How Important Is Testing In Software Development

We need to focus primary on two things before launching any product in the market . The first one being the customer who are being targeted as user of product , and secondly has the product been tested throughly in the market ? The former is usually completed even at the earlier stages of the ideation process . But product can’t be launched without undergoing with the proper testing . the product development usually takes time more or less the same as custom software development , what what to be focused on it testing as integral part of stress .

Why Testing Being An Important Factor ?

Lets look at some of the points below to understand the important of testing in product lifecycle development .

Impact On Brand Image

Brand and image of organisation takes over year to build . Assume if you have purchased a product after reading the features it has been promised of , but later on after purchasing you have been found with silly mistakes and lack of major testing in the product ! Will you continue using it ? Obviously not .

No one wants to pay for the product that does not work the way it had been promised to . In fact you are building trust and reputation on the basis of product you are offering and no company wished that product to malign it .

Debugging : Testing Does More Than It

Although we agrees that testing does debug of software . But tester job is beyond just debugging . A tester should also take care of the usability of the software according to customer in comparison with other competitors in the market . In addition to it tester should also ensure that is the product is able to give ideal solution for the problem it intends to solve .

Efficiency In Development Cycle

Testing hands by hands during the developmental cycle also aids in reduction of time from development to launch , and why will company will not wish the same !

Cost Of Fixing Defects

It always act as a cost saving approach if the defects in the software has been well identified during initial developmental process itself . Once the apps goes into production the cost to big a even a little bugs will be substantially higher .

How Should Testing Be Done ?

A tester should always think beyond just debugging the nightmares in the software . Tester should work in unbiased way that can think of more on the way of customer centric approach . He also needs to take care of what if approach if someone break into the code . A best testing team is known to be the independent team sitting apart from the development team as both of the teams can have enough time to work on their projects . A good tester is known to be one who does not leaves testing even a minor things and basic requirement .

Nightmares That Could Have Been Avoided

There are plenty of examples wherein company has to bear heavy expenses and legal proceedings just because of a minor bugs in the software . We all are aware than in 2018 a famous car dealer Toyota recalled 400,000 Prius models for defects in anti lock breaking system . Toyota has to pay 3 million dollar to settle the dispute . If the testing would have been done on time , company could have save this deflation and lawsuits .

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