Mistakes During Mockup Design In App Development

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After you have finally finished the detailed requirement of what you want in your app and who will be your targeted audience  , its time to get rough idea about how your app is going to look like and work . The best way to achieve this is to make rough mockup which is combination of black and white outline of all of your screens in your would be app .

Final touchup of mockups will done by professional mobile app designer which can help you with kick start of mockups . Mockups can help you which predicting of your idea and words into screen wise smartphone designs . You will actually be able to see how your app looks like on screen by screen basis which will showcase how it actually goes on . You might actually like the design designed by professionals or want to add on some extra spices to get it delivered according to your taste including button and features as required by you .

Mockups are always proven to be best tool for evaluating your own idea including its feasibility . Sometime the actual way to figure out issues in your app is to write all screens functionality as per user experience .

Another major reason why people do prior mockups is to get opinion from people for your idea . This will add on value to your app success as they will actually be able to see all screens and not just pitch that you might be prior willing to showcase them . Going though mockups for the very first time would be very similar to what users would be playing with the app for the very first time .  It also provide convenience to mobile app developer development team to show them robust features of your app .

Top mistakes during mockup designing are 

#1 : Leaving out screen 

When it comes up to design mockups of your app idea , it is suppose to include every single screen in your app . If even a single screen is missing , consider it incomplete . Confirmation screen after login , terms and conditions page , contact us page , reset password screen , all of these are important during mockups and needs to be there is mockup. It is required even if background screen is same and just minor picture is required to be changed .

#2 : Included buttons does not lead anywhere

Anything which is not required in app functionally would also not to be present in mockups . All the buttons and screen should be interlinked logically .

#3 : Screens included without any way to go to that screen 

Always make sure to keep your user needs , actions and interest in mockups in your app . This will aid you to get all of your screen interconnected . For instance say you have to change your profile pic in app and you don’t have any button to go to that screen to change , then necessarily you have to add some button in it !

#4 : Inclusion of screen with no way to navigate way from them

If you have included a button to go to setting page for profile picture updation , then there must also be button to leave that screen as well . This might not be limited to back button only , but may include extra icons for all of your screens . This will help you with value addition as well as reduction of cluttered screen .

#5 : Failing to number pages 

Numbering the pages is always proven to be beneficial as it gives organised flow of app in logical manner .Pages should rather be numbered serial  in a way that it clearly defines user behaviour which app is in use .

Hope by reading above tips , you can even by your own build some awesome and organised mockup that will help you with transforming your idea into mockup of your apps . We can say mockups are very useful tool before heavily investing on your app and a key to become successful Appreneur .

Everything You Need To Know About Android 12 From Developers Preview

Everything You Need To Know About Android 12 From Developers Preview

Google has finally released Android 12 Developer preview which can be accessed by developers . User can even install it on compatible devices . In this blog , we have tired to include all features of Android 12 developer preview .

Google is technology advance company doing innovation in their technology every now and then . Anything that gives enhanced UI and medial handling is always is always promoted by Google . Let’s get into detailed understanding of Android 12 developers preview features . Thanks for reaching out to Winklix Blog ! Cheers !!

Confirmed Features Of Android 12 

1. AVIF Image Support 

Android 12 now supports AVIF image . With AVIF you will experience enhance quality of image over JPEG even if it is large files . AVIF uses open source video code AV1 .

2. Lock Screen 

Android 12 has transparent background layer with opacity . Moreover , animations of pattern unlock also seems to be little lively .

3. Wifi Sharing Made Simple 

Nearby button has been introduced just below the QR code scan to transfer data with the availability of Wi-Fi to anyone . Hence by that way you can also ignore barcode scanning in Android 12 . 
In addition to it , you can also share your connection details with many people at single time without requiring your phone to scan for everybody . 

4. Setting For Easy Accessibility 

Accessibility setting menu has revamped design in Android 12 . Majorly used icons are available on main page and other less used icons are presented under Display and Text .

5. Plentiful Content Insertion 

In order to make content insertion a way simpler , Google has introduced unified API that facilitates to accepts content from anywhere , for instance say drag and drop , keyboard or clipboard .
As soon as you insert content thought the system , you will instantly attach new interface , OnReceive ContainerList in UI element and receive callback .

6. Haptic – Paired Audio Effects 

In android 12 , Google has facilitated developers with couple haptic feedback pattern along with audio . Hence it enables duration and strength of vibrations to be borrowed from audio cues thereby adding extra engaging layer to alert or media playback .

7 . Improved Cookies Management 

Android 12 is expecting to add SameSite cookie behaviour to webView . SameSite features facilitates developers to make an announcement in case any cookies are restricted to particular site . 

8. Notification 

Android 12 notification system has been completely redesigned in order to facilitate user with flexible usability , aesthetics and functionality .  Google has changed the overall controls as well as animations and transitions . Apart from it , it has also targeted responsiveness . It will facilitate developers to get rid of middle-man broadcast services , or receivers .

9 . Android Updates Through Google Pay 

You can expect Google to interfere more in Google play systems in order to offer secured and stable environment across gadgets . 

In Android 12 , it has also added ART ( Android Runtime ) which will enable push updates to basic runtime and libraries as present on gadgets that run Android 12 . 

10 . More Ways To Catch Screenshots

With Android 12 , while taking the screenshot you can also add emojis and stickers in the same tools as you are using now in Android . We know this is not anything great to write up here , but we thought we might facilitate some user to not to use any third party apps to do that .

11. Hidden Selfie Camera On Pixel 5

It has been discovered that Google is offering option to hide selfie camera in Android 12 . If you turns on the setting , the black punch hole will be hidden and notification related to same will be shown .

12. Foreground Services Optimisation 

Foreground services are best in case you are handling user facing jobs , but it is to be noted that in case you are using it widely , it may impact the functionality as well as cause app kills . In order to enhance user experience , Google will now block foreground services right from beginning for applications that are aiming towards new platform .
In simple words , Google will be launching JobScheduler to expedite task that will aid in improved task access and can even run irrespective of power restrictions . In addition to it , Google has also created expedited tasks in their recent launch of Jetpack WorkManager Library

How To Get Android 12 First On Your Google Pixel Device 

We as software development company  would not recommend at this time to download Android 12 as of now , but in case you want , you can try it in Pixel 5 , Pixel 4a , Pixel 4a 5G , Pixel 4 and so on . Just try Android 12 to give it a try .