How To Become A Good Java Developer

A lot of people know Java is a programming language . But when it comes from developers point of view knowing about Java is not enough . In order to deliver a fully functional application , you need to always polish your skills with recent upgrades in technology . A developer who is not dynamically upgrading their skills to next latest level can’t be knows as good developer . So in order to be the best java developer , you need to always focus on polishing your skills from time to time .

In simple words , Java is most popular programming language world-wide , and that is the reason we find lots of Java developer with good programming skills in the market . Some of the latest development sectors in Java language is Java 8 , JVM and also JDK10 .

So in case you are willing to hire a java development company , you have to always pre check their efficiency and skills from your end .

Tips for becoming the best Java Developer are :

Learn Java 8

You may find a lot of developers in the market with extensive experience of 8+ or more years in the market , but when it comes to using features of Java8 like Lambda Expressions or Java Stream API , they will fail . So achieving a good grip on these features of Java 8 can help you be ahead of your competition .

Learning Java API and Libraries

As being one of the most solid programming language , Java is most searched community on Stack Overflow , which in turn defines how important is Java development playing the role in ecosystem . Among these Java API’s and Libraries are contributing towards large part of the whole language . For being as a good Java developer you must be aware of important APIs and libraries , third party libraries and Java Development kit .

Knowing Deeply About Spring Framework ( Spring Boot )

Without any question asked , every Java developer should learn Spring framework as it is one of the most essential framework in Java development . Spring framework facilitates Java developer with creating applications even from  old java objects and is also proven beneficial for Java SE programming . Most Java app development companies  takes help of Spring framework like Spring MVC , Spring Cloud and Spring Boot to develop any we applications and REST API’s .

Redefining Your Testing Skills

Every Java application programmer must have good unit testing skills . This is one of the essential factors that creates a line between best Java developer and an ordinary one . In order to prove yourself as a professional Java developer , always writing of unit tests for your code aids in validating of code at the time of state or behaviours testing.

As a Java developer , you must have an understanding of different tools set such as automation testing , unit testing , performance testing and so on .

Focusing On JVM Internals

Even if you are staring with Java , you must know Java Virtual Machine ( JVM) , which plays a critical role in JRE ( Java Running Environment ) . Understanding JVM means a better understanding of programming language Java . JVM simplifies process of solve even the complex issues which may arrive during programming stage .

Enhancing Designing Skills

We all know that how important is designing in whole software development process specially when you are object oriented software developer with some experience . It is the designing patter which helps you differentiate between object and classes . If you do correct naming of objects and classes , it can solve recurring issue system in object -oriented system .

Getting Aware With JVM Framework

Being as a Java developer , it is always proven beneficial be it personal or professional , to get yourself equipped with latest implementation in your programming language skills . For instance say Kotlin is static programming language which operates in Java virtual machines , and it can be used for implementation into Javascript code or LLVM compiler .


If you want to become a good Java developer , you must be skilled enough to take every new programming as a challenge and start exploring project on the new technology which in turn take you to long way .Since it is development field and its next to impossible to learn each and every thing in a single go , but be specific towards enhancing it .

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