How Business App Engages Customers And Helps In Branding

Everyone in the world is rushing towards buying an smartphones these days all over the world , and that is the reason nearly about 2.6 billion people are using smartphones these days . Android and iOS are mostly gaining the large market shared over the world . Due to cheap price of Android smartphones , the number of user in developing countries are rushing towards android smartphones.

Due to high demand of smartphones , business are also focusing on rolling out an mobile app for overall improving their customer engagement and brand value . A good mobile app helps develop a stronger relationship with the customer in long run .

Let’s quickly look at the way business app can helps engaging customer and increasing brand value :

Delivering Awesome Experience To Customer

Enterprise must focus on delivering the app that making difference in the life of the user by offering them easy to use functionality , customer support on one go , FAQ’s and more .
For any app to make difference , it must be capable of identifying the pain points of customer , for instance say why even after high number of downloads of app customer is not getting converted ? Simplicity of the app converts leads into customers and at the same time increases the brand value . Feedbacks and comments of the app must be solved by the enterprises by rolling out the viable update . The best apps are known to be the one which are highly focused on delivering after functionality for the user . For example say a enterprise is offering app that helps you to search for FAQ, do self service , get in touch with customer support on one go and much more .

How Apps Offers Proactive Communication

Apps once downloaded from respective app stores remains in user phone unless uninstalled , which was not the case with website wherein you have to type the URL every time . Some apps also offers an offline access .
One of the greatest features in app is push notification which is proven very effective in user engagement 24×7 . Push notification is facilitates customer’s attention , even if customer is not using the app at that time . The best push notification can be sent to customer for discount and offers together with the notification of the product / services they can recently searched in the app .
Today’s world has changed and customer to . Customer are getting more demandable , they want information within seconds and service in double quick time . Once the customer can be influenced in downloading the app , the brand can boost their information directly to customer phones .

Customisation App Delivery

In order to get your app a success , you have to offer personalised app as required . The world in 2018 has completely changed due to coming of emerging technologies like Blockchain , Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (MI) in order to read user minds and facilitate them accordingly .
Smart marketers are now using app location capabilities , geofencing technologies , time data driven content to offer promotion , loyalty programme and discounts according to the location and time of the user .

Complement Buying From Brick And Mortar Shop

Many of the retailer are now using the marketing strategy of in app customer experiences . The app could , offer the user to download and scan barcode of the product , check stock availability products reviews , description , current offers and more . Some apps are also offering placing the order online via a app , thereby helping user to avoid queuing up or getting the item at the convenience of home .
However the brand cannot afford to engage customer on long go to get their app installed , if they are not providing regular update , content and features within the app . App development agency must also remember that user is doing favour on company by installing the app , so it must not take user private information , or much space on their smartphones . It is the duty of the mobile app development company to provide sound and robust app that offers real value to users .
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