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Application Maintenance & Support By Winklix

In the technology driven business , change is the only way to exist in the market . Technology has helps business to breach entry barriers and always stay ahead in the playground .
Winklix application support and maintenance (ASM) service aids in increasing your business efficiency , improves your business lifecycle process and most important improves your application support operating anytime whenever your business process is changing .
Winklix support services will never let you face any downtime thereby maximising application availability and compatibility .

Our Application Maintenance Services Includes :

Application Support

Our application support services primary focuses on two areas : break fix support and application enhancement . This includes development and functional support for custom application and and enhancement of application by way of development of any add on modules . It includes reporting , patches , support , security and more .

Performance Management

For any business to succeed , performance is to be measured on continuous basis . The speed , reliability and availability of application defined its success . Our performance management services includes performance tuning and optimisation for database , web and application environment .

Application Management

Management and management of application round the clock is what is required for enhancement . For Winklix , it really does not matter whether you are having desktop application , mobile apps or cloud apps - we treat all of them as child of same mother . If you are not investing on your application maintenance you will loose your brand value and will not get ROI for the investment you have made to develop that application . Winklix focuses on maintaining our clients application with bug fixation , enhancement , porting and migration . We love to privies latest OS version upgrade and more in our mobile app maintenance service .

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