Hybrid VS Native Mobile App

Mobile app development is must for any business for better customer experience .User experience succeed everything else when it comes to mobile.It is know fact that hybrid app will don’t perform as well as native app is going to perform.So be choosey while choosing the platform you want to choose while developing an mobile application.Hybrid app , inspite of having lots of advantages , lacks customer experience on mobile.Thus while choosing the platform , do enquire with best mobile app development company , to get the best advice.

Native VS Hybird App : A quick overview

A native application is simply mobile application designed simply for specific OS.Since native app is build according to specific platform , whether it is android or iOS , it is not only an advantage , but app will also run faster and will give high user performance .The end user is likely to have a more cheesy experience and faster performance as that apps are easy to navigate and use. Finally native applications have significant advantage of navigating in in device function like using GPS , address books and other things.Simply when user are sending text message , sharing picture using device inbuilt apps , user is using native applications.

On the other hand hybrid app are the basic framework application that are converted by companies website .Hybrid app is none other than using HTML5 and Javascript , wrapped in container and using most of the information from the website.

Time to market or do it right ?

Now it basically depends on companies . If they want their app to launch ASAP , mean they definitely need it in short time , and at the same time , ASAP also means they unfortunately have to compromise somewhere as well as making decision on the fly.

If a company can wait for five months or more for launching their app , then building an native application is better option , but in case they need is as soon as possible , they hybrid  application is the only alternative they are having.

But at the same time , company must understand that their users always expect a greater experience  , obviously they will not care at all what approach your mobile app development team has chosen , all they want is better experience.

Simply launching your app , might get you to another step on android or iOS market , but the success of your app lies in hands of

User Experience 

The only key to success in great user experience.Once user learns how to use the device , they even don’t keen on using some other different feature , they are being happy with the way they are using their mobile devices.Thus user will want your app to  , to be like the apps they are using right now , in case they didn’t find so , they will simply delete the app.The first impression is the last impression , that is the case which exist in mobile application development field also.Once user don’t find the app friendly they will uninstall it and will never be willing to download it once again.

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