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Custom Asset Tracking Software Development Solution

Asset tracking made easy with winklix software solution . It is crucial for any business organisation to maintain the visibility of their asset to carry on any operation smoothly. Winklix is expertise in development of software solutions for asset tracking management irrespective of the domain you are dealing it so that you can carry on your work and increase your profit and as the same time minimise loss and downtime .

Fixed Asset Tracking

We make use of the most advance database system ( Oracle , SQL Server , MySQL ) to track your fixed asset . Our software solutions also let you customise fields , tagging of photos , live tracking of assets on map with reporting tool to get the most out of it .

IT Asset Tracking

Track right from your hard drives to laptops , mobile devices , computer accessories and more with our with our custom IT asset tracking software . We develop easy to use solution for barcode scanning , RFID tracking and tracking of assets that are even on the field with GPS tracking system .

Mobile Asset Management

We are expertise in native ( iOS and Android ) as well as cross platform app development with GPS powered asset tracking maps , scanners in camera and more . We give add on services of custom notification to alert users about the asset they are searching in .

GPS Asset Tracking

GPS asset tracking software can be well deployed in mobile field service app or supply chain management (SCM) system . Our software are integrated with mapping and navigation tools as well as geofencing which can help you in numerous ways . We do also connect user based IoT devices .

RFID Tracking Solutions

We provide cloud based RFID tracking solution in centralised database which also includes mobile scanning apps . Our system works with both shot and long range RFID scanners and helps you get the asset location on real time basis .

Barcode Software Solution

We develop barcode software solution according to customised needs of the enterprises with real time database management , mobile phone scanning apps and other barcode scanner software . We also do industry specific checkin / checkout solution for tracking of asset across different domains

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