How To Avoid Common Mistake In Custom Software Development

Choosing a right custom software development company helps you in achieve your business goals by digitalising your business . A good software development company can help your dream to come into reality by providing the most viable solution .

Given below are some of the most common mistakes that everyone should avoid while hiring a custom software development company :

Considering Price As A Sole Alone Factor

Although the cost is the most important factor while choosing a software development company in New York ,  but it should be taken into consideration with the quality of work they are providing , their team capability and more . So never choose a software development agency solely on the basis of price factor .

For instance you are expecting a high end solution at lower cost is somewhat next to impossible . And this seems to me the main reason when a business expect a high end final product and they are surprised by what has been received .

Cultural Fit

Effective and continuous communication is the only way to deal with any custom software development company . Exchange of ideas will also add on values to your idea and overall developmental process .
Although it is a challenging task due to language barrier , business ethics and numerous other factor which many vary from business to business across globe , but it has to be deal accordingly to get the best software development as required .

Goals , Objective & SRS Not Defined At Initial Stages

This is another major mistake that business do which giving a project to software development company . If you have not defined what you want , then how can you expect  software development company to finish your work at the allotted time .
The best solution to the problem is to define clear objective and goals for the complete software development project in order to get flexible and best customised software that suits your organisation needs .

Poor Contracts

Its important to define every minute of the software before starting the project to avoid any mistakes in near future . Always ask a software development agency to draft a detailed contract including all technical details and modules which will be there in the app , so that they can carry on their developmental work efficiently and you will not face any unexpected cost , extended project completion period and so on .

Not Getting A NDA

Not getting a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) means it will not have any privacy in your project . Its important to sign a NDA before getting into contract or we ca say even before discussing the project to gain the rights of the software to your company .
For instance you have a great idea , have handed over the project to software development company – now what ? They can use that idea in selling to other companies also , and that will unfortunately raise your problem and competitors .

Not Getting Source Code

Have you ever wondered for what you are paying for to any software development company hired ? You are actually paying for the product or service you are buying , so actually you are the owner of the source code ( the code for which you have paid for development ). Without the rights on your code of your product , you can’t avoid risk of stealing of code .
The owning of code means you have the right on the software together with the flexibility of hiring another software development company in case you want in future . Owning a source code together with the documents will add on value to source code .

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