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We have assembled the team of design masters, development engineers and testing tycoon to deliver you the most amazing mobile application in Bangalore . They are specialised in their skill and so are you . So let them to their own work , and you can give us some good ideas to make some delicious apps .

What is Winklix ?

We wake up every morning to create apps that will blow a wow horn in people mind , in such a way that people will love to use it , at the same time it can derive some $ for you , and it can climb on the top of the ladder . There are 1 million iPhone and iPad application are available on the app store . We focuses on building mobile apps that user love to drag at their home screens .Our expert team knows what user want and how to exactly build the same .
Money is the life line of every business , and the ultimate motive behind building an mobile application is to make money from app by whatever means it may be . We try to focus on app building in such a way that it can generate over million $$$$ revenue from clients .
We have had the apps that had got featured on Google Play and Apple App Store for over dozen of times , and that is the reason our apps have been covered by each tech publications .

Winklix Entrepreneur

We always welcomes new ideas and challenges to explore the world of endless opportunities . Startups and entrepreneurs , specially the young mind has impressed us a lot , and thus helping us in becoming the best mobile app development company in Bangalore . Our sales team provides exclusive discount and offers for startups to build their dreams first , and then happy pay to us .

Our Services

A La Carte Services : We provide customised mobile application development services to satisfy your custom tailor needs . Our skilled team tried to manage full project along with A La Carte services in order to launch the best project possible . We polish app to give it a shine with the help of intuitive design along with top skilled developers to bring life to mobile application .

Branding : Branding reflects your identity . We create a draft concept after reviewing your idea to make the most out of it .

User Experience : You may have a a pre planned mind set for your home page of the app , but laying them out is the work of expert . Expert UI designer will help you to build app that can work beyond wireframes , with best blue prints .

User Interface : Once done with wireframes and blueprints , we formulate UI , in order to give your brand an identity . Now at thing point most developers move on to development . But at Winklix , we add some spices to make it more delicious .

Polish : What comes after UI and UX is polishing your app in the way it deservers . We add on some animations , all details and special touches , obviously in which we perfect in to watermark it as Winklix app .

How Can We Help You ?

So are you crazy for building an app ? Are you ready to explore endless possibilities in app development ? We are here to challenge you to build the best mobile app possible .Whether you are based in Pune , Bangalore , Mumbai , Noida or Delhi , our team is nearby to discuss your ideas .
If you have any unanswered question , or you want to kick start your work , don’t hesitate to get in touch ! Our team is ready to give you next big app
. Contact us now !! .

So in case you want to start with the next big project , contact us now , .or call us at +91-8882-31-31-31 .

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