What’s New In iOS 12 And What Optimisation Means For Your App

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Since 2008 , Apple is known for its technological revolution . Even the world is revolutionised witness of the way software is build and sold . In 2018 , the App Store turn 10 , and in the past decades Apple has opened ample of business opportunities for the emerging industries . Mobile app development industry is also getting stronger day by day , although it has potential of much more to come due to crossing of weekly user by more than 500 million on App Store .

Although for a general user iOS 12 might me unnoticeable , but if you are app owner you much keep an eye on the release . Since the past two years Apple’s strategy was to enhance the overall experience of the user , but with iOS 12 , Apple focuses on making the app more personal for the user. Here’s what all you need to know :

iOS 12 App Store Personalisation

If you are a regular visitor of Apple App Store who pays attention to even small things then you might have noticed you may have noticed a slight change in design interface of the store . Apart from design decision Apple has come up with personalised thoughts in their entire store which can opened doors in many of the native iOS app development features that Apple has rolled out in this release .
Apple now going to offer user the app they are most likely to be interested in on the basis of past records , previous downloads and purchase and so on . Apple has also added Siri shortcuts , machine learning concept , push notification content and much more .

Provide Regular Update Of Your App With Each Release

Getting your app featured is a great way to increase your brand awareness and increasing more number of download of app with genuine user , and its become more better when user is able to get your app listed while searching for the specific keyword . With iOS 12 , you need to follow the tactics  of both new and old one , ie you necessarily need to combine traditional marketing tactics together with a touch of personalisation in order to get a chance to get your app featured .
So in order to improve your chances of getting features – always schedule your release dates with each version upgrade my Apple . Apple love to take into consideration those apps which are leveraging more Apple features which they are currently promoting .

See Fluctuating App Store Impression

If you are a app owner who is continuously doing ASO ( App Store Optimisation ) , then you have to redesign your ASO strategy . You have to now focus on more personalised apps to maintain your level of impression on Apple App Store . User insights are necessary to make your that right people are finding right products in App Store .
ASO works totally on the basis of keywords strategy . So always be precise while taking a decision about your keywords . As keyword will be the only ranking factor and pillar for your App Store presence . Now Apple is considering both your ASO strategy and SEO strategy in order to stand your app out of the flooded crowd and earns more creditability .

Think About Personalisation From Product Delivery

When planing a product strategy , always cross question yourself about what exactly the app is all about , what purpose it fulfils for the user , and what additional features is required in the app for making it more personal for the user . Vision makes a difference and makes you better understand of how personalised with fit into your strategy down the line .
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Why Hire Mobile App Development Company For Food Delivery App

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As the technology is changing at fast scale , it is now essential for every food restaurant no matter whether they are big hotels or street corners , they must have a website and food delivery mobile app for iOS as well as android devices .

Having a website or mobile app gives your organisation a brand value that will help you attract more customers as they are getting aware about your restaurant through various modes inn digital world . But have you wondered hiring a professional mobile app developer  helps you to add a shining star to your mobile app .

The mobile app development company has changed the way of development . The app developers use the bunch of latest technology who can create a polished mobile app for your hotel industry . For instance all your family member return from a job , and then you found an empty fridge – there is no other alternative than to just open a food delivery app and get food delivered at your home in just few minutes . And if the app is created by a mobile app development company having years of expertise knowledge in creating apps , you can easily turn your leads into your permanent customers .

Client Retention Increased By Food Delivery App

Although restaurant business is a big and best business in the world in which you can earn a lot , but the income sources is limited to the person who is aware of your restaurant and is located nearby . The best effective strategy in order to get high ROI is having a mobile app for your business . Mobile app is used by people of all ages , and hence restaurant can be able to reach more number of customer through mobile app and that to from the convenient of their home .
The best part being user can browse in the app for prices , search for the menus , can get regular updates about new products , offers and discounts and so on.

Food Delivery App Helps You Reach Customer Near Your Vicinity

Say your restaurant is located in the heart of New York , and you want to provide the customer near your vicinity with food and drinks offered by you . Now someone searched online for the restaurants that delivery online , your app will show up in local searches . Boom ! You will receive a new order from a new customer .So always think of when hiring a mobile app developer for customising an app.
Another major benefit being it reduces the manpower required in the restaurant for food order taking ,  serving and other things as required .

End Point

A restaurant food delivery app made by a professional mobile app development company is sure to attract lots and lots of user and thereby converting them to customers .