Why Most Web Design Companies Fail To Launch Successful Websites

Everyone plans so many things before launching their website in order to earn more and more revenue applying their own . Everyone plans their own strategy to launch their website and have certain wishes which will give higher return on investment if successfully launched .

But the most painful thing being you have hired a web development agency who has given you a timeframe of 2 months for the completion of the website , but you have been encountered with more than 6 months till now .

The web design agency has failed to meet the deadlines and you will not be able to do anything except wait . But the fact is its not really easy to make a fully functional website . And the cause of delay might be lack of proper communication . They might not ask with you your exact requirement and things might have got messed up till now . There may be a situation that you may not like design , features and functions which may often lead to frustration and mental harassment .

So , you are willing to find the way getting out of it ?

When a website designing company fails there may be plenty of reasons behind it . It may be due to lack of proper communication , lack of experience , poorly taken follow ups , not backed up by latest technology and so on . By the time you actually realised all these things , you might be in a situation wherein things may already have been messed up .

This is the time you should search for right web designer who can deeply understand your requirement and has the ability to deliver you an awesome mobile application .

What should be pre checked before hiring a web design agency ?


Every client has their own set of requirements and may have a unique objectives . There may be time that you may experience when a client says I don’t know what my goals is , but that it ok ! Now it’s completely depends on a website development agency using their expertise knowledge that what they are going to offer to their client . A well recognised web design and development agency will held you identify your goals which matches your exact requirement .

But the goals will not convert into return on investment if no proper marketing goals with experienced web developers has been specified with . For instance no matter how influencing your website is , you will not be able to attract customer until you offer CTA ( Call To Action ) button on your website .

Also a well reputed company knows the importance of user experience or UX , which aids as a helping hand in marketing of your website .

Understanding  the matter of fact given above does not come in one go , rather it comes with over years of experience in this industry . A website developer with over years of expertise knowledge can help you with meeting the expectation of your visitor and you as well .


One of the major reason why projects gets delayed in due to lack of poor management in the organisation . You need to find the root of the problem and some of the most common reason being :

  1. Lack of resources
  2. Communication gap
  3. Understanding incapability
  4. Use of obsolete technologies

Strategic Approach

A well experience web design firm with efficient team will always ensure to meet the deadlines . But what if you want your website in a very short time period ? What will a web design company will do in this situation ?

A good website designing company will follow strategic approach to meet the accuracy and timeline . A well followed approach will be similar to :

Explore : The very first step is to explore the most challenging task with best possible UI and UX deliverables .

Strategy : This will be a pillar to successful delivery wherein you will plan , do prototype , defines milestones to meet the deadlines .

Design : This is the step where you have to apply your innovative mind .Your agency will use their skills to finalise an awesome layout which fits both desktop and mobile version of website .

Development : This is the internal bones of the website on which the complete application will stand . It may take a month or more than 6 months depends on your requirement .

Testing & Launch : This step will set up your design and development on launch pad .Once everything is in its place and agency is done with its testing you are just a step away from launching a  website on live servers

So it would be clear for you that without any strategy you won’t be able to meet your deadlines and get an eye catchy website .

Communication With Audience

Maintaining a web presence is hard as winning a first place in race . When you are launching something , you must be aware that you are stepping into the world wherein already lots of competitors are already their with well reputation . Follows up are key to success for any type of business organisation and that can be achieved through better engagement of customer by sending their regular emails and communications .


The above given tips are best tips for building your brand in the market as well as choosing the right web development agency .You can follow these steps to build strong relationship with your clients and audiences . Winklix is also leading web design and development agency capable of handling any challenges .

Why Android Is Always Preferred Platform For App Development ?

android app development

It was in the year 2008 when the apps has been introduced in the market , due to which there was increasingly rise in the demand of the smartphones .Now the respective App Store has been flooded with many different kinds of apps due to invention of new innovative technology such as Augmented Reality ,Virtual Reality , Artificial Intelligence and Internet Of Things .

Some of the popular categories of mobile apps are :
  • Business App
  • Social App
  • Corporate App
  • Game
  • Music App
  • On Demand Custom Tailored App

What Exactly Is On Demand App Solution ?

