What Does Python Used For ?

What Does Python Used For ?

Python Programming Language 

Python is high level programming language used for general purpose which aids coders in completion of some essential tasks . It offers coders a sense of code reliability . This language also offers object oriented programming constructs thereby allowing programmers to write clear and logical codes for both small and large scale products .
Python has ability to support many programming paradigms which is not limited to procedural , object oriented and functional programming task . Python also has access to large set of libraries and standard tools for software development and is thereby known as maintained language .

What Is Python Used For ?

Python offers both object oriented and structured programming . This language offers developers to develop website as well as make use of data science and script programming . Python is now a days most emerging languages to be used for programming . Some of the examples of usage of Python are:

Custom Python GUI

Python uses Django or Flask frameworks to develop websites . This web based frameworks facilitates developers to develop backend code in Python . Also Tkinter ( TK ) packages comes with this languages which is being used to develop GUI ( Graphical User Interface ) .
GUI act as an indicator to navigate within device and access software . For instance say Facebook use “f” icon to access its social media apps in mobile phones . Python facilitates custom GUI application development using some common framework suck as Tk , wxPython or PyForms .

Data Model In Python

Python programming is also being used for database models and technologies development . Machine learning implements output algorithms which helps detection of input data patterns of queries . For instance say , you have provide 10 pictures of cat and 100 pictures of mobile , machine learning algorithms will help detection of different object and can produce either image on demand. 
Python programming language can also be developed in a way to provide SQL and Tableau like charts and graphs . Integration of business intelligence software enables company to determine trends and pattern for future predictive reports and data visualisation .

Python Game Development 

In game development , python is being used to scripts small codes that helps automation of task . Python’s framework provides gaming development for Windows , Mac , Linux , iOS and Android platforms . This language is mostly being used for making video games that can be played in both PC as well as mobile devices .
Creation of video games using this language is very easy process and this language at the same time is very easy to learn . It facilitates 3D graphics , add-on game functionality and also scripts various parts of games .

Regression In Python 

One of the most common usage of Python is modelling for regression testing and analytics . Python is used in machine learning to produce variable data sets for the output of some results . This is only achievable through linear regression or multi linear regression . Regression usage helps making decision making in investment .
Regression helps in forecasting of profitability for business . It also helps in forecasting of sales and custom insights on the basis of past scenarios .

Python Programming Modifications And Integration Service  

One of the best way to choose python programming developer is to choose development services from software development companies . Winklix offers scalable IT services for project development and maintenance . All resources and solutions can be made viable by skilled professionals with Python coding .

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)


The term SDLC is used by software development companies to define the whole development process of software . It contains sets of process to ensure design , development and testing of software is carried on smoothly with the estimated time period and costing .

Custom software development starts with an idea , which later on gets documented to initiate the development process . After documentation development team starts working on it and follows series of steps . The complete sequence of steps that lead to delivery of finished software is known as Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) . For successful delivery of any software , SDLC framework needs to be followed . It given series of benefits in software development such as :

  • It is known to be best method for project planning , scheduling and estimation 
  • It helps in tracking of project progress 
  • It increases development speed 
  • It helps in project management 
  • It decreases project risk and project management 

We may define SDLC into following stages :

  • Requirement collection and analysis 
  • Feasibility Study 
  • Design 
  • Coding 
  • Testing 
  • Installation / Deployment 
  • Maintenance 

All the above stages are generally mentioned in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) by software development company before starting of with the project . The finished project quality depends on how well the steps of SDLC has been followed during development of software solution . However the fact is process of software development is never ending cycle .
However you are considering SDLC as technical document then it is not , rather is it document that makes it easier to evaluate software development process . 

Popular SDLC Models

SDLC contains series of models which is being used in software delivery process . Popular SDLC models are :

  • Waterfall 
  • Incremental Approach 
  • V-model 
  • Agile Model 
  • Spiral Model 
  • Prototype Model 
  • Big Band Model 

Among the above listed model Waterfall and Agile  are known to be best SDLC model . At Winklix we follow Agile mythology which also includes customer portal .

What is BlueSprints Agile Model ?

The best part about bluesprints is it works on both fixed price / fixed requirement as well as wherein more creative software development is required .
At initial stages it helps defining project start up document which helps defining project roles and preferred methods of communication and set up deep understanding as per project requirement that will further help in supporting of your project . At later stage it notarise requirement catalogue though series of discussion process before signing off the software requirement sheet (SRS) . 
Once documented , customer will go through it and will sign of the SRS taking customer into full confidence thereby meeting their business needs .
Once we are done with documentation , we start of with development sprints which is usually divided  between 5 and 15 days in length . The development is carried on as per the documentation with our project manager keeping close eye the quality of code and also takes control so that it finishes once or ahead of time .
As the project has been divided into stages defined in milestone , the project tracking can be tracked from completion of milestone and then sharing the portal with client so that they get time to time updates of the state of progress .
Clients at Winklix has also been facilitated with customer portal so that they can track on real time the progress of current sprints .

How Customer Portal Works ?

Customer portal is designed in a way that it ensures that software delivery is traceable by customers during regular intervals of software development process and at the same time ensuring highest quality .
Winklix also has embedded feedback tool which allows customers to drop pins into areas of page of development wherein they want to add feedback or pinpoint an issue . Customers can also create service request tickets in project tracking system .
Customers takes ownership of software by customer portal and feedback tool and also by putting them in control of progress . Working in this way , Winklix customers gets ensure about our close partnership with clients . 
If you are considering software for your business , then lets start of with software project for your business with Winklix .

Why Web Application Is Required For Your Business Growth

Why Web Application Is Required For Your Business Growth

Web application is on high demand since last few years , especially after increase of internet which leads to better data and speed connectivity . In present scenario , Internet based connectivity is core for all business needs . Lets look at how web application can do wonders in present world . 

Higher Efficiency 

Web applications helps reduces human efforts by way of using the technology . For instance , for stock maintenance earlier you have to maintain a large set of excel sheets which needs to be updated regularly . Apart from this , a lot of paperwork is required to be maintained separately .
But thanks to web applications which has provided a way forward to overcome with these issues by providing stock maintenance at centralised locations thereby saving amount of time and efforts . Inserting data in application is bit easier by just simply scanning barcode and thereby automatic inserting of data in one place . The best part is it eliminates human error which thereby prevents chances of erroneous losses .

Cyber Security

Cyber security is one of the biggest threat in web application field , specially in the industry such as financial institutions and software intensive companies . Hackers has become used to for hacking traditional method of desktop application .
With the use of web application is become easier to secure data as all data is stored in the server . Even if it is hacked , it can be easily recoverable with a image backup copy .

Scalability Reduce Cost

Earlier the software needs to be installed on a computer locally on each computer . For installing the software on each system a SaaS provider involvement is necessary which in turn increase the cost of set up on each device which limits the scalability .
A big thanks to web applications , which are easy to be accessed by URL and does not invoice any set up cost as they are readily available on the internet . This allows organisation to increase number of devices using software in fraction of time consumed for convectional solutions .

Always Accessible And Customer Interaction 

The best thing that has done in internet revolution is it has opened the doors for organisation to approach customers from all over the world . As web applications are easily accessible over the internet it does not restrict time zones and customers can easily access it anytime and anywhere they want . By this way it has made possible to engage in customer interaction outside office boundaries and timings as well .