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Real Estate CRM Sofware Solution By Winklix

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) For Real Estate Agency

In real estate industry , customer handling is one of the top most priority for organising and selling property for which customer relationship management software plays a great role . A real-estate CRM software solution will facilitate agents , brokers etc to manage in efficient manner . The best real estate CRM must be capable of managing world loads , interaction with clients , forecast sales and more .

With Winklix real estate CRM software , all the desired information is just a click away . So if you are looking for customer information , or want to view transaction data - all these are just few clicks ago thus saving your time and money .

In addition to above features , sales and lead management is the backbone of every organisation . Winklix real estate CRM software has a inbuilt lead and sales management module to facilitate sellers and buyers management . Thus right from gathering database of customer related information to viewing of documentation and reports our CRM have it all .

We does not end up here . We also provide mass email marketing automated tools to keep your customer engaged with marketing emails and sending them automatically as per scheduled time .

Now let's look at some of the quick benefit of Real Estate CRM :

Campaigns Management : Initiating and managing your campaigns together with your sales and marketing team .
Managing prospects : Right from the starting of the conversation till the end of the contract , manage your prospectus efficiently with timely follow ups .
Automation : Right from giving reminders to following up your leads , it will automate almost all the task .
Sales Performance Enhancement : Our CRM always keep an eye on your sales lead , follows ups , setting reminders and more for enhanced sales performance as it is the backbone of every organisation .
Integration : We offer our CRM to be integrated with other ERP solutions also like SAP , SalesForce and more . In addition to these famous software , we also provide development api's so that our CRM solution can properly communicate with other ERP and software solutions .
Mobility Solution : Manage your customer on the go with our android and iOS mobile app facilitating you and your sales employees to handle customer from their mobile .

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