How Important Is Testing In Software Development

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We need to focus primary on two things before launching any product in the market . The first one being the customer who are being targeted as user of product , and secondly has the product been tested throughly in the market ? The former is usually completed even at the earlier stages of the ideation process . But product can’t be launched without undergoing with the proper testing . the product development usually takes time more or less the same as custom software development , what what to be focused on it testing as integral part of stress .

Why Testing Being An Important Factor ?

Lets look at some of the points below to understand the important of testing in product lifecycle development .

Impact On Brand Image

Brand and image of organisation takes over year to build . Assume if you have purchased a product after reading the features it has been promised of , but later on after purchasing you have been found with silly mistakes and lack of major testing in the product ! Will you continue using it ? Obviously not .

No one wants to pay for the product that does not work the way it had been promised to . In fact you are building trust and reputation on the basis of product you are offering and no company wished that product to malign it .

Debugging : Testing Does More Than It

Although we agrees that testing does debug of software . But tester job is beyond just debugging . A tester should also take care of the usability of the software according to customer in comparison with other competitors in the market . In addition to it tester should also ensure that is the product is able to give ideal solution for the problem it intends to solve .

Efficiency In Development Cycle

Testing hands by hands during the developmental cycle also aids in reduction of time from development to launch , and why will company will not wish the same !

Cost Of Fixing Defects

It always act as a cost saving approach if the defects in the software has been well identified during initial developmental process itself . Once the apps goes into production the cost to big a even a little bugs will be substantially higher .

How Should Testing Be Done ?

A tester should always think beyond just debugging the nightmares in the software . Tester should work in unbiased way that can think of more on the way of customer centric approach . He also needs to take care of what if approach if someone break into the code . A best testing team is known to be the independent team sitting apart from the development team as both of the teams can have enough time to work on their projects . A good tester is known to be one who does not leaves testing even a minor things and basic requirement .

Nightmares That Could Have Been Avoided

There are plenty of examples wherein company has to bear heavy expenses and legal proceedings just because of a minor bugs in the software . We all are aware than in 2018 a famous car dealer Toyota recalled 400,000 Prius models for defects in anti lock breaking system . Toyota has to pay 3 million dollar to settle the dispute . If the testing would have been done on time , company could have save this deflation and lawsuits .

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Advantages Of Custom Software Development

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Every business organisation needs some kind of software no matters whether they are small businesses or big b’s . Market is flooded with software development companies to . But when it comes to choosing a software , you have 2 option to choose from : Either you can choose the ready to use mass vendor solution or can hire some software development agency to develop a customised solution as per your business needs .

Well there are numerous of factors which can help you to guide which one best fits your organisation needs . That we will guide you in our other article .
Lets quickly look at the advantages of custom software development :


Software Will Be Tailored According To Exact Needs

By getting a software as per your specific needs , you will get the features that suits the exact needs of  your organisation rather than getting n number of features which may not make any sense for your business needs . At the same time customised software solution will also work the way you want them to be , and you may be aware of what exactly they are meant to be . The best thing is it can be expanded anytime , all you have to allow is investment in time and money .

Lower Cost

Mass vendor solution for instance we say SalesForce usually comes on a monthly subscription fees which may range from $25 – $ 300 depending on the features you want . Whereas when we are talking about custom software development it required a one time huge investment … but wait it will be with you for years . So custom software development gives higher ROI when we are presuming it to be used in long term . Assume of paying $100 per month for 7 years !!

Better Software Maintenance & Improvement

Custom software has been developed according to your specific needs . So there is no point of wait for any specific features to role out in that specific software . If you ever think of improving the software , you owe the right to upgrade it as per your wish , and at the time you want .
Also you need not to be worried about what if your subscription will get expired . Will you have the database access and so on ! As long as you are using the custom software development , your software will continue to be available with you as you own the source code .

Flexible Third Party Integration

Sometimes you may find a limited option of integration while taking about mass vendor solution . And its the hard fact than you can’t do anything in case they don’t provide the same .
However this is not the case when you develop your own custom software , and you are the master of your software and they will obviously follow your own command . The custom build software can be integrated with anything which has open integration capabilities .

Better Support

Most of the custom software development company provides support packages along with their development . This support act as a better problem solving support which is provided by their trained staff round the clock .
Response time and bug fixation time is also very good and can be easily approached and addressed . Team will also provide you suggestions from time to time as and when required for any further future improvement .

Final Thoughts

Always takes decision after exploring the opportunities of both third party software and custom software . It is not at all a easy task . Always keep your mind open to explore the endless benefits of custom software development .

How To Avoid Common Mistake In Custom Software Development

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Choosing a right custom software development company helps you in achieve your business goals by digitalising your business . A good software development company can help your dream to come into reality by providing the most viable solution .

Given below are some of the most common mistakes that everyone should avoid while hiring a custom software development company :

Considering Price As A Sole Alone Factor

Although the cost is the most important factor while choosing a software development company in New York ,  but it should be taken into consideration with the quality of work they are providing , their team capability and more . So never choose a software development agency solely on the basis of price factor .

For instance you are expecting a high end solution at lower cost is somewhat next to impossible . And this seems to me the main reason when a business expect a high end final product and they are surprised by what has been received .

Cultural Fit

Effective and continuous communication is the only way to deal with any custom software development company . Exchange of ideas will also add on values to your idea and overall developmental process .
Although it is a challenging task due to language barrier , business ethics and numerous other factor which many vary from business to business across globe , but it has to be deal accordingly to get the best software development as required .

Goals , Objective & SRS Not Defined At Initial Stages

This is another major mistake that business do which giving a project to software development company . If you have not defined what you want , then how can you expect  software development company to finish your work at the allotted time .
The best solution to the problem is to define clear objective and goals for the complete software development project in order to get flexible and best customised software that suits your organisation needs .

Poor Contracts

Its important to define every minute of the software before starting the project to avoid any mistakes in near future . Always ask a software development agency to draft a detailed contract including all technical details and modules which will be there in the app , so that they can carry on their developmental work efficiently and you will not face any unexpected cost , extended project completion period and so on .

Not Getting A NDA

Not getting a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) means it will not have any privacy in your project . Its important to sign a NDA before getting into contract or we ca say even before discussing the project to gain the rights of the software to your company .
For instance you have a great idea , have handed over the project to software development company – now what ? They can use that idea in selling to other companies also , and that will unfortunately raise your problem and competitors .

Not Getting Source Code

Have you ever wondered for what you are paying for to any software development company hired ? You are actually paying for the product or service you are buying , so actually you are the owner of the source code ( the code for which you have paid for development ). Without the rights on your code of your product , you can’t avoid risk of stealing of code .
The owning of code means you have the right on the software together with the flexibility of hiring another software development company in case you want in future . Owning a source code together with the documents will add on value to source code .