How To Make Matrimonial App Like ?

How To Make Matrimonial App Like ? is one of the biggest matrimonial app for matchmaking service provider in India . With over more than 6 million success stories , this is know to be one of the most successful app . It’s aids in matching bride with groom or vice a versa . The app like this has revolutionised the way the matchmaking was earlier happening .

These types of apps usually have a simple interface with easy to control option . One can be easily connected with signup post , fills in basic information and can start browsing matches in minutes . If you are also the one who is planning to develop an app like this one , then you are at right place . Winklix team of in house mobile app experts can guide you throughout the whole process . The reason why is gaining popularity is it verifies the user with Aadhar identity which makes the whole system more secure . All these set of features together requires a skilled team of mobile developers to carry on your app design and development process .

Key Features Of Matrimonial App is one of the biggest name in the world for matrimonial app which even operates in USA , UAE , Canada as well as UK . Being established in 1997 , it allows to bridge the difference between bride and groom .
The app is reachable at both web as well as on mobile application for both android and iOS . With the help of these kind of apps , its become very convenient to find brides and grooms on the basis of various kinds of filters like location , family type , job as well as other details . In addition to it , in order to complete match making it also offers user to chat , call , or send emails which is available as premium feature in the app .
Push notification is another great feature which app must have .

Stages Of Matrimonial App Development 

# Choosing Which Platform To Develop App On

If you are budget constraint , then you have the option to choose between Android and iOS platform or can even opt for Hybrid apps . It is always being seen that iOS app always cost cheaper than android apps due to limited number of devices to test on . Hybrid mobile apps are always considered as perfect choice for matrimonial brand .

# Designing Of Application 

The most important thing in order to make these kind of app a success it to make designing of app the most important thing to consider with . Your app needs to be awesome attractive and score on UX and UI . The mobile app designing team should take care of this point with utmost care .

# Deciding Size Of App 

The size of the app usually depends on the amount of features and functionality incorporated in it . It is usually been seen that if the app has basic features then the size will be less else will be on a higher side .

Basic Feature Your App Must Have 

  • Login / Signup using OTP or email id’s .
  • Profile verification with OTP and ID proof 
  • Searching of matches on the basis of desired partner profile .
  • Highlighting horoscope , personal interest and preferences , hobbies , personal details , home town details etc .
  • Adding profiles of interest 
  • Different membership packages to connect with different matches 
  • Integration capabilities in a way that your app should have cloud storage integration , CMS and CRM integration .
  • Notification in form of push notification , SMS as well as email notification .

The Cost Consideration 

# Functionalities And App Purpose 

The more complicated features you in build your app with , the more will be developmental price . With right value of money , Winklix team of experts develop quality matrimonial app in affordable price .

#2 Designing Of App 

Matrimonial app must have enriched UI and UX . Use of the latest design technology like material design and animation attracts customers . The right app design starts from prioritising customers needs .

# Various App Platforms And Integration 

Choosing the right platform to launch your apps may require some additional inputs at early stages , so take your decision precisely to save your time and money while choosing mobile app development company .


Choosing the top rated mobile app development company to get high rich feature enabled app is the only solution for having awesome app . 

Top 5 Mobile App Development Company In Dubai , UAE

Top 5 Mobile App Development Company In Dubai , UAE

Undoubtedly we have all been experiencing the technological advancement in mobile app . Every now and then some apps come which becomes trending and users love to use it in their daily life whether for entertainment , fun and more . Users are expecting out of the box solution which requires mobile application with best in class technologies such as GPS recognition , data capture , video , mapping and more .

Mobile app development has become one of the most important part of everyone’s life . We use it for fulfilling out day to day needs , whereas business who want to expand globally and give their user next generation experience focus on mobile app development . Here comes the need of  mobile app development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to get highly polished mobile app .

Dubai and Abu Dhabi is known to be one of the best locations of the world which is currently coming up with large number of demands for mobile app development . This high raise in demand for mobile app development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has influenced many of the technology company to step into the market of UAE . However finding the best mobile app developer is pretty difficult task .

Winklix has prepared the list of Top mobile app development companies in Dubai so that business owners and decision makers can take the right decision while choosing IT techies companies . We have perfumed extensive research which aids in finding top mobile app developers in Dubai . Secondly internet has also helped us in various ways to explore the best companies who are providing  solution as per latest technology and demand . 

On the basis of best research performed by us , we have made a list of top 5 mobile app development company in Dubai which will be later discussed on in below paragraphs .

How To Choose The Best Mobile App Development Agency ? 

Do you really think that just reading some blog and choosing the top company listed over their ends your search for best mobile app development company ? If you think so , then you are taking wrong decision . There are various other sets of checks to be taken care of before taking any final decision .
Companies do largely invest on mobile app development which makes the path of success for them if takes with utmost care , and therefore it’s very much important for companies to choose the best mobile app development company in Dubai .

You can read the following points below which can help you in hiring Mobile App Development Company In Dubai 

– Choose Company After Reading Reviews

One of the safest way is to read customer review of the company you are choosing precisely before signing of the contract . Previous client reviews , talking with their previous clients about their past experience can help you out with knowing their pros and cons and can thereby help you with taking the right decision .
It is quite obvious that experience company will definitely offer services that are worth considering .

