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Making Feasible Communication Electronically In The Digital Age

Retail , Healthcare and Financial Industries need to exchange data securely and must comply with relevant standards such as HIPAA in standardized format . Winklix is specialist in proving Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software development service so that these industries as well as other industries can transfer data more effectively .

EDI Software Integration Service

Our developers aids you with implementation of EDI software system with ERP and other back office platform . Our first and foremost goal while providing you the integration service is to consolidate data from desperate system and automatically generate output files ready for translation to EDI .

EDI Software Implementation

Our developers are expertise in configuring and deployment of point to point EDI software capabilities via AS2 , SFTP and FTPS . We also use VAN ( Value Added Network ) or Network Service Provider so that we can make it supportable to communicate across various protocols .

Custom EDI Software System

Winklix engineers developer custom EDI software system tailored according to your business needs in order to enable reliable EDI software communication that will also be following relevant standards including ANSI ASC X12 , EDIFACT and more . After custom solution we also love doing EDI software mapping interface and schemes so that it can generate and envelop outbound EDI message even from critical software platforms .

EDI Healthcare Software Solutions

Our experts develop HIPAA - compliant EDI healthcare software platforms that can help healthcare industry in monitoring insurance claims , billing , healthcare claims and payment and more .

EDI Retail Software Solution

We develop retail software solutions that can work seamlessly at all your stages right from reaching the goods to customers to before that procedure such as warehouses , shippers 3PL's and business partners .

EDI Financial Service Software

Our EDI financial software solutions include engineering secure EDI software for carrying out financial service transactions securely whether it is related to baking , securities , payment and merchant services provider . The only aim is to communicate payment data securely between originator and receiver .

Our Supply Chain & Logistics Software Development Solutions

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