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Web Based ERP Development Company

Web based enterprise resource planning software is a substitute to the conventional on-premise licencing model. The major advantage of web based ERP software is that it is quicker to implement, easier to maintain and it very cost efficient. Web based ERP software are Software as a Service (SaaS) Product in which the software can be accessed online. While in traditional licencing model, the company has to buy and install the hardware and software on their premises. In the SaaS model, you have to pay some amount to host and licence the software on the web.

Winklix provides web based ERP solutions which are totally customized according to the requirement of the businesses. The services are provided from the initial stage to the final delivery of product to the customer. The best thing about this software is that it provides real time solution of every step like purchase, employee management, order management, e-commerce etc. The software instantaneously provides information by automatically adjusting to the business requirements.
With the software on the cloud, lot of infrastructure costs are cut down, processes are much simpler, easy to use and it provides ultimate capacity to boost the productivity.
The major benefits of Web Based ERP Solution

Big bucks: Implementation of the web based solution is very cheap and it generates huge amount of revenue. Businesses are benefited as it provides real-time information anytime and anywhere. It brings new products into the market and provides technically sound strategies to enhance your business.
Low implementation cost: As already discussed, the web based ERP solution is hosted on the cloud due to which the cost of buying and installation of hardware and software in on-premise buildings is reduced. There is no need of buying the infrastructure as everything is available of the web.
Enhanced efficiency: Web based ERP software has a centralized repository which make sure that the right information is provided to the right people. Efficiency is increased by removing all the redundant data and it establishes a safe and reliable management of resources available to users.
Provides end to end requirements: To streamline the business process, it is necessary to have web based ERP software that enhances the administrative processes and provides functions to customise, backup and configure access permissions which improves the productivity of the business. It has a very good user interface to meet the client’s end to end needs.
Regular Updates and Upgrades: It may happen that with time, your convention on-premises licencing model goes out of date with time but the web based ERP solution provided by WINKLIX gets timely updates and upgrades to meet the standards set by current market trends.
Support multicurrency transactions: One of the major benefits of web based ERP system is that it supports multicurrency transactions. Users can report business transactions in multiple currencies.

Online ERP Software System
To make the back office operation easier, Winklix delivers software to address these issues. Mx-ERP is a core part of our application which provides a robust, high performance and secure platform. This helps the organization to grow and adapt the changes as per the business requirements. It provides many advantages. Some of them are as follows:

-Customers can access information anytime and anywhere
-Forecast of the overall cost of the project is much more simpler
-It saves lot of money and time of the customers
-It is an tool for enhancing business productivity
-It is centralised so it has only one point for maintenance, update and upgrades
-It ensures the proper management of services
-It boosts the businesses by predicting the future outcomes
Winklix is leading ERP software development company offering custom web based ERP , online ERP to enterprises .

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