– Idea Of App To Be Secured By NDA

Assume if you have an amazing app idea which will rock in the market , and suddenly after discussing it with app developer , the idea has been explored and the app comes up in the market . Then what ? Obviously you can’t do anything !!
The best way to overcome with this issue is to sign NDA with mobile app development companies so that they will be legally abide and confidential before launching the app on application store .

– Regular Updates By Company 

It’s always been heard that as soon as you commission the project to mobile app development companies , they lack to provide you with regular updates about mobile app development cycle , rather you have to regularly follow you up for the same , which unnecessary deviates the project deadlines and quality of work .

For any development to carry on effectively , companies must always provide you with weekly updates about the product made by them which ensure timely check by you and opportunities for improvement from time to time without any delay .

– Quality Testing 

Testing is key to run any application successfully in the market . Great design and awesome functionality is not worthwhile until and unless it functions properly . Always prefer to hire an team who have good QA team to deal with and is capable of performing both manual and automated testing .

List Of Top 5 Mobile App Development Company In Dubai And Abu Dhabi 

1) Winklix LLCWinklix is leading mobile app development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with headquarter in New York , USA . They have a complete team of Android and iPhone in house developer who loves building custom mobile apps . They have successfully delivered more than 800 + apps and that is why known to be best App development organisation in Dubai .
They do AI , AR , ML and IoT app development as well as expertise in Hybrid as well as Native mobile app development . They love serving startups , medium as well as Fortune 500 companies with quality delivery on time .
2) Auxano Global ServiceAuxano Global Products and administrations are specific as a top versatile Apps Development Company in Dubai. It truly is an ISO qualified organization demonstrated in 2011. They by and large focus on the different choice of application improvement administrations in danger of the hand crafted applications advancement. They are having talented master software engineers and result centred techniques, choosing getting top quality and quick results, which can give great master benefits that demonstrate the absolute best position inside the perspective on the best App Development Organization in Dubai. 

3) HyperLink Infosystem 

Since its origin in 2011, it has exhibited itself in giving the best convenient applications to various business needs. The different top highlights of this organization happen to be flawless in social event the customer’s need, conveying applications immediately, refreshing the latest advancements, best worth administration frameworks, perfect administration of these submitted workers. 
They constantly employment to make your goals and guarantee it is valid. Their Best Android and iOS versatile application engineers in Dubai claim exceptionally broad comprehension of most recent innovation. They discover the propelled framework drifts, your prerequisites of specialised, which will assist them with creating something progressively uncommon.

4) Ichanical 

Ichanical will be hugely pondering creating mobile phone applications for association generation and electronic notwithstanding local portable programming. They nearly getting the accomplishment of fantastic greatness, accomplishments, managed to purchasers, and conveying through their productivity yield achieve conveying their undertakings, by creating Mobile telephone Apps in iOS or Google Android or a Website Application. They have a devoted gathering of cell phone application designer’s ability the notorious cell application advancement movement. 
Ichanical thinks in new considerations and executions that they have the capacity to switch them into staggering working usage. They combined with new sentiments to send a substance of trend setting innovation to qualify close by client movement; they will have the coders with the normal individual’s mastery on every last one of the most recent advances.

5) Thoughtbot

Thoughtbot – Top versatile application improvement organization in Dubai having significantly over 12 years of working background in application fabricating and took care of much in excess of 100 customers that are content with their organizations and positioned as best full stack application designers in Dubai. They will have very capable coders and concentrated on the work effectively for giving assignments and convey inside the given time of the daily schedule. 
We help associations influence rising innovation to gather useful information, remain preceding the challenge and drive development. We construct top notch game and applications for portable, iOS, Android, Console, Mac, Windows, PC, programs and Facebook. As specialists in actuality arrangements, we fabricate customised VR and AR computer games, applications, and experience for various stages


At Winklix , we believe that above blog can help you out with choosing top 5 mobile app development company in Dubai . So in case you want to have an app for your business at best affordable cost and quality deliver , choose the one from above . Even Winklix have a dedicated team of developers with over years of experience in delivering software development services , contact us now .

How Augmented Reality Is Enhancing Designer’s Life

augmented reality app development company

We have been there since the beginning of the era . Our designers always works on the customer centric approach and spend their hours , days or weeks to see how they can create a design by their creativity which will look printed in real life . Of course the best way to see the design is to print it and view it , but image a case when you have noticed a error , what will you do then ? 

Designers usually have limited time in which they to deliver good quality design , and obviously that is not feasible to take a print out of the design every time to check the design and then rectify the design accordingly . Thanks to the latest tech world which has improved a lot . With Augmented Reality you can actually check the digital design by actually placing it in real world and can take a feel of how it looks like in real world .
Augmented reality is difficult to describe in words , rather than can be described better by actually viewing it . It feels like actual magic .
Apple is always known to be innovator and supports of AR technology and have even included AR in its upcoming ARKit 3 . 

Now just imagine , all the cool design are not just stores in computers , but will augment them in real world thereby allowing real time communication between you and your client . If you are thinking this will be the future , then its not , it is actually happening right now . As it is doing huge impact on persons life , it will soon impact the designer life as much as photoshop , illustrator , or sketch did .

Want to know more about Augmented Reality ? Get in touch with us soon .