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Asset Tracking Software Solution

Our asset tracking cloud based software development solution have inbuilt RFID , Barcode and GPS solution that can allow you to track a big picture or even individual item .

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RFID Software Solution

-RFID management all cloud based
-Preinstalled scanner and tag hardware integration
-Data aggregation
-Tracking and asset identification

Barcode Software Solution

- Barcode mapping and generation custom software
-Label marker integration
-Hardware configuration of printers
-Barcode symbology compliance

GPS Tracking Management

-GPS hardware integration
-Data tracking on real time basis
-Asset tracking platform
-Fully compatibility with desktop and mobile

Inventory Management

Winklix team loves to build custom inventory management software solutions that is even capable of integrating with third party inventory control software and also facilitates with warehouse management , cloud based inventory tracking and real time reporting dashboard .

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Inventory Management Software Solution

With Winklix inventory management software solution , stock of inventory together with management of stock transfer are maintained in central repositories . We also helps sync inventory across multiple channel , location and warehouses .

Inventory Management Software Integration

Our inventory management software integration works seamlessly with ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) by the use of API development and integration . We also caters the emerging needs of integration with RFID barcodes and QR code scanners .

Warehouse Inventory Management Software Solution

We provide a robust structure for warehouse inventory management , thereby allowing you to manage stock adjustment and updates , and even updating and editing of existing information .

Cloud Based Inventory Management Software Services

Our software solutions are mostly cloud based so that you can manage each and every thing on the go on real time basis . Our software solution are easily accessible from any desktop and mobile devices , or even with wearable technologies . We enable access of data easily with any internet connection .

EDI Software Solution

Winklix delivers custom software solution in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) which can be integrated into many different types of systems complying with all the standards .

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EDI Integration

Winklix is having capable team of developers who can easily integrate EDI and at the same time can consolidate data from different systems to generate automatic files report which is EDI ready .

EDI Implementation

We develop point to point EDI capabilities using FTPS , AS2 , SFTP standards . We also make functional use of network service providers or VAN's .

Custom EDI System

In order to facilitate with effective communication , we create system which are cloud or hybrid based to create custom on premises .

EDI Healthcare Platform

Using X12 messages , our renowned developers create healthcare billing and insurance claim system with is fully compatible with HIPAA-compliant methods.

MRP System Software Solution

Material Requeirement Planning (MRP) facilitates manufacturing industry with automate purchase and tracking of raw material on the go . Our MRP system software will also facilitates you with schedule maintenance and availability of assets .

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MRP Solution

We provide MRP solution in a way that our software can easily communicate with any of the inventory management or order procurement software . Our advance forecasting and analytics report solution will always going to help you out in various number of ways .

Cloud Based MRP System

In order to provide SaaS solution for multi-site logistics we provide cloud based MRP solutions for all process to be carries out right from inventory management to work in progress function , bill of material and more .

MRP System Software Implementation

MRP system development which is even compatible with EDI system facilitates you with communication with multiple vendor at a time , electronic invoicing , billing and more .

MRP Supply Chain Solution

Winklix provides MRP supply chain solutions for supply chain visibility which is not limited to inventory control , warehouse management , order procurement ,reverse logistics and even tracking system.

Order Management Software Solutions

Winklix provider tailor made order management system (OMS) solutions in order to help business in their order fulfilment , custom ecommerce shopping cart integration , and at the same time facilitating scanning hardware and shipping software and more to ease order management system for business enterprises .

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Order Management Solution

Our OMS facilitates order picking management as well as order entry management with perfect accuracy , automatic replenishment capability , shipping and receiving optimisation and more .

OMS POS Integration

Our developers integrate OMP system to both POS terminals as well as e-commerce shopping cart solution which aids in order processing , automatic invoicing and management and more .

Order Management EDI

With Winklix expertise in EDI , it has made possible effective communication and will also comply with all industry related standards.

OrderWayFinding And Tracking Apps

Our apps are multiple platform supported and are deployed on mobile devices as well as wearable technology . This software integrates with scanner hardware and validate orders using RFID and barcodes .

Shipping And Logistics Software Solutions

Are you facing any kind of shipping software problems ? We offer solution that is going to help you out right from freight quotes to documents management as well as integration with other software with use of API's .This allows shipping to be expedited and efficient as possible .

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Shipping Software Solution

Our shipping software solutions are equipped with freight rate calculator and also document management system . This also enables shipping labels management , manifest generation , packing slips , invoices and order number systems .

Shipping Software Programming

Our software are based on cloud server and thus facilitates automatic asset location , route mapping and more . This is only possible through our software solution and integration with our third party platforms .

Shipping Integration

Our shipping software integration service facilitates interfacing with API's of all major shipping companies like FedEx and USPS . Our software can also be easily integrated with accounting softwares like Quickbooks and Quicken for expense reporting and profit management .

Shipping & Logistics Software Development

We are expert in developing custom software development solutions for shipping and logistics company that will work with major communication standards to .

Warehouse Management System Development

Our developers with their years of experience creates warehouse management software system that facilitates you with real time worker routing , floor plan simulator , integration with major ERP providers by use of API's and tracking by both web and mobile application .

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Warehouse Management System Development

Own your own warehouse management system that can automate advance picking , put away and worker routing application . Our custom tailor solutions will workflow with effective dating and tracking .

Warehouse Management System Integration

We connect warehouse management system and ERP system by a chain with the help of APIs . Also with the use of technologies like RFID , serial numbers , barcode and QR code scanners to integrate warehouse management system .

Warehouse Software Solutions

All our warehouse software solutions are cloud based so that you can easily track data on real time basis , whether you are trying to access it through web , mobile or wearable tech . We develop solutions that enables efficient shipping and receiving management .

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