for some great team to maintain your app , then feel free to reach us out who have proven records in app maintenance . 

How Much Does App Like CBS Sports Cost ?


Have you ever wonder that how much does an sports fantasy app like CBS Sports cost to develop right from scratch ? There has been decreasing rates for live sports events measured by sports facility owner and business who are involved in same really need to work on good marketing strategy in order to regain interest of user . Developing an mobile app to engage user is great way to increase the interest , as it has been measured that 90 % of the mobile time get spent by user on their mobile devices .

Here are some other interesting figures which can make you convincing to move towards mobile app development :

As sports app comes in category of game app only , its very much beneficial to have your own sports app to broadcast live score , give them a chance to play fantasy sports , get integration with favourite stars etc .

CBS Sports App : #1 App For Top Sports News , Scores , Video And More 

CBS Interactive has launched app named as CBS sports for mobile and connected TVs . Its primary focus o=is to provide users with privilege access to sporting events as well as providing in depth analysis , breaking news , live score updates and on demand video .
CBS sports works on subscription model , but at the same time has multiple revenue model as well . It facilitates fantasy sports events which help them in generation of healthy income through sponsorship and contests . In addition to it many in app purchases of merchandise is also available in app like sports apparel , fan gear , sports equipment , footwear etc .

      Link ( Android | iOS ) 

Essential Features Of CBS Sports Like App 

In order to ensure profitability and regular engagement of user , you must include the feature as given below in your app : 
e-tickets : In this fast moving world nobody has time to physically go for buying tickets of live events . Facilitating user with an option to buy e-tickets from within the app will surely add on value to your app .
Calendar integration : Apps always make it easier to add reminder to your calendar , subject to user’s approval . This will aids user to get reminder for live events and engagement within app .
Wearable connectivity : With increasing use of IoT devices  , user finds it interactive to have app integrated with their IoT devices . Sports apps can make this connectivity easier and effective .
Geofencing : This feature can be used in app to improve overall engagement and viewership of live events . But it should be always taken care of to take user permission for location as well as sending them push notification , else they will find your app unhealthy and they might take decision to uninstall app .
Video and Audio : World is moving towards audio and video interaction instead of text based information . Your app must be enriched with high quality engaging audio and video .
Live Streaming : Live streaming of popular sports events is must have feature for every other sports apps . It has become most import feature for any sports apps .
Fantasy Leagues : If your app has provision of conducting Fantasy League element , then its quite obvious to gain popularity and finds more engagement among users .
Team Management : Management any kind of sports team can easily be performed using sports apps .
Real Time Alerts : Push notification alerts for real time events and reminders can help you with engaging content with users .

Guideline To Make App Like CBS Sports 

If you are really planning to build your app similar to CBS Sports fantasy apps , given below is quick guidelines which should be taken care into consideration while developing an app .

  • It should have engaging UI/UX design in order to engage users .
  • All the data should be stored centrally on cloud servers in order to have faster access
  • The fans should be facilitated with a medium of communication with players on real time basis 
  • Push notifications should be present to engage users to give them important notification 
  • Payment gateway should be in built integrated in app to facilitate in app purchases 
  • Always try to provide highest level of security in app in order to secure data of users 

How Much Does CBS Sports App Development Cost ?

If you are not in business of developing apps , then you may consult some app development agency for your outsourcing needs . Some of the important factors which contribute towards cost of development is : 

Backend and Front End Development 

Every other app development involves front end and backend development . These development depends on using different technologies depending on the functions you are looking to built the same . Cost totally depends on the technology .

App Specific Requirement 

In order to make your app in less time , you need to install lots of third party libraries for adding different features . The cost of app depends on how much services you want to implement in mobile app , and hence investment required for developing the app .

Choice Of Platform 

The cost also depends on the choice of platform that you want to develop to make your app available on respective app development platform . You will need to decide whether you want to make your app available in native or hybrid one . Moreover you will also need to decide on platforms like native or hybrid mobile app .

Location Of Development Company 

The cost also depends on the location of mobile app development company . When you choose a team to which you want to outsource your app development project , you should take this factor into account .


The app development cost depends on numerous of factors as listed above . In case you want to know the correct mobile app development cost , you may take help of mobile app development consultant like Winklix to get the exact round of cost  .