Tips To Design Perfect App Logo

Tips To Design Perfect App Logo

One of the major factor that influences buyer to download the app and increase app ranking factor is visuals of app ( of what app looks like ) . On the basis of the quality of the visuals have been displayed on app page , user will take the decision of either downloading it or rejecting it .

So visuals should be designed in such a way that it imprints a remarkable dot in users mind . When we are talking about visuals it includes app logo , screenshots of the apps , introductory video and more .

Undoubtedly from all of the above visuals elements of your app , app icon plays an important role . Your app icon will make the whole impression of your app when your user first see the app . The attractive app icon is known to be the one which is unique with high end graphics , easily recognisable and at the same time communicate the core functionality of the app . And that is the path that we follow for all our mobile app development projects .

Let’s quickly look at few of the tips that can help you in optimisation of your app icon and increases number of downloads .

Making App Stand Out Of Crowd

Thinking of creating a design that should come from heaven and will have the capability of storing thousands of heart . This is not as simple as that.

If you actually want to be shine on the top of the mountains where millions are already present , then keep in mind it is not an easy task . You have to choose the perfect combination of colour scheme and design in a way that it stand out and at the same time reflects your brand . Sounds hard , doesn’t it ? It actually is .

Don’t go messy with app design that may deliver an unpredicted result . So make it simple with denoting your purpose of app .

Go For Minimal Design

Adding to many elements on app icon will not impress user . As per Winklix approach , making combination of max 2 or 3 colours to design an app logo is always advisable  . Always try designing an app logo that denotes your purpose of your mobile application with minimum elements possible .

Keep Logo Design In Accordance With Branding

When we are talking about branding , users are getting emotionally and physically attached with your brand for all their needs that your brand fulfils . Your app icons must so the same .

Your app icon colour combination and taste should go with your brand . If you are in process of developing your brand then always keep in mind to use the same colour scheme in both website and app in order to emotionally connect with the user . Once you have made a stronger connection , user will be able to easily find you .

Always Make Sure It Is Scalable

Your app will be represented in the App Store in various places of which your app icon will be shown in different sizes according to the needs . So always design your app icon inn a sense that it looks great in app shape and sizes .

Usually it has been seen that app which has been loaded with too many elements usually looks awkward when app icon is usually seen tiny .

App icon is probably the very first thing that our mobile app developers do even before conceptualising your app icon .

Testing With Different Backgrounds

Usually user have their own personalised themes with different colour combination installed in their phone . So always keep in mind to give your app icon a colour combination that would look fine with majority of colours .

Testing your final app design is important process , so always handle with care the app UX and design .


So your app icon should be most eye catchy one as it will denotes the entire business existence of your App Store design. Always design your app icon keeping in mind the user choice which can convenience user to try your app .  To design your next mobile app development project , consult Winklix , the leading mobile app development company .

How Business App Engages Customers And Helps In Branding

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Everyone in the world is rushing towards buying an smartphones these days all over the world , and that is the reason nearly about 2.6 billion people are using smartphones these days . Android and iOS are mostly gaining the large market shared over the world . Due to cheap price of Android smartphones , the number of user in developing countries are rushing towards android smartphones.

Due to high demand of smartphones , business are also focusing on rolling out an mobile app for overall improving their customer engagement and brand value . A good mobile app helps develop a stronger relationship with the customer in long run .

Let’s quickly look at the way business app can helps engaging customer and increasing brand value :

Delivering Awesome Experience To Customer

Enterprise must focus on delivering the app that making difference in the life of the user by offering them easy to use functionality , customer support on one go , FAQ’s and more .
For any app to make difference , it must be capable of identifying the pain points of customer , for instance say why even after high number of downloads of app customer is not getting converted ? Simplicity of the app converts leads into customers and at the same time increases the brand value . Feedbacks and comments of the app must be solved by the enterprises by rolling out the viable update . The best apps are known to be the one which are highly focused on delivering after functionality for the user . For example say a enterprise is offering app that helps you to search for FAQ, do self service , get in touch with customer support on one go and much more .

How Apps Offers Proactive Communication

Apps once downloaded from respective app stores remains in user phone unless uninstalled , which was not the case with website wherein you have to type the URL every time . Some apps also offers an offline access .
One of the greatest features in app is push notification which is proven very effective in user engagement 24×7 . Push notification is facilitates customer’s attention , even if customer is not using the app at that time . The best push notification can be sent to customer for discount and offers together with the notification of the product / services they can recently searched in the app .
Today’s world has changed and customer to . Customer are getting more demandable , they want information within seconds and service in double quick time . Once the customer can be influenced in downloading the app , the brand can boost their information directly to customer phones .

