Fantasy Cricket App Development

Fantasy Cricket App Development

The gaming sector never fails to attract a sizable user base. We cannot ignore the reality that many individuals are obsessed with fantasy sports games either. Numerous people participate in numerous fantasy sports, but cricket is particularly captivating. Football is the most popular sport in the world, with cricket coming in second. Additionally, it is extremely profitable for users to make a well-known game available online. 

More business owners are encouraged to invest due to the increased demand for cricket fantasy app development. However, the cost of creating one like this is the first thing that comes to mind when you consider working on one. The cost of developing an app can therefore be impacted by a wide range of factors. Let’s examine this blog’s complete costing guide in more detail. Continue to read. 

What are Fantasy Cricket Sports Apps?

Online games called “Fantasy Cricket” let you assemble a virtual team of genuine cricketers and earn points based on how well they perform in actual matches. The most contentious aspect of cricket strategy is the bowling and batting orders, which determine how the game will go. We are all aware that a small modification to the playing order can have an impact on how the game plays out. 

The idea is to choose the 11 active players for your team based on your preferences. There are no spending limits, and a player’s choice is not constrained to a specific number of all-rounders, bowlers, and batters. Any player type may be on the team. More points will be awarded to the user’s account if players perform better. Any type of reward is acceptable, including points, coins, stars, and others. These programs operate on a prediction premise, where you make your best guesses for the likely outcomes. These are available around the clock, which draws an increasing number of customers. 

The idea for a Fantasy Cricket App

In this software, you choose a virtual team by choosing the players from two teams that will take part in the live matches and compete against other users. The performance in the game will determine how many points your team receives. There are absolutely some game rules and restrictions that you should check for. With practice, the user will learn the rules of the game, how to pick the best players, and how to play at a high level. 

To play fantasy cricket online, follow these simple steps:

  • Installing the app after downloading it from the app store on your smartphone or iPhone is the first step. 
  • The next step is to sign up for the platform with your phone number, Google or Facebook account, or both. 
  • You must now choose the matches from the list and begin putting your team together. 
  • Select your captain and vice-captain next. The vice-captain provides you 1.5x the points when performing at par with other players, while the captain might give you 2x the points. 
  • You can either play practice games in this final or enter a cash competition by paying an admission fee.

Why is a mobile app for Cricket Fantasy so popular?

As a result of the pandemic, when everyone was unable to go outside and play, the popularity of online games grew. One of the most popular at the time was the fantasy cricket games. Online gaming clubs were frequently formed by people with their buddies. 

It has become one of the crucial venues for local artists to gain exposure. Additionally, they have the opportunity to develop their skills by competing against some of the top cricket players in the world. It also necessitates a fair deal of information. It is one of the most interesting and can be used from anywhere, increasing the users’ knowledge. To create a team in the fantasy app, one must study players and their play to get more points. 

Fantasy Sports Market Share

  • By 2023, online gaming in India is predicted to generate RS 11,900 crore, according to a recent analysis from KPMG and IFSG. 
  • The majority (85%) of Indian fantasy sports players were registered for cricket in 2023.
  • The value of the fantasy sports app’s expected market in 2023 is $28.96 billion. 

Recognising Cricket Fantasy Apps’ Monetization Features

Fantasy cricket apps can make money in a variety of ways. Following is a list of a few of them:-

Entrance fees 

Nearly all online platforms use this as one of their primary tactics. To take part in leagues or competitions, users must pay an entry fee. These payments include a contribution to the prize pool. A few cents to hundreds of dollars can be charged as entry fees, depending on the platform the user chooses, the prize pool, and the number of competitors. When the cricket season is at its height, this tactic is generally profitable and can bring in a sizable sum of money. 

Premium Options 

Offering premium features for use is one of the other ways that the fantasy cricket software is being made profitable. By looking at a player’s ranking and other characteristics, the user can get an advanced analytics option or a pre-made squad in cricket. Therefore, a strategy is employed to increase revenue as well as create a better customer experience. 

Brand Collaboration

Apps that play fantasy cricket can make money with the help of sponsorships from companies trying to attract a certain audience. For instance, we could suggest that a brand of cricket may sponsor a team or competition and award rewards to the victors. This can also be utilized in premium fantasy apps, but it is more frequently employed in free-to-play ones. 

