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ERP software has a very big role when used in the area of housing sectors. But most often we have observed that businesses are not implementing ERP for buying house, they are dependent on the accounting packages. Yes!!... They are organized but lack in terms of implementing technology like ERP software for buying house. Due to which housing sector is lagging behind other industrial sectors. They have no idea how much they are losing in terms of productivity and efficiency by not using ERP for buying houses. ERP is very essential in housing sector as it maintains the house according to the International standards.

Buying House works as a negotiator between manufacturers and buyers. It provides many services like
-Searching excellent dealers for their consumers
-Processing of orders from local sellers
-Development of the product according to the customer’s expectation
-Providing approvals to local sellers
-Approvals from the buyers on industrialized samples
-Ensuring the product quality from sample development to final testing
-Maintaining coordination between buyers and vendors
-Maintaining social agreement audits of sellers’ factories

Buying House ERP Solution Buying Agent has a very vital task of managing transactions between buyers and manufacturers. They have to consider all the costs at various stages of processing. This gives rise to ERP solution for Houses to give new heights to the housing businesses.
We, at WINKLIX realises this opportunity and provides ERP buying house solution which can be hosted on the web, cloud or even in mobile phones value added services. This solution integrates buying Agencies with the manufacturers, factories, courier and shipping companies.
Our buying Agency ERP Software solution keeps track of all the proceeding online and helps buying house to plan Time and Action. This software first enable buying agency to work on Business target client wise and then design & sampling is done. Once this is done, the production is assigned to factories with a deadline. ERP solution for buying Agencies by ACGIL improves the output of production and efficiency. This is achieved through following modules.

List of Buying House ERP Modules:
Business Target
Range Plan
Design & Sample Tracking
Product Costing & Style
Capacity Planning
Buyer Order Processing & Tracking
Vendor Order Processing & Tracking
L C (Letter of Credit)
Forward Planning
Logistics - Container Consolidations
Packing List
Buyer Order & Shipment Tracking
Pre & Post Shipment Documentation
Quality Control – Inspections
Commission Invoice
TNA (Time and Action)

MIS Analysis Reports
Email Alerts & Reminders for advance planning
Purchase & Sales Analysis
Query on Item, Buyer & Vendor
MIS Analysis Reports
Added Features
Barcode & QR Label Generation & Scanning
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