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Inventory Tracking Is Our Stock In Trade

Winklix inventory management software solution helps you with stock syncing , quantity measurement , and identifying each goods movement with RFID or QR codes thereby help you analysing with sales , performance and more .

Inventory Aggregation & Sync Software

We provide inventory management software solutions in centralised repositories that helps you keep an eye on inventory count and stock transfer across different channels , warehouses and thereby eliminate double entry errors . We also help you integration with third party Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other inventory control software like NumberCruncher and Fishbowls

Inventory Management Software Integration

Our professional team of programmers help you integrate your inventory management software with ERP systems through API development . Our developers can also help you making connection with RFID , barcodes , QR codes scanners , POS and e-commerce systems so that you can keep track of inventory in real time . Finally we also help you integration with document management platform by which you can take care of purchase order , packing slips and more

Warehouse Inventory Software Solutions

With the help of warehouse inventory management software you can seamlessly be able to adjust stock , management warehouse , update stocks and more . Our warehouse inventory software also helps you out with adding or editing existing information such as supplier or customer information .

Inventory Management Service On Cloud

Most of the Winklix software solutions are cloud based thereby enabling real time tracking of inventory easily from desktop , mobile devices or wearables . All our cloud base solution just requires working internet connection to get data access . Cloud based solution enables accounting system integration , multi location tracking and centralised order management .

Inventory Software System Service

We make our software equipped with creating analytics platform to report historic sales performance per item . This thereby enables inventory management forecasting modules that helps generating Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) . Cloud based solution help us in generating real time reports which is not limited to cost of goods sold (COGS) , turnover rates and net profits .

Inventory Software Programming

Our developers with over decades of experience develop inventory management software with custom rules definition as required by your company and at the same time will also facilitate you with extensive analytics platform which is integrated with your softwares solution . Analytics will help you with reports of historic sales and well as future forecasting of sales so that you can automatically generate Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)

Our Supply Chain & Logistics Software Development Solutions

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