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Winklix Order Management Software Solution

Winklix order management software solution helps you carrying out your order process with ease . We seamlessly integrate our order management software solution with leading POS and shopping cart system . Communicate in a better way with EDI platform . Keep track of order , shipping and return and analyse all analytics on the go with custom analytics .

Order Management Solutions

Winklix helps developing custom order management system (OMS) which may help your enterprise in order fulfilment , order entry accuracy , return as well as inventory management.

OMS POS Integration

Winklix integrate OMS with leading e-commerce provider as well as POS system in order to help you out with management of billing , invoicing as well as easy managing of sales order efficiently . Integration with the CRM will also let you know total order from specific customers , past due accounts and more .

Order Processing & Return

Manage your order processing solutions to manage order for TL(truckload) and LTL ( less than truckload)freights , which is not limited to tracking , dispatching as well as booking service . Considering return as important factor , we develop reverse logistic in order to manage return , refund and cancellation .

Custom OMS Shipping Software

Our OMS shipping software can be easily integrated with third party shipping software with the use of API's , so that you can generate labels , packing slips as well as track parcel details and generate parcel request .

Order Management EDI

We process with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) platform to carry out fast and efficient communication which in turn also conforms to leading channels and logistics EDI data sets including EDI 850 , EDI 855 , EDI 865 , EDI 810 and EDI 867 transactions .

Order Management CRM

Our OMS is easy to integrate with CRM software which aids you in managing order history , generating support tickets , analyse order trend by customer and more . At the same time it also help intimidating order confirmation to customer through email , SMS , EDI and other viable communication platforms on real time basis .

Order Way-Finding and Tracking Apps

Order in transit or dispatched ? Winklix helps you out with order way finding application for mobile and wearables device . We also loves to program software for scanner hardware integration which can helps validate order by serial number , lot number , QR code , RFID or bar code .

OMS Analytics

We develop custom analytics reports as required by enterprises which is well integrated with warehouse and inventory management system with secure customer and management portal . Analytics will show and compare order and inventory status together with multi channel order aggregation , approval and routing modules .

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