How Mobile App User Has Changed Today ? And What Actually They Need In Mobile App

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As the new time of app development has started because of late change in innovation and happening to AR/VR and machine learning , individuals are thinking about it as a supernatural occurrence of innovation . Because of which client desire from the app has now come to next level . Presently we as a whole have cell phones loaded with apps which we use in our every day life for different purposes . Presently lets rapidly perceive how mobile app conduct has changed .

Client Are Expecting Live Interactive Elements

It’s been generally observed now that in the event that you are putting forth a static screen in your app , they will get exhausted . Presently with a specific end goal to pull in and hold the client , the screen should move . With the goal for app to get accomplishment in show world it must offer a pivoting app, tips to utilize apps , offering them slide all over element to play around the app , giving them warning which they finish playing out the errand and more .

These all can be accomplished by enlisting a mobile app development company who has amazing group of originator who can make the association as indicated by required situation .

They Look Forward To Personalisation

This is the most well-known traps taken after by any business fellow , in which they endeavor to interface with the client to pick up trust and sensitivity . This case is same if there should be an occurrence of mobile apps . Presently client expect the apps by which they are associating should offer them personalisation with a specific end goal to make the life of the client less demanding . For example , Amazon demonstrates things based on seek history on its landing page .

Client Looking For Simplified Authentication and Registration Process

A large number of the mobile apps and we benefits required earlier bona fide and joining before utilizing the app. A considerable lot of the past apps have offered a long shape with verification process which have tried the client tolerance , because of which client persistence has broken.

What’s more, in this clarify the most unbalanced development , client need to get the full access of the app and in the meantime the individual data of the app should no where gone in wrong hands – which essentially implies apps ought to be made so as to not take any individual data of the client and in the meantime appropriate measures ought to be taken for information hacks .

The most ideal arrangement that present time developers do is they offer enlistment by means of web based life or facial or voice acknowledgment which offices straightforward verification .

Client Want Data Synchronization

Client consider they esteem for time and solace . Furthermore, that is the reason they need information match up to get it available from any of the gadgets . Regardless of whether they are working from office or are at home , information ought to be match up and available from anyplace . The best illustration is Google And Apple , who have left no real way to access and store information on drive and iCloud and it very well may be effectively open from anyplace .

Client Expect Apps To Fulfill Their Desire

In introduce world , a mobile app can keep a reputation of the sort catchphrases on your keypad and can give you proposal as indicated by the ongoing talk history . In the meantime progression in innovation, for example, Apple Watch measure your opportunity to time heartbeat and physical action in different circumstances , and can likewise have the ability to anticipate when you can get up early in the day , all conceivable in view of Machine Learning ( MI) .

On account of Machine Learning ( MI) , by which mobile app has come to next level , despite the fact that it is still in developmental stage and we can expect substantially more in next future from it .

Client Want To Tap , Swipe , Drag In App

Gone are those these when catch is the best way to collaborate on mobile telephones . Presently the development of touch telephones has started which advances signals and tapping . Signals gives a true regular ordeal and along these lines fits with the manner in which we need to cooperate with the items .

Client Like Voice Control

In the simple first decade of presentation of telephone , it was important to tell phone administrator the number you need to associate with . At that point this procedure was computerized and now voice control has been presented wherein as a rule the numbers are getting perceived by giving voice orders . The capacity of mobile to work according to your voice summon has opened the new entryways of voice control .

Shutting Remarks

We have seen that client are winding up more picky and requesting . As the aftereffect of which to get the best app conveyed you should pick an app developer who can offer you the usage of the most recent innovation in the app and considers the progressions that have happened to client.

An Ideation Framework For Creative App Development Ideas

app development ideas

One of the most interesting phase in mobile app development is ideation phase , wherein you can get the whole new opportunity of exploring endless possibilities and going wild with your ideas and innovative thinking .

Ideas can come along from just another neighbour home . But when it comes to mobile app development , application development is not limited to only one side scenarios . Instead it has lots of different mythologies and brainstorming techniques that act as an helping hand to make your app unique .

Few of the techniques for creating an awesome mobile app using ideation framework are discussed below :

Organising Workshop For Ideation

The early way to explore your ideas is to organise workshop to discuss your app development ideas with app development team . Obviously there is no other better option than choosing a right mobile app development company as they have a perfect team of designers and developers who purely understand your app development idea .

