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Let Us Help In Managing Your Material World

Winklix provide custom Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system software development services so that it can aids you in ordering the material when it is actually required. In addition to it we will also facilitate you with adopting to new emerging market condition related to materials , a more easier communication with vendors during the entire process of supply chain .

MRP System Software Solution

Our software solutions are compatible with almost all inventory management and order procurement platform . It has been developed in a way so that it can help you with automatic ordering and purchasing of raw material and tracking in respect to the same .Our software solutions are also equipped with forecasting reporting solutions based on new and existing data . What else ? Have mechanical assets as well ? Be assured we will also be proving you with equipment allocation software in order to schedule availability and maintenance .

Cloud Based MRP Solution

Our software solutions are cloud based so that you can easily access it from anywhere in the world , using Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) solution . Cloud based solution also facilitates you with enabling multi site logistics and more . Cloud based solution helps you in checking stock of raw material , what raw material are in work in progress ,checking of finished goods inventory and future forecasting as well .

MRP System Software Implementation

We develop as well as implement MRP system software which is used by EDI systems in order to communicate with multiple vendors and raise invoices and billing electronically . We are also expertise in using BI module in order to facilitate you with real time reporting of production data , which is not limited to current status , expected arrival of goods and future forecasting as well .

MRP Supply Chain Solutions

Our developers at Winklix MRP supply chain solution which includes inventory management , order procurement , warehouse management , tracking system and reverse logistics . In addition to it we also provide reporting tools to track vendors and supply chain performance metrics . By the help of this metrics you can actually analyse and improve your overall performance report system-wide .

ERP and MRP System Integration

With the help of API development , we can help you in integration of MRP software with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software , so that you can get complete visibility of material and product metrics through supply chain . We can help you integration of software solutions with SAP ,PeopleSoft , Halobi as well other software solution with the use of API's .

SAP MRP Automation Service

Winklix SAP MRP system software solution facilitates you with development of automated workflow and purchasing system as well as integration with third part platforms such as oracle , Microsoft and other . We build software solution that works automatically to that you can maintain your quality of product , get quality assurance and traceability .

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