On demand app solution are apps made according to the customer needs of the service provider in order to facilitate their customer . We all must have gone through a phase when we have to actually call on their usually unreachable cell phones to book your services , now you can simply download the app and can book the service .
On demand app development solution can ease the end user with increasing business . The present living standard of the world has completely changed . We are now very use to our hectic schedule all over the day together with we adjust our work to sleep as it is also important part of our life . But then when will you get a time to buy stuff or cooking ? This is usually the case in most of the countries like USA , India , Australia etc .
People are spending majority of their time in working and travelling and hence they did not get time for working on their personal belongings . That is why increasing demand of on demand app solution has been seen as that app act as a helping hand for their on demand needs .
On demands apps are built on any operating system like iOS , Android etc . All among these , Android is the most used operating system in the world introduced by google – undoubtedly the most successful operating system .

Why Is Android Platform  Best For App Development ?

  1. Higher Market Share : Android has captured a good margin in market share in comparison wit iOS (Apple) platform . Most of the smartphones are Android phones due to its cheap availability and flexible OS . This is one of the reason being preferred for on demands apps development by majority of business .
  2. Customisation With Ease : If you have already launched your app in the market , you must be aware that it required a lot of request updates in order to cope up with changing user demands to stay ahead in the competition . In comparison of iOS , Android app offers higher level of customisation . Hence the business will be able to provide with easy upgradation and modification of apps which will ultimately boost return on investment .
  3. Necessary Features : In any kind of on demand app development , features like location tracking , Maps , GPS , Navigation has become the essential part of on demand function . It has been observed that android has edge over iOS in these features .
  4. Data Storage : Google android facilitates users with 15 GB storage capacity for free on Google Drive .Along with google drive , Android also has their own cloud storage which is far more easy to access that what is offered by iCloud .
  5. Voice Assistance : We all must love using Google Assistant ! Is is a personal assistant which works with voice assistance . It runs on your command and data is encrypted .

End Points

On demand mobile app are on high demand these days and have touched almost all the industries such as healthcare , beauty , cab system , food delivery and more . Due to higher reach of android market and highly customisable feature offering by Android including voice assistance , easy customisation and more – it is preferably the best choice for most of the business who want to come online .
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How Important Is Testing In Software Development

software development company

We need to focus primary on two things before launching any product in the market . The first one being the customer who are being targeted as user of product , and secondly has the product been tested throughly in the market ? The former is usually completed even at the earlier stages of the ideation process . But product can’t be launched without undergoing with the proper testing . the product development usually takes time more or less the same as custom software development , what what to be focused on it testing as integral part of stress .

Why Testing Being An Important Factor ?

Lets look at some of the points below to understand the important of testing in product lifecycle development .

Impact On Brand Image

Brand and image of organisation takes over year to build . Assume if you have purchased a product after reading the features it has been promised of , but later on after purchasing you have been found with silly mistakes and lack of major testing in the product ! Will you continue using it ? Obviously not .

No one wants to pay for the product that does not work the way it had been promised to . In fact you are building trust and reputation on the basis of product you are offering and no company wished that product to malign it .

Debugging : Testing Does More Than It

Although we agrees that testing does debug of software . But tester job is beyond just debugging . A tester should also take care of the usability of the software according to customer in comparison with other competitors in the market . In addition to it tester should also ensure that is the product is able to give ideal solution for the problem it intends to solve .

Efficiency In Development Cycle

Testing hands by hands during the developmental cycle also aids in reduction of time from development to launch , and why will company will not wish the same !

Cost Of Fixing Defects

It always act as a cost saving approach if the defects in the software has been well identified during initial developmental process itself . Once the apps goes into production the cost to big a even a little bugs will be substantially higher .

How Should Testing Be Done ?

A tester should always think beyond just debugging the nightmares in the software . Tester should work in unbiased way that can think of more on the way of customer centric approach . He also needs to take care of what if approach if someone break into the code . A best testing team is known to be the independent team sitting apart from the development team as both of the teams can have enough time to work on their projects . A good tester is known to be one who does not leaves testing even a minor things and basic requirement .

Nightmares That Could Have Been Avoided

There are plenty of examples wherein company has to bear heavy expenses and legal proceedings just because of a minor bugs in the software . We all are aware than in 2018 a famous car dealer Toyota recalled 400,000 Prius models for defects in anti lock breaking system . Toyota has to pay 3 million dollar to settle the dispute . If the testing would have been done on time , company could have save this deflation and lawsuits .

At Winklix , we have a team of tester who can be your partner in need in your software developmental process . Apart from it we are also leading software development company who can product you with amazing software development . Contact us to consult with our experts now .