Mobile App Data : Understanding

Mobile App Data : Understanding

In the year of 2019 , wherein most of the companies are rushing towards app development , or may have already developed mobile app to enhance customer engagement . But it is fact that carrying on the app development for developer isn’t always smooth sailing . This usually result in poor performance of app , unexpected ROI and tons of other issues which act as a barrier in smooth running of business .

Adding on something to existing app or changing the app as per user feedback and filters and at the same time also taking care of back-end functionality changes is challenging job for some developers . It is usually seen in the companies where there is no in house development team and they are not actually able to decide when and how to make changes in app .

Data is always act as a backbone for any successful app development . In order to make an app that performs in a better away it is always preferred to take inputs in form of feedback  . So keeping all these factors in mind , let’s quickly look at some of the tips for leveraging your app data .

Collection Of Right Data

Finding a long term user of the app and their retention ration is what everyone’s expectation from mobile app . Acquiring the right data about consumer behaviour , their like and dislikes in app , and knowing the pros and cons of your app by user can also be possible by data collection .
Data can help you with enhancing the app by knowing their know how’s , contextualizing the issues and overcome with the changes in new release .
Some of the important aspects that you need to take care of are :
  • Location from where your download of app are coining from
  • What are the drop off elements in the app
  • What section of the app is most liked by user.
Once you are down with collection of the above data , the very next step is how these data can be applied . So understand each element of it , and improve app on the basis inputs can take your app to next level .

Interpretation Of Data And Making Changes Accordingly 

So looking for next step after successful collection of data ? Now you have all the geographic location , drop off elements of the app and so on . So what are you waiting for ? Just enhance the app for its betterment and release the next stable release that user loves to use it in daily life .
It is always suggestible to collect the data which includes :
  • User may directly delete the app in the very first go , if they feel like app is taking to much time to load . Always take care of the app loading time .
  • Sometimes it has been seen that clickable elements in the app is too close or difficult to click . Collection of data wherein user is facing these issues and resizing the elements accordingly in the app with help your app for customer satisfaction .
  • Always focus on implementing the necessary features in the app , rather than overloading the app with numerous of features . This can improve user experience and limit app bloat .
  • Optimise your App Store profile with good keywords and description .

Always Look At Your Reviewers 

Always take a look at your reviewers comments that they leave which can act as a most valuable data for you . Reviewers clearly states the problem facing by the user and providing them with appropriate solution .
Always keep an eye on both positive and negative feedback and the geographical location of the reviews , as that reviews might affect tons of user . Third party reviews sites can often have better review data as they are more likely to be truthful .
User express their opinions about their like and dislike of app . Always work on improving verbal complaints from actual person .

Use Analytics Software 

Tracking the data of the app is not cumbersome process in this year of digitalisation . There are numerous of ways to track data , which includes both free and paid softwares . Lets look at some of the software with good interfaces  :
  • Google Analytics For Mobile App : Google analytics is a free tool available for both Android and iOS platform to track user analytics .
  • Flurry : This is just another tool which facilitates variety of user paths
  • Countly : It is best user interface open source programme software that allows track of app in self hosted environment .
Above options are some of the simplest options easy to use options available in the market . Feel free to explore various other paid options available in the market . Data can help you improve user retention and improves the overall ROI . So start tracking the mobile app data today and I bet you won’t regret it .

Why hotel needs hotel management software

hotel management software

Technology is continuously changing is this dynamically changing world , and so is the hotel management software (HMS) system . In today’s world it is essential to have an hotel management software for your hospitality industry together with mobile app for easy of convenience . It can actually help all your department go hotels like hotel operators , waiters , kitchen staffs and more .

The key to get the best out of hotel management software is to select the right software solution viable for your property from right software development company . Before that lets quick look at what exactly is hotel management technology and how it can benefit your industry .

What Is Hotel Management Software ?

Hotel management software is technological solution that not only works as hotel operator and owner  to monitor and manage their work , rather it also offers complete solution for customers as well right from booking of hotel as per their availability to their staying and their feedback once they return home , which in turn enhances the overall guest experience and at the same time creates brand value .
Finding a ready to use hotel management software might or might not work for your hotel , but we can assure that finding a custom software development company can aids you in effectively delivering your hotel management software as per your demands .

What Is Purpose Of Hotel Management Systems 

Booking Management

In technical terms we call it as property management system which aids hotels in managing their booking . It seems to be totally useless to guide your staff to manually input biking of hotel and then management the inflow and outflow across other medium channels . Property management system automates this process of booking through software channels which allows minimum intervention of back office and focusing more on hosting of guest . At the same time it facilitates with inventory management of rooms , which avoid any conflicts of over booking of same room .

Direct Booking

Travellers today are using online sites for direct booking of hotel . Gone are those days when travellers use to call hotels for booking manually . Hotel management system also has a module with allows direct booking to your website or mobile app . So considering a software solution that gets integrated with your online booking engine is an important point to consider with .

Channel Management

In present world of globalisation , a good hotel management system will always allow you to manage your distribution strategy by way of channel partners . Bringing on the partnership with different agent in industry such as Global Distribution System (GDSs) has been essential to survive in global market .