Customisation App Delivery

In order to get your app a success , you have to offer personalised app as required . The world in 2018 has completely changed due to coming of emerging technologies like Blockchain , Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (MI) in order to read user minds and facilitate them accordingly .
Smart marketers are now using app location capabilities , geofencing technologies , time data driven content to offer promotion , loyalty programme and discounts according to the location and time of the user .

Complement Buying From Brick And Mortar Shop

Many of the retailer are now using the marketing strategy of in app customer experiences . The app could , offer the user to download and scan barcode of the product , check stock availability products reviews , description , current offers and more . Some apps are also offering placing the order online via a app , thereby helping user to avoid queuing up or getting the item at the convenience of home .
However the brand cannot afford to engage customer on long go to get their app installed , if they are not providing regular update , content and features within the app . App development agency must also remember that user is doing favour on company by installing the app , so it must not take user private information , or much space on their smartphones . It is the duty of the mobile app development company to provide sound and robust app that offers real value to users .
Winklix is also one of the mobile app development company expertise in improving business for higher productivity and profits .

Web App VS Hybrid App VS Native App – Which One To Choose From ?

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When it comes to mobile app development , its really been a difficult task to choose the best technology for developing your app.

Depending on your business objectives and goals , each technology has their own advantage and disadvantage . Variety of factors need to be taken into consideration while deciding to build your app on Native , Hybrid or Web version platform . I am writing this article not to choose the winner among the three platform , but I am here to guide you the advantage and disadvantage of each platform , from mobile app development company viewpoint .

Web Apps

Web apps are apps that run on your phone browser and does not get stored in your phone . Web apps are not website , rather they are made specifically for the phone browser to improve functionality , and is not similar to mobile sites .
Web apps can’t be downloaded from the respective app stores , rather they can be access from a phone browser . IT’s hard to find the difference between web apps , hybrid apps or responsive website design .
Sometime you might have seen that you have downloaded the app from app store , and the app is showing you non rather than the web view of the website , containing url of web app .

How A Web App Can Be Build ?

Web apps are built Javascript , CSS , HTML 5 and can be run only in a browser like safari , chrome etc . If you are searching for software development kit for developing web apps , then unfortunately its not available .
Progressive web apps is hybrid version of regular web pages and mobile apps , but lacks the functionality of native mobile apps . But due to technology advancement in this technology , progressive apps are now able to successfully deliver functionalities like sending push message , using test gestures and so on .


  • One app for all platform
  • Easy to build
  • Inexpensive option
  • Can be maintained easily


  • Slower performance than native app
  • Needs browser to run
  • No icons on desktop

Native Mobile Apps

Native mobile apps are the most famous and common type of app available in market. Both Android and iOS platform have their specific written languages  to build app . Apple has Objective C and swift and Android app has Java . Most company prefer to invest in the native app because of its advantage .


  • Really fast and responsive
  • Gives best performance output
  • Available to get downloaded from the app stores .


  • Expensive
  • Required a highly skilled technical person to build the apps
  • Not best option for simple mobile apps .
Native mobile app user must necessarily have to keep on updating the app in order to take advantage of improve accessibility , however it may not be the case in web app .
Inspite of the higher initial cost in developing a native app , it is proven worthwhile for business organisation due to its advantage and higher performance , thus giving user personalised experience .

Hybrid Mobile App

Hybrid apps works across all platform and gives higher performance than web apps . It is built using HTML , CSS , Javascript and run in web view . It also contains the features of native app also .


  • Easy to built using technology like HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Less expensive to develop
  • One app for all platform using technology like Cordova
  • Requires less time to develop than native app


  • Slower performance in comparison with native app
  • More expensive than web apps .
  • Less user experience than native app .
Since the hybrid app are just the web view version , it required more time to load and hence it affect the user experience . The another main disadvantage being it can not be customised on the basis of platform .

Which Approach To Choose From ?

Well this decision solely depends on your business model like in how much time you want your app , what is the initial investment you are planning to invest in apps , how complex is your app and so on .
Irrespective of the approach you choose from , your app must be quick , responsive and reliable . As more and more users are moving towards mobile device , and to stay ahead with your competitors , you should provide your customer a richer experience .
Finally , its important to work with an app development company that can specialised in these things and can provide you consultation regarding the same .