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Award Winning Mobile App Development : London

Enterprise Apps Made Awesome

Winklix focuses on delivering apps that gets features on App stores . We deliver even the complex app with keeping in mind outstanding user experience . We are technology driven people which has in-house team of developers, designers and advisors facilitating Android & iPhone app development.We are headquatered in New York . We take pride in announcing that we have worked with many renowned clients who have played a great role in our success , and made us word reowned mobile app development company

Apps That Create Great Customer Experience

Design Design & Design is what our team focuses on as primary thing . We create your app , which give new opportunities to user using the most innovative technologies across devices . We believe that the only key to success is ” Implementation of new technology and thinking mobility into workflows ” . So we try to optimise your app for better workflow .
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WINKLIX : Agile & Iterative Process

Our team always welcomes new ideas and innovative thinking . Our team hands are constantly itching to develop something new , unique and  great apart from usual apps .

Believing in new thoughts  and welcoming  new opportunities is what make us different from other app development companies in london

The agile developmental process by Winklix , gives you pre launch releases of app , thus minimising risk of failure of application and focusing on speeding to market .

To ensure quality and on time deliver of any project , involvement of team time to time with the customers is mandatory part . That is why be believe in providing dedicated manager for the projects above $ 15000 , right from starting to end of the project . This also ensures knowledge sharing and testing of ideas across the project .

Why You Should Choose Winklix ?

All Developers  In-House With Specialised Skill : We only hire employee which we find capable of accepting new challenges and meeting our clients requirement , and that’s why all our employees are experts in their field .

100 % Transparency And Progress Tracking : ” Transparency creates trust and trust build relationship strong ” , that’s why we try to deliver insight and clarity throughout the project .We have inbuilt customer dashboard , so that customer can easily login into their account and can track day to day process , can raise query , give comment and suggestion and run thought the journey of their app development step by step with team Winklix .

Tech-Driven Designers : Design is what meant to be function and user is going to see . Best material design is what that can play a crucial role in app success . We have strong technical understanding team which can give you best design.

Support : It really doesn’t matter to us whether it is day or night , if you are in trouble then we are too . And that’s why we provide quality assurance ,high availability and reliable hosting through  . We do also provide 24×7 ticket support and close eye monitoring on app .

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