How Much Does It Cost To Maintain Mobile App ?

Are you having some chill time after mobile app development ? If it is so , then you might be doing mistake . The task to run your mobile app is yet not completed .

In order for a mobile app to succeed and leave long term impression in users mind on long term approach , you will have to continuously upgrade your mobile app . Technology is continuously changing and at the same time security is becoming top most concern in mobile apps . Hence to overcome with this issue , your mobile app needs to be regular updated as per latest updates .

Once the app has got live on their respective stores , everything later on that is added to existing mobile app is considered as app maintenance . This process keeps on happening as long as you want to exist in app stores .

But wait , you are looking for answer of what does it cost to maintain an app ? Does this question thrills you for out of pocket expenses even after your app gets published ?

Let us answer to your question one by one is this article below , in a way that you can get to know how to figure out why we need to invest in it and how you can save your money in maintenance of apps .

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Reasons For Maintenance Of Mobile App ? 

After putting your 100 % efforts on launching your mobile app on play and app stores , does your part of role comes to end ? If you are one among those who is thinking that as the app gets live , user will surely download it and you will earn profit then its absolutely wrong .
Rather in our terms launching of mobile app is just like end of one chapter . The real fight begins when user actually start using it . Now the question here arrises how can you actually finds what to do  and what steps you should avoid ? 
The best way to overcome with this situation is to look at the losers in marketplace and try to learn from their mistakes . There may be numerous of reasons for their failure , but always try to find how you can find a way out for the problem . App maintenance is best way to solve most of the problems as you can try hit and trial methods to overcome with every other issue which may arise from time to time. 

Benefits Of App Maintenance 

Minimise Uninstalls 

If the user does not get regular engaging updates , this it has been seen that they will likely uninstall it pithing first three months .
If the app has bug which has not been shorted in latest update or the app stops providing value after a while , then user will not find a reason to keep your app in their mobile app and hence they will uninstall it .
Providing customers with engaging updates that keep their interest on in the app and at the same time facilitating them with smooth and bug free app can minimise uninstalls and at the same time with also increase customer retention .

Maintain Positive Brand Image 

If you are not regularly updating and maintaining  your app , it means you are putting your brand image at risk .
Unhappy customer will ruin your brand image by posting negative reviews on social media platform and app stores which moves potential users ways .

Keep Up With Competition 

There are millions of apps that keep on uploading in app stores with feature more than or similar to your app . In order to get your app ahead in competition , you should regularly provide the updates with enriched features on regular intervals .
This not only help in your app maintenance , but at the same time customer will not look out for better option as they are already getting all things in your app .

Delivering Better User Experience

Always try to deliver an app that user will love to use in a way that it becomes essential part of their daily life .

All you have to do is maintain long term healthy relationship with your user in order to get your app success and growth . The best way is to monitor your app regularly is by getting insights from customers about  their feeling about app and updating the app as per their demand .

Continuous updating of app as per customer demand and reviews will help you provide better user experience .

What Does Mobile App Maintenance Consist Of ?

1. Publish New Content 

Publishing of new content in app on regular intervals like app images , app content , app banners , news , videos and more . While some changes like images , content can be done right from admin panel provided by your mobile app developer , some technical changes to the homepage of your mobile app , you need to contact your app maintenance team .

2. Bug Fixation 

Have you tested your app and pretty sure that no bugs will arise after publishing ? No app can be perfect in one go . There might always be some functionality that do not work out on few devices .
It is quite common to get complaints about bugs after publishing your mobile app . Technicals bugs are the one that only a mobile app development team can solve them .
Professionals fix technical bugs to improve overall functionalities and then re-test on different platforms. 

3. Push Notifications 

Sending of push notification right from admin panel is easy task . But when you need sending push notification with advance functionalities  , you will be actually needing help og your app maintenance team to upgrade them .

4. Latest Technology Upgrade 

When it comes to technology upgrade , it actually not wholly part of app maintenance . But just you not puzzle up , technology upgrade consist of :

  • Simply upgrading your app to enhance your UI/UX performance and many more
  • Implementing new technologies and tools like AI , ML , VR , AR and many more 
  • Removal of outdated technologies and tools from mobile app 

5. Data Backup 

Data plays an important part in maintaining the livelihood of mobile app and hence it is considered as  unavoidable task in app maintenance . If you are doing your app maintenance , then its the duty of your app maintenance team to take regular backups in short time intervals to avoid any data loss at any point of time .
The main reason of backup of data is in case of cyber attack or failure of server , your team can help you to restore to latest version of mobile app within short span of time .

Cost Of App Maintenance 

As of now , we have discussed things which are included in app maintenance . Now the question arises of what is the cost involved in maintenance of app .
In general as per market trend , app maintenance cost may range between 15% – 25% of the total cost of mobile app development .


As of now you get clear idea about app maintenance cost , what all it involves and how important it is to keep your app live and improving . If it is not taken with care , people will get bored with your app and will not love to come back to your app . If you are app owner and looking for some great team to maintain your app , then feel free to reach us out who have proven records in app maintenance . 

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