Markets affiliates 

Through the promotion of third-party services or goods, your fantasy sports software can make a respectable amount of revenue. This allows you to advertise the platform, tools, and goods while getting paid a commission on every purchase or referral. 

Ads within apps 

The majority of free-to-play fantasy game applications use this tactic, which is also very popular. For revenue generation, the app can show banner advertisements, interstitial ads, and native ads. To minimize unwarranted user annoyance, one must first make sure that the user experience and the ad placements are balanced before implementing this. 

Important Factors Affecting Cricket Fantasy Mobile App Development Cost

Designing UI/UX 

It takes a lot of work and money to build the user interface and add premium designs to the app. One of the elements that consumes practically all of the dollars in the overall budget is design. However, it is a helpful feature for great aesthetics and an intuitive user interface so consumers can get used to your application without any problem. 

Cross-Platform Integration

Compatibility is one of the most crucial elements that affects the development cost of any software, including the fantasy cricket app. The development cost instantly rises if you decide to include cross-platform capability in the fantasy platform. Cross-platform support has several benefits, too, as more people from other platforms may easily utilize the software. It is recommended to design the fantasy cricket software with cross-platform support to reach the largest possible audience. The cost of developing an iOS app is far more than that of developing a fantasy cricket app. 

Characteristics’ Complexity

Additionally, as features are internal components of all apps, they might change depending on the needs, which has an impact on the price of the app’s development. The price of a structure will rise as more amenities are added. To improve the app’s functionality, it must, however, have the feature. The features also drive traffic to the platform in addition to this. Don’t overcrowd the app; doing so will ultimately drive up the cost of developing fantasy cricket apps. Only add the essential functions.

Address of the Team

The location of the development team is one of the key factors that affect the price of developing a fantasy cricket app. There are various fees in different places. As an illustration, Indian developers are less expensive than American developers. Here, you may obtain an approximate sense of how much various locations will cost developers. 

  • $30 to $50 per hour in India
  • £100-150 per hour in the UK 
  • Australia; hourly rate: $70-120
  • $150-$250 per hour in the USA 

Stack of Technology 

Another crucial component of the Fantasy Cricket app development services is the tech stack. Multiple technologies are employed to finish the development process. Nevertheless, developing new technologies can alter the cost by raising it. Therefore, it is best to confirm every single element and the technologies that your team will employ for the project. 

Knowledge about the Team 

Another significant element that affects the cost of developing the Fantasy Cricket app is the experience of the development team. Startups are less expensive than established businesses, which charge significantly more. Decide on a team based on the specifications of your project. 

How Much Will It Cost to Build a Basic Cricket Fantasy Mobile App?

The Costs and Phases of Developing a Cricket Fantasy App

Analysis and Planning

In this preliminary stage, extensive market, target audience, and competitor research is required. It also entails specifying the app’s functionalities, features, and commercial objectives. Making a thorough project roadmap, establishing deadlines, and calculating the budget are all included in planning.

Costs: In this phase, costs are generally related to conducting market research, engaging consultants or business analysts, and managing the project. Depending on the project’s intricacy, the budget for this phase might vary greatly, although it normally falls between $5,000 and $15,000 or more.

Design Stage

The visual and user interface (UI) components of the program are created during the design stage. It involves wireframing, prototyping, UI/UX design, and producing design elements like icons, images, and animations.

expenses: Depending on the intricacy of the app’s design, the number of screens, and the degree of customization, design expenses can vary. The typical cost of a design is between $10,000 and $30,000.

Developing Stage

The actual coding and development of the app happen during this crucial phase. It includes putting features into place, integrating databases, building up server architecture, and making sure of iOS and Android compatibility.

expenses: Depending on the size of the development team, the complexity of the features, and the amount of time needed, development expenses might be significant. An approximate range for development costs is $50,000 to $200,000 or more.

Testing Period

The app is tested during the development phase in order to find and repair errors, guarantee functionality, and improve performance. Unit testing, integration testing, user testing, and security testing are some examples of this.

Costs: Testing fees are essential for assuring the caliber of an app. The price varies according to the length and complexity of the testing. Typically, it falls between $10,000 and $30,000 or more.

Configuration and Upkeep:

The app is published in app stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store after a successful test phase. To address any new concerns, offer updates, and include new features, post-launch maintenance is crucial.

