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Manufacturing ERP Development Company

There are so many challenges faced by the manufacturing and assembly companies like manufacturing finest quality products, staying up-to-date with the cutting-edge industrial environment, managing agreements, planning etc. WI-ERP management software addresses all the challenges faced by the manufacturing industry. These are highly scalable, faster and flexible manufacturing solution for the manufacturing sector.

WI-ERP is an open source technology that ensures efficiency and fully customizable ERP as per the custom needs. WI-ERP covers core activities like

-Planning of products and their purchases
-Production forecast and their manufacturing reports
-Service delivery of manyfactuered product
-Pre sales and sales management
-Material and inventory management and forcasting
-Logistics delivery and payment

Perks of having WI-ERP are as follows:

-It controls manufacturing cost and increase product effeciency
-Diminishes manufacturing blockages and hurdles
-Operation of manufacturing ERP on real time basis with the integrated system
-Revenue tracking and detailed reports
-Managing of manufacturing process effeciently
-Best user interface and all department support using central data repository

WI-ERP offers services in many functional areas which covers many business segments. The functional areas are as follows:

Finance & Accounting (GST Enabled): General Record, fixed possessions, payables including vouchering, matching and payment, receivables cash management and collections, financial consolidation.
Management Accounting: Estimating, planning, costing, cost management.
Human Resources: Hiring, training, payroll, profits, appraisal, leave management.
Manufacturing: Bill of quantities, Job work orders, manufacturing processes production scheduling as per delivery assurances, machines’ capacity and quality control.
Order Processing: Order to cash, order entry, credit inspection, pricing, inventory, despatch and sales reporting.
Supply Chain Management: Supply chain planning, supplier scheduling, product configurator, order to cash, buying, inventory, warehousing (Receiving, Putaway, Picking and Packing).
Project Management: Project planning is an inherit part of WI-ERP for companies that have production with commissioning and installation as a part of their business. It offers resource arrangement, project estimate, work breakdown structure, billing, time and expense, performance units, activity management.
Customer Relationship Management: WI-ERP offers Pre/Post Sales CRM as an integral part of full solution. It takes care of marketing, commissions, service, customer contact, call centre support to constitute a part of Business Support systems.
Data Services: Data Services are valuable addition that WI-ERP offers. It integrates all workers, sellers & customers through cloud hosted modules.

Implementation of WI-ERP
Implementation of WI-ERP software is a very recursive process which brings noteworthy changes to staff work habits and practices. First of all, ACGIL consults with the investors and SRS development for the successful implementation of WI-ERP. Next step is to develop all the technical and functional documents which are then customized according to the requirements.
First of all, we have to suggest all our partners to make sure that all the documents are created and the scope of ERP delivery has been settled. The implementation depends upon the number of components in business, the number of modules and readiness of users. Due to this the time of implementation can change.

Process planning before executing

Implementation of WI-ERP for the industry is not an easy task. It requires lot of hard work and ground work that needs to be done before implementing WI-ERP. While executing WI-ERP it may happen that some problems may arise due to training, business process etc. So it becomes crucial for the companies to take on SOP audit (standard Operating Procedure). Before implementing WI-ERP, we have to thoroughly refine and analyse the process.
Companies must consider standard operating procedure to make decentralised management. Many times ERP implementation is delayed because of shifting business components etc.

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