6 Ways How CRM Can Improve Your Marketing

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It is a general trend that when people think of implementation of CRM for their enterprises , they think of sales . In fact people buy CRM to increase their sales , irrespective of the fact that CRM has many other parts and one of the important part is marketing .

If CRM has been implemented properly it can benefit organisation in number of ways namely improving lead quality , maintaining customer relationship by better communication , lowering the manpower cost and enhancing customer satisfaction .

For a CRM to be implemented properly which can in turn benefit you in number of ways , you must hire a CRM software development company with proven track records and years of experience .

Since this blog is limited to how CRM can improve your marketing tactics ,  let’s quickly looks in which it can be achieved .

It Makes Relationship With Sales Stronger 

The leading salesperson in any organisation will regularly follow up on the leads they receive from marketing tend around the clock . But as per the recent reports the fact is 10 % of the organisation has no matured lead management system compared to 25 % that are actually using lead management process .

Regular following up with the leads gives marketing team confidence in lead who are more likely to be converted into deal because and only because they are getting following up rapidly , and therefore more likely to get converted .

At the same time it also allows salespeople and marketer to easy track the progress of sales lead , thereby allowing efficient carrying out of task between departments and thereby efficiency managing campaigns of sales and marketing .

It Allows Filtering Customer On The Basis Of Value 

Understanding customers is one of the important factor for carrying on successful marketing tactics . CRM enables you to extract meaning from database so that you can get insight for required customer information and interest that can aids you to join marketing dots .

CRM also helps you to filter database of customers on the demographics , amount of revenue generation and cost of establishing and maintaining relationship with customers .

It Automates Email Marketing By Integrating With Email Campaign 

Carrying on email drive is more likely to increase your revenue by 18 % which comparing it with broadcast email . Many marketers also believes that email is the primary channel for lead generation . CRM system automate email marketing campaigns which allows right person to be connected on right time which in turn generates greater return on investment .

It Allows You To Automate Part Of Your Marketing 

Automatic feature in CRM allows to you carry out your marketing more efficiently . For instance , automatic code generation , capturing data online , taking input of data in CRM all can happen with ease .

CRM Allows To Track Performance 

Right from getting the leads from different sources to following up the entire sales cycle , you can keep the track record with just a single click . At just the press of the button you can view reports , track progress of leads and also pipeline revenue in real time .

This all automated process helps you in successful initiatives , reduces wasting of resources and build a virtuous feedback loop .

CRM Helps To Manage Marketing Suppliers 

CRM features is not only limited to customer focused approaches , but at the same time it also aids you in developing closer relationship with your supplier . Web based CRM software allows you to store data on your CRM platform which keeps all details at one place , allowing to track product pricing over time , sales trends followed by customer and more .

This reduces cost , optimises timescale , and over time drive up relationship with customer and suppliers to next level.

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5G Impact On Mobile App Development In 2019

5G Impact On Mobile App Development In 2019

After a long wait and dozens of rumours , finally the time can come wherein 5G technology is all set to step-in in 2019 . Initially when internet has launched no one has ever thought that mobile app development industry will grow to this level that we all are experiencing right now . The combination of IoT , AI and Cloud technology is defining the new era in mobile app development and has complete potential to improve in coming years .

We can’t presume 5G technology as just as network , its lot more than that . In fact 5G technology will act as a revolution and aids in connecting devices and thereby improving business and mobile app development .

How 5G Technology Is Better Than 4G ? 

  • 5G technology is based on fiber which gives faster performance
  • Latency is much lower
  • Great potential to connect devices using IoT network
  • Opening doors for wireless connectivity
  • Wider coverage option and conditions

How 5G Is Going To Benefit Mobile App Development ?

High Speed

Although the speed of 3G and 4G technology is performing well , but speed sometimes varies from miles to miles .With the step in of 5G technology in the world , it will make easier to perform various tasks . Employees can rely on 5G network to work remotely , also user can download the mobile app in few seconds irrespective of the size of app . Also in the world of entertainment wherein mobile apps like Netflix and Amazon Play is making their place , user retention ratio will increase due to high speed .

Next Level User Experience

In short video experience will be taken to next level which playing it on 5G network , thereby enhancing user experience beyond your expectation .

Faster Transfer Of File

Again as it is a very fast network , files can be transferred easily . The download and upload speed in 5G network would be lighting fast that will surely bring new features for transferring files through mobile application . It is expected that 5G technology will have potential of 490 MBPS browsing speed and 100 MBPS download speed which in turn solves many of the problem than mobile app developers might be facing due to low speed internet connection .