Costs: Compared to other phases, deployment costs are rather small and often involve charges for app store listings (such as Apple’s yearly developer fee). The cost of maintenance varies according to the complexity of the software and how frequently updates are made, but it can be anywhere from $10,000 and $50,000 or more annually.

Features That Must Be Included in Any Cricket Fantasy Mobile App

The Fantasy Cricket app’s functionality can be split into two categories.

  • UserPanel 
  • Admin Panel

User Panel Features

  • Orienting new users 

When using the app for the first time, a user must register and log in using an email address, phone number, password, referral code, and username

  • Safe and Secure Payment Gateways 

Users of the Fantasy applications can conduct online transactions with the assistance of payment gateways. Debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, and other options can all be connected to the Fantasy Cricket program. 

  • Reference Bonus

Users can return frequently because of this feature, and it attracts lots of new ones as well. Additionally, when a new person they invited through their invite link joins, the users receive additional rewards. 

  • Chat live 

The user can connect and communicate with other players while playing the games thanks to the live chat capabilities. This enhances user experience and offers a more engaging and dynamic game environment.

  • Player and Team Information 

When drafting a team for the competition, the user can use this tool to gain access to player and team information. increasing the likelihood of selecting teams that will win games and making wise selections.

  • Support for Cryptocurrencies 

The developers of the fantasy cricket game have recently added crypto support due to the development of technology in this period. With the aid of this function, the games are able to offer extra bonuses for cryptographic transactions. 

Admin Panel Features

Log in as the administrator 

The admin can access this functionality to log in to the app by just entering a username and password. 

Managerial Dashboard

The overall number of matches, forthcoming matches, LIVE matches, total participants, and the app’s total revenue are all shown here. 

User Administration

The administrator is in charge of managing, amending, deleting, activating, and deactivating user accounts. Additionally, the admin has the power to ban users in the event of any shady behavior. 

Game Control

The admin may effectively manage and alter the game settings for the Fantasy Cricket program, including the visuals, language, and UI, with the use of this feature. 

Match Control 

It enables the administrator to control the competition and games. The administrator has control over a tournament’s entrance costs, participant count, and a number of other variables. 

Management of Revenue

Admin is able to monitor and examine the entire revenues and revenue from several matches by applying various filters. 

Managing Bonus Points for Rewards and Cash 

Any payments made using the app can either be accepted or rejected by the admin. 

What are the advantages of AI for the iOS and Android apps for Cricket Fantasy?

Artificial intelligence (AI) may provide cricket fantasy iOS and Android apps with a number of advantages, improving the user experience and raising the app’s overall worth. 

Forecasting player performance

The AI may examine past player statistics, team dynamics, and field circumstances to forecast a player’s performance. Users can choose players wisely for their fantasy teams, boosting their chances of winning competitions.

Recommendation Tools

A user’s past preferences and the circumstances of the present match can be used by AI-driven recommendation engines to advise players and captain/vice-captain selections. The facilitation of team selection and strategy for both new and seasoned users increases user engagement.

Alerts and Real-time Updates

Real-time updates on match, league, and tournament information are possible with the use of artificial intelligence. Additionally, users get customized alerts and notifications that keep them updated and involved with the game.

Detecting fraud

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are able to spot and stop fraudulent practices such as using numerous accounts, user collusion, or unfair contest rules.

This promotes the app’s integrity and guarantees a fair gaming experience.

Message bots and customer service

AI-powered chatbots can respond immediately to consumer inquiries and are available around the clock. Without the assistance of a human, users may solve problems, get support, and find common answers, which lowers support expenses.

Popular mobile apps for fantasy cricket


Like DraftKings, Howzat is a platform for fantasy sports that offers a variety of fantasy sports competitions. It could have distinctive features and promotions, so it’s crucial for customers to investigate and contrast the options to choose the one that best meets their tastes.


Cricket fans frequently choose My11Circle because of its renowned fantasy cricket competitions. Even though it might not provide as many sports as DraftKings, it exclusively targets cricket lovers and provides contests with a cricket theme.


Dream11 is one of the most popular fantasy sports websites in India and offers competitions for sports including basketball, football, and cricket. It is especially well-liked during important cricket leagues and tournaments.


Another website that emphasizes fantasy cricket competitions is BalleBaazi. It caters to cricket lovers and provides a variety of competitions relating to cricket, such as My11Circle.

