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Cloud based ERP services provides software on the cloud.
This software is accessible via internet. These computing resource are available in the remote data centers. The services offered on the cloud are available at a very low cost as compared to traditional in-house software. In-house software require infrastructure which costs huge amount of money while in cloud you have to lease the resources for a certain period of time. Cloud ERP gives access to the software anytime and anywhere in the world. Technically speaking, there is only one difference in cloud base ERP and in-house software. The software is physically located in the data center while in cloud, the software is hosted on the cloud. It makes the business to grow and improves the productivity.

ERP on Cloud
Winklix provides cloud ERP solutions to focus on the back office operations. It is perfect for start-ups who don’t have enough capital to invest and are looking forward to develop and grow the company business. It has minimum operational costs, more security and requires less staff for operations. Users are always cautious about the security of their data. ERP on cloud ensures that your data is secure as data security is provided by the data centers.

There are many advantages of using cloud ERP software. Some of them are as follows:
-Reduce infrastructure costs such as hardware and software
-All the IT support is provided by Data centers so it reduces these costs
-Removes paying upfront for application software licences
-Reduces the maintenance costs as maintenance is done by the data centers
-Provides security to the clients data as data center provide the security
-It is scalable so it can scale up and scale down the resources according to the requirement of the customer.
Winklix is leading ERP software development company offering custom web based ERP , online ERP to enterprises .

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