Ideation workshop are always proven beneficial and creative as the whole team will get to know about your creative idea , can discuss the possibilities and separate the imaginary part which is limited to technical feasibility . Generally the outcome of the workshop is very much creative as the idea has been explored to number of developers and designers who are expert in making mobile app and can give their suggestion to make an awesome app .

It is always advisable to spend some spare time for preparing of workshop before organising a successful workshop . You must research deeply on your idea , and should speak in a way that is understandable to all . Questioning in between speaking of idea , and getting feedback at the end is always advisable .

Go For A NUF Test

NUF stands for New , Useful and Feasible .This test plays an important role is making decision of what is good or bad . The test identifies weak and stronger point which can later be developed with utmost care .

The very first thing that anyone can go is deeply collecting ideas and then asking everyone in the organisation including developers and general person to vote for the same . Getting a view point from the whole organisation will give you a positive atmosphere and at the same time you can also get an idea about how your app will be going to perform like .

Go WireFraming

Once the ideation process gets completed , you must develop an rough sketch of your app idea . As soon as you are done with rough sketch , you much go on with wireframe .

If you are thinking that wireframe is all about the look and feel of mobile app , then you are absolutely wrong . Wireframe is all about functioning of app and not looks of the app . Wireframe much be done with expert person as it plays a crucial role in solid layout .

And that’s how me work at Winklix , one of the top mobile app development company present globally around the world . We have proven track record of delivering rock awesome mobile application – the app that gets features in app stores . In case you are looking for app developers , contact us now .

How To Explain App Idea To App Development Company

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Do you have a app idea ? You have made your mind of hiring an app development company ? Then probably the next step would be finding the right team for catering your project . In order to successfully deliver the project you have have to firstly explain the project in detailed manner , and secondly establish effective communication with app developers .

It has been seen that most of the app idea gets failed because of not proper communication because of which app has to suffer after its release . Although a team of app developers might implement their own ideas and creativity but its important some details about your tongue of taste as its after all your app .

However if you don’t communicate your ideas to app development agency , then unfortunately you might not be able to get your app with proper functionality as expected , moreover you will not get your app within stipulated time , thereby increasing the cost of app development . Therefore it is essential to communicate effectively with the app development team in effective manner .

Brief Introduction About Your Company

So the very first thing you need to do is to introduce your company to app development company and tell them exactly what you want , what your company is dealing in , what are you expecting from your app , who are the targeted audience and other stuff .

The App Development Team Composition

The composition of any app development team wholly depends on the size of the project and the resources it requires to complete the project . The app development team consist of UI and UX designer , Android and iOS developer , backend developer and a tester.
Thus while discussing our project , you have to deal with professionals listed above .

Launching Of App With Minimum Viable Product

As we all know app development is not one time task , it requires a time and cumbersome process to build a successful app. So it is viable to create the app with minimum viable features in order to authenticate the idea of app into the market .
This not only saves your money ands time , but will also decide the minutes details of project needed at this junction . And if you think is it doing good , you can ask your developer to add new features later on .
Always remember , when we are talking about MVP , it must contain most important features of your app .

Explaining With The Help Of Flow Charts

In order to more effectively describe your idea , taking help of flow charts with diagrams and images is better option in which you must focus on the app functionality only . Explaining the screen by screen process to team will help you guide team for what will happen next on the click and helps them to deliver you the better application .

Asking For Quotation And Project Deadline

When it comes to budget , it is always considered as indispensable factor as most entrepreneur keep it on the top of the notch . When you contact your app development team , you will obviously be curious of knowing the app development cost , as you have to pay it out of your pockets only .
The development team obviously would enquire about the budget estimate from your . You can always get a free quotation either on emails , online video chat or even meeting with business development managers directly .
Secondly the most important factor is , you also need to account the deadline of the project and tell them clearly about your view point on deadline of the project .

Designing The Wireframe And Prototype

It is essential for any app developer to initially design the visual mockups that will be really helpful for development team to get the app idea together with idea about app design , colour , icons and more .

Establishing A Healthy Communication With Team

The app development team always enjoy working with client who values their hard work and establish long term relationship with app development company . The communication link should always be from both the sides .
the most common problem which is faced being is that the app developers sounds technically when talking while the client use simple verbal language . So finding a better way out for common term always suits better and easier .


It is always proven beneficial for your business to have a app . But hiring a app development team should be taken care with utmost priority as whole app development depends on experience professionals who can either create your app or destroy it .
So if you are looking for proficient and knowledgable professional development team , you can right away contact us .