Fantasy Sports on ESPN 

Football, basketball, baseball, and other sports are all included in ESPN’s fantasy sports platform. It is connected to the renowned sports media company ESPN.

Steps to Reduce Development Costs

It’s essential to keep development costs for fantasy cricket applications to a minimum to ensure a profitable and long-lasting business. The following actions can be taken to accomplish this:

The use of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) strategy

Start with a stripped-down, basic version of your fantasy cricket app that simply has the necessities. Concentrate on key features including team creation, contest participation, and point accrual. To obtain user feedback and gauge the market’s reaction, you can launch the MVP.

By omitting superfluous functionality, this strategy reduces development time and costs.

Utilising ready-made solutions

To speed up development, make use of pre-built modules, libraries, or frameworks. For gaining access to cricket data and player statistics, you ought to think about using third-party APIs. Utilise open-source tools whenever possible to cut back on development work. Both development time and costs can be considerably decreased with this strategy.

Project Management That Is Effective

Utilise quick project management techniques to divide the development process into manageable jobs with clear deadlines and objectives. Maintain a close eye on the project’s development and evaluation in order to spot problems early and fix them. Effective project management can help avoid expensive delays and scope creep.

Select the top sports application development company.

Choose a trustworthy sports app development business with knowledge of fantasy sports after doing some research. Verify from their portfolio that they have experience working successfully on projects similar to yours. Get several results, and compare prices, but don’t skimp on quality.

To keep lines of communication open and prevent miscommunication, work closely with the development team you’ve picked.

Improve app usability and design

To minimize development challenges, keep the app’s interface straightforward and user-friendly.

To find problems early in the development process and fix them, conduct usability testing.

Make sure the app is user-friendly and functions properly on a variety of hardware and screen sizes.

The need for expensive marketing campaigns can be decreased by a well-designed app’s increased user engagement and retention.

Updates and continuous optimization

Update the program frequently to resolve issues, boost functionality, and improve user experience.

To decide which updates and new features to prioritize, get customer input. You may cut down on ongoing maintenance costs and maintain user interest by continually improving the app.


Based on elements like complexity, design, and ongoing maintenance, the cost of establishing a fantasy cricket app might vary greatly. It encompasses a number of stages, beginning with research and planning, and then moving through design, development, testing, deployment, and continuous maintenance. It’s important to understand that these figures are approximations and that actual costs depend on the demands of the project in question and the state of the market. However, depending on the client’s needs, the approximate cost of development can range from $15,000 to more. 


How Much It Cost To Develop An App Beyond Developmental Cost

app development cost

You must have read series of conversation from us regarding how much does it really cost to develop an app  which tells you the developmental cost on the basis of scope , platform , type of mobile app development company and other factors which are directly associated with development .

Now we have talked about the developmental cost of the app , its important to consider other important factors that will necessarily incur throughout the process of your journey .

Developing an app for offering to user is just the small part of investment . The real cost of the company will get incurred in finding the users for the app , maintenance and regular update of app and more .

Cost Factor To Consider Beyond Mobile App Development

Marketing Of App

When your app is not getting good download and customers then it means you are lacking somewhere in your marketing strategy . Sometimes product also fails due to low visibility in the market .

Defining marketing strategy is important part for any business type to drive user acquisition and mobile app growth . Gone are those days when there were only few of the apps are available on the app store . Now respective app stores have been flooded with various types of app in each industry .

So always keep in mind while launching the app you are stepping in into highly competitive market and you have to plan your product and services in such a way that your app will be up from other things . The one stop solution for this is marketing your app to get its success .

Running an awareness campaign before pre launch of app should also be the part of your marketing strategy . Marketing is always an ongoing process and it should strategise in mind even before the developmental process of app starts . Usually launching the sign up page during pre launching of app , promoting app by video teaser , paid advertising , blogging , website and landing pages will add on value even before launching your app , thereby ganging you more customers .

The budget of marketing your app totally depends on the type of market you are willing to enter in and who actually are your target audience .

Cross Departmental Involvement 

Usually a set of UI/UX designer , developer , backend developer , QA , tester is required to build any successful app . And strong involvement of each of the team is required to deliver any successful app in order to technically diversified .

Together with planning for heavenly marketing your app and fulfils your business goals , you will also need to account for internal efforts involved with supporting and sustaining the app .

