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Winklix is globally recognised software development company known for providing hotel management software solutions . Winklix offer software CRM for hotel management along with mobile application in order to boost your efficiency , enhance guest service and increase customer loyalty for repeated stay of customers .

Our Custom Hotel Management Software Include :

1) Hotel Information System And Recovery Management Software
2) Hotel Housekeeping Software
3) Hotel Management And Housekeeping Mobile Application
4) Hotel Complain Management and Information System Software
5) Hotel Inspection And Housekeeping Checklist
6) Hotel Maintenance Cloud Management Software

Why To Choose Winklix Hotel Software Solutions ?

Our highly features hotel management CRM software together with mobile app is fully capable of providing you robust infrastructure and management for your hotel . Our customisable integration with on-property interface and hospitality software available on cloud makes it highly available . We use highest 256 -AES encrypted security together with data privacy to ensure that your customer data must be owned by hotels only and not anyone else . At Winklix , we believe in providing solutions than can enhance your customer experience and that is the reason our clients say we are great and not us .

Our Hotel Management Modules Includes :

● Service Management To Manage :

1.Handling/placement/management of guest request by admin
2.Automatic job allocation to specific department .
3.Cross department tracking of guest request , complains and maintenance .
4.Job alerts on the basis of specified time limit .
5.Multiple language support .
6.Report generation of performance by department .
7.Handling of important complain and their management .

● Housekeeping Management To Manage :

1.Task assignment by housekeeping department to different department .
2.Attentendats and supervisors receive automatic notification regarding the job assigned and after performing the assigned task can update the report to admin.
3.Supervisors will get to know which task they have to do and in how much time and can submit the report to admin .
4.Log maintenance and service order .
5.Internal two way messaging system between different attendant and supervisor.
6.Daily task allotment screen .
7.Performance report
8.Lost and found reporting
9.Linen count and reporting .

● Glitch Escalation :

1.Raise a concern to the specified department in case any complain by the user .
2.Automatically sending the alerts to department about the glitch .
3.Tracking of issue on real time basis and submitting the reports to higher department automatically .
4.Generation of data for better training along with the history of the glitch .

● Maintenance :

1.Assigning automatic preventive maintenance task on the basis of equipment or location .
2.Releasing of work order on the basis of above things .
3.Reporting to management regarding work completion or anything which need to be replace and other relevant things as required .

● Reports :

1.Different department reports
2.Complain report and escalation
3.Glitch Report
4.Top performer of the department report .
5.Visitor history and report including period of stay and all other relevant things

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