Low Zero Latency

We all are presently the victim of low response rate in response to our one action in mobile app . With the introduction of 5G technology , the user react time of the app will be carries out fast and will also give enhanced experience on real time . 5G technology is equipped with handling billions of network traffic in one go and at the same time can also process and manage data thereby creating work of opportunities in virtual reality and augmented reality .

Industries That Are Going To Take The Maximum Benefit From 5G Network

Logistics And Production

The 5G networks provides the next level network which is essentially required for manufacturing . Specially when it comes to logistics industry , faster speed and low latency is what they are searching for .
Specially in logistics and production industry wherein there is a demand for high bandwidth , connection density and secure connectivity , 5G network has higher flexibility which can deliver high speed in shorter duration of time .


5G will bring whole new opportunity for the doctors to even connect with the patient on ambulance or patient home .On the basis of recent market research future study , telemedicine market is expected to grow at 16.5 % from 2017 to 2023 . One of the foremost reason for this being growing demand in even rural areas for healthcare .
5G network will facilitate you with next level mobile application which can help you to connect and consult with doctor over the phone , and manage medication remotely to better manage chronic ailments .

Entertainment Industry

Entertainment industry is going to replace the old age television trend and will soon be totally based on internet to broadcast anything . And online streaming to next level is only possible by technology advancement in networking field such as introduction of 5G network .It will boost media industry on many levels .

Summing Up

5G network will open new doors with wider coverage area on a very high speed . In short we can say that future is bright for mobile app development as well as blessing for mobile app developers which coming of 5G network in 2019 .

Retail Inventory Management Software Profitability


What exactly is inventory management software ?

Inventory management software is software solution for digital age build in a way by software development company so that retailer can effectively manage , order and track inventory on the go thereby replacing traditional methods like spreadsheet . With the use of advance automation technology , software aids retailers to even predict the future sales and demand without even a single loss of inventory .

Smarter Inventory Tracking Eliminating Dead Inventory 

Before the rise of the digital revolution , managing inventory was a mess . A shop concern person was to manually reconcile every sales receipt with inventory and then gets the gross output out of it . This whole process which has been explained to you in one single line was a lot more cumbersome process for store owners. This indeed results into inventory loss and replenishment which is almost next to impossible to avoid loss of inventory and goods .
With the rise of digital era , it has also given rise to automated inventory management software and with the high demand of mobile apps , there has been also rise in demand of retail industry app development which focus on consumer centric solution and helps managing inventory and reports from the mobile devices as well .
Lets quickly look at some of the smarter inventory tracking solution :

Sales Forecasting Module

Although sales forecasting module is important for all business , but when it comes to retail industry it is two way situation for shop owners , as firstly they have to maintain the sufficient stock to meet their future demands and at the same time they have to take care of the inventory which are getting expired to be sold first in order to avoid inventory loss due to expired goods .
It’s a well known fact that fumbling stock is the quickened way to business disappointment—the overhead skyrockets without the expansion in deals to match .
Hence the key to consistently meeting stock demands and not exceeding more than the demanded quantity is made feasible due to future forecasting of sales .

Automatic Stock Replenishment

Automatic stock replenishment is software solution that works automatically thereby eliminating the human intervention and hence in turn reducing data corruptions . It is a computer assisted software system that helps generating the purchase order from historical data which is entered in the system automatically with bar / QR code scanners , thereby reducing labour cost and improving data accuracy .
Inventory managend software solution aids you analysing when do you actually in need of stock and when you can take care of controlling the cost in order to avoid loss of goods that’s get expired even before the purchase order has been released . The good automatic stock replenishment software is known to be one who has the highest capability of :
  • Establishing minimum stock allowed
  • Establishing maximum stock allowed
  • Operating a replenishment timing system
These add on alerts allows managers to compute economic order quantity ( EOQ) .  As per the need a custom reports can also be generated with use of this software that can help you measure cost of goods sold (COGS) , overall turnover and net profits arising out of it .

Custom Inventory Integration

Track receipts , invoices , purchase order or any other things that was earlier the task of your accountant or personal assistant on real time basis which has been made possible because of inventory management software . These software system can be integrated as well with  ERP software system that can directly help in creating a chain with other applications , grocery store , convenience store that is used to manage business which is not limited to human capital , supply chain , sales , CRM , accounting function and more .

Cloud Based Storage

The best part of retail inventory management and other software solutions are their data are stored on a cloud based system thereby giving power to merchants to access inventory from anywhere with internet connectivity – visibility from desktop , mobile or wearables devices .

Revitalising Quality With Automation 

Inventory management software bridges the gap between supplier and consumer by helps them with satisfying their emerging market demands . Implementing a custom inventory system software helps business in numerous of ways thereby helping then in monitoring stock and trends and cutting loss .
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