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Helping Clients To Develop Cross Platform Mobile App With All Native Experience

Ionic App Development

Ionic app development deals with development of cross platform applications . Ionic is front end user interface (UI) framework that help you in designing the front UI of app which will be meant for users.
Winklix Ionic app developers uses HTML5 , CSS3 and Javascript to give mobile app a native look and feel without any affect on performance . Our Ionic app development gives app an native feel with using tools like Cordova or PhoneGap .

Our Ionic App Development Services Includes :
-Ionic app UI/UX design
-Ionic app Consultation
-Hybrid App Development
-Ionic Widget Development
-Ionic App Integration
-Ionic App Supports & Maintenance

Why To Choose Ionic Framework ?

-It contains pre generate app setup that is easy to build as they are based on simple layout .
-Cost effective solution as a single developer can developer app for all the platforms .
-Sets of UI is provided in Ionic framework which was often not present in HTML but is useful for designing awesome mobile applications
-It offers most of the native features like hardware compatibility with mobile devices , functionality compatibility and more .
-AngularJS is embedded in Ionic framework by default for building next big application .

What Winklix Offers ?

Winklix offers design and development services that is not only browser compatible , but also give best look and feel in web view as well as mobile view . We love making use of low-level browser tools such as Cordova or PhoneGap . Adding above , Winklix is also expert in AngularJS Framework to give app a native experience even without using the native SDK's .

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