Hotel Website

The best way to increase your online visibility is to have a awesome looking website and mobile app for it . A good hotel management system seems to be effective only if you have an online presence by way of website and mobile app .

Benefits Of Hotel Management System

Minimise Time On Administrative Task

The best way to get the most out of hotel management software is to use in a way that it automate almost all task on the go , no matter whether it is a complex or easy one . A property management system can help you with the same . Hotel management system allows administrative task management and all other task management with ease so that you can focus on hosting of guest and other important task .
Report management system also allows manager/ owner to track the performance and duties of employee with ease of web based admin or mobile app .

Online Presense Increment

Management software comes with website builder which allows you to facilitate you with direct online booking and an awesome looking website . It will automatically increase your search engine result and brand value .

Building Long Lasting Relationship With Guest

Hotel management software solution helps with building rapport with your targeted market . Facilitating guest with next time promo code , feedback , promotional discount and more will in turn improve experience . At the same time it will also allow you to reach new markets which in turn will discover your brand .

Revenue Management

Revenue management system facilitates you with creation of flexible room pricing strategy to maximise revenue which may result in increase revenue for your current room .

Increased Booking

At the last but not the least , it will also allow you to increase your number of booking . The ultimate goal of every feature of hotel management software is to boost on hotel booking to increase the overall revenue .

How To Choose Right Hotel Management Software

Choosing a right hotel management software depends on your requirement of levels of functionally needed by you . The best software according to us is the one which serves all your purpose as per your customised requirement and at the same time facilitates with integration with third party software and mobile application to .
Winklix is leading software development company facilitating hotel management software development solution .

Which Platform Better Protects Your Privacy : Android or iOS ?

Which Platform Better Protects Your Privacy : Android or iOS ?

The numbers of users who are actually using smartphones are on its edge . Last year was the year of major privacy breaches wherein some of the worlds most recognisable name has to face privacy breaches and millions of user has been affected by the same . Some of those companies are :

  • Facebook : Facebook has shared information about tens of millions of users with their authorisation and consent .
  • Equifax : Has to experience an unexpected hack which has lead to exposure of millions of social security number and financial information .

After all these scenario has taken place in 2018 , user now think twice before updating any personal information on their smartphones and is finding measures on how to protect themselves with privacy breach . It is but obvious that the very first question that arises in any users mind now is ” Is one phone safer than the next ? ”

In this article we will be comparing Android ( Google )and iOS ( Apple ) to compare which one is better in keeping the data secure .

Outsourced vs In-House Manufacturing 

We all know that Apple is the leader of its own devices , and that is the reason they don’t outsource any of their manufacturing to any third party vendor , which ensures high standards of quality and safety .

Android devices on the other hand uses pool of manufacturer for its different phone manufacturing such as Pixel and Nexus . This means Android seems to have less control over the products they deal in . Outsourcing also leaves android with less insight into what hacking gateway exist .

Security Updates 

Security update is what is provided by both the vendors on regular intervals . But as the matter of fact , both relies on the user to update their devices to latest OS to protect the data and get the benefit arising out of it .

Apple Security Updates

Apple has a stronger control on all its devices which is in its ecosystem , which makes easier to create and distribute frequent updates . Apple enforces user to update their phones OS by launching a event before any OS update highlighting their new feature in the OS , which induces user to feel that update is urgent and they are really excited to see the new updates .

As a part of their promotion strategy , Apple displays constant notification to users who haven’t updated , which in turn becomes easier for user to get the latest update .

Finally if users ignore that notification for long time , Apple also forces user to update by denying full access to certain certain sets of features .

Android Security Updates

Android offers regular Google updates that keeps system secure , but these updates solely relies on implementation of user . But generally updates are easy to ignore by user which may lead to security breaches to vulnerable level .

Mobile App Development Standards 

The major difference between Apple and Android is Apple uses closed source code while Android make use of open-source code .

Android Open Source Approach

Open source programming necessarily means it offers developers more customisation , and at the same time more vulnerable to attack .

The major drawback of Android’s open source system is :

  • Owners can customise their phones as per their custom needs in relation to their phone’s operating system .
  • Android developer faces less challenges in comparison to iOS developers , all they need to do is get their app signed by wizard to get approved .

It’s more easier to find vulnerability in the code because they already know it . It should always be researched that mobile app development companies should have potential of addressing all security issues when developing for Android’s platform .

Apple’s Closed Source Policy

iOS developers have to forced work on Apple pc’s only using Apple’s closed sourced programme . The Apple does not release any of its source code to app developers , and hence making it almost impossible for hackers to find vulnerabilities in it .

Apple Devices Offer Stronger Privacy Protection In Comparison To Android 

Android users love their devices because of freedom allowed to their devices and also to manufactures , however leave user with highly vulnerable issues .

Apple is always know for choosing safer and more reliable experience due to its in house manufacturing and closed open source programming .

When planning to hire a mobile app developers , you should take care of security risk on each platform and close eye on developing the best measure to avoid them while building mobile app for your company .