Combination of IT and engineering plays a key role in development , integration and other services which you may be looking to accomplish through mobile app . Even if you have hire mobile app development company , your open people must have to involve with them by way of strong communication for successfully building the app .

Maintenance , Upgrade & Continuous Delivery 


Your developer real job starts after initial launch of mobile app , as after launch is just the beginning . Always try to keep in mind the future cost which will be incurred in maintaining the app and fix bugs and to roll out any version upgrade . The point here is you must have a long term vision in case you want to exist in long term and make your app a success .

It is usually seen that initially after the launch of app , it takes around 6 months to get it established and leave mark of long lasting relationship with customers . Continuous and regular upgradation according to dynamically changing environment is what user finds it interesting . In the technology driven world , you can’t retain user for long on the concept of ” set it and forget it “mentality .

Mobile app development cost will incurred as upfront cost , but will occur over time . Hiring a good mobile app development agency helps you to provide a viable framework that gives you flexibility to sustain and improve over time together with defining a overall mobile strategy .


Consider mobile app development an an investment , which will increase your revenue in long term if done correctly , and a right mobile app development partner having expertise knowledge will get you to meet your expected needs of your business organisation .

Mobile App Prototyping Techniques

app prototype

Mobile app prototyping is one of the fundamental assignment to be finished at the specific first stage to give the diagram of the app to architect and in addition engineer . At Winklix , we take after dexterous approach to mobile app development , and subsequently we take after early approach for prototyping . This article is composed exclusively to highlight the advantages of prototyping at beginning times of item app advancement , so the end client of the app gets the best involvement of the item so far .

Two Stages Of Mobile App Prototyping

The procedure of prototyping beginning after finish of the underlying outline process and wireframing . Configuration is to exhibit face to face what the app will look like showing all the vital highlights that should be organize which by utilizing their planning abilities . At this stage the mobile app UI and UX likewise begins to shape , following mobile app wireframes . Building an interactive prototype resembles flight Onboarding for our fashioner wherein one will become more acquainted with the look and feel of the app looks .

The last advance before we take of for formative procedure to begin on , prototype are must to check collaboration we are building are right and is upto the stamp for the issue we are endeavoring to unravel with app improvement .

In a long procedure of app influencing , we to take after the way toward drawing on an unpleasant portray , wireframing , prototype , advancement and afterward at last outline . Along these lines it is important to invest as much energy as vital for making such association and it is likewise truth that it may change numerous occasions yet don’t lament to do that as everybody gains from errors and mix-ups enhance makes a marvelous app .

Points of interest Of Early Mobile App Prototyping

The appropriate response is straightforward , when we get the prototype , early we will have the capacity to get the client input for the same. The advantages to us in number of route for our irritative approach to app plan and improvement . Our group adores to hear remarks and convey the best as indicated by the ongoing business sector patterns .

Everybody has their own essence of outline , and its essential to know the idea of each individual together with including the flavors with our own particular gourmet specialists . In any case prototype , we can begin client testing instantly – along these lines giving outline of how the item fits in the market .

Client criticism assumes an essential part in any of the procedure and spares heaps of time and cash as by this we will dependably have the capacity to convey what client is precisely searching for . This additionally causes us finding of slip-ups at beginning periods and subsequently correcting it before the advancement procedure begins .

Prototype likewise lessens the correspondence hole amongst outlining and advancement group .

Removing The Most From Mobile App Prototyping

In display time snappy , single cooperations is the way to achievement of any sort of app . It is important to begin with prototyping promptly after finish of UX examine. At Winklix , we prescribe our clients to hinder your chance with creator and engineers both in same space to get the best review of the conceivable outcomes to get the things in good shape . By this procedure we are constantly happy to spare our huge amounts of times which would have been squandered on the off chance that we had not taken after this procedure .

The best result of wireframe can be gotten by following a lo-fi approach of making a wireframe and keeping away from a hello there fi approach . Winklix makes wireframes in dark scale keeping in mind the end goal to simply center around format and client travel , as essential structure , feel and excursion is the primary which should be centered around.

Why Prototype Matters To Winklix

Each group of our devoted engineer dependably centers around making an app that client will love and which gets included on app stores. Furthermore, for that we endeavor to center around client fulfillment . Amid the wireframing procedure of item , we get clear bit of each movement to be performed . From the beginning times of the procedure , its vital to test every component so as to get the best result . The prior you do the same , the more easy to use app it will be .