Three reasons Mac OS is better than Windows for developing software

Three reasons Mac OS is better than Windows for developing software

We guess macOS is better at developing software than Windows. I have stated that and I stand by that statement. As a former Windows user, I’m going to give you three reasons that macOS is better than Windows. Before you remove the pitchforks, let me explain my logic to make this bold statement. 

1. Unix- grounded OS 

One of the best things about macOS is that it is a Unix-based OS. Unix is an operating system designed to be used by programmers. As a result, one of the greatest benefits of this OS is its integrated terminal. This terminal can handle almost any command-line job that you throw at it from the box. 

Built from hundreds of specialized utilities, the terminal offers programmers a complete toolbox, enabling them to execute commands, run programs and take full control of the operating system. By comparison, the Windows command prompt has a very limited feature. Many popular Unix commands are missing. 

cat, touch, grep, and a lot more. This limits the operation system of the control programmers. 

To get the same functionality as the macOS terminal on Windows comes with its challenges, and often users end up installing a terminal such as Unix. It adds a lot of redