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Winklix WICRM purchase ordering system makes your purchasing process even more simpler with web based CRM software solution . With our product management CRM software solution which give you a better solution in online purchase ordering system right from the initial stage . Our CRM process starts right from procuring raw material for generating orders , managing GRN , managing returns , invoicing , reporting and more . So get relaxed , purchase our subscription and get ready to make smart decisions . Our purchase management CRM also helps you out with forecast of future orders , orders timely procurement and managing of vendors in effective way .

Purchase Order

With our CRM solution you can easily generate purchase order together with manual entering of payment terms , discount offered , tax system , creditability and credit limit to be given , date on which order it to be delivered , task and automated reminders all with just a click on web based purchase management software . And that's not all , it also allows managing purchase return and cancellation in order to avoid any dispensaries or errors .

Material Inward

It helps you updating status of received goods and receipts easily with simple form under purchase order system . Our interface are highly integrated with capturing all fields as required right from docket/courier number , mode of shipment , vendor and contract name and more .

Goods Receipt Note (GRN)

GRN is official abbreviation used for confirmation of receipt of goods before the payment is to be made . Winklix WICRM helps you to manage all these complex steps under one roof with offering of GRN management online .

Purchase Invoice

Our online purchase module helps you with generating of commercial invoice , service invoice in respect to vendor , product information , GRN details , tax rates applicable for that vendor , shipping address and more with simple online entry .

Purchase Return

Purchase return transactions must be accurately managed and at the same time should be intimated to accounts , inventory as well as sales department . Our online purchase management CRM software facilitates you with managing these transactions efficiently .

Reports And Analytics

Our reports and analytics system helps you understanding your past purchase trend and thereby helps you figure out with periodical purchase forecast . Our CRM offers various kinds of reporting and analytics system in relation to your purchase order data , purchase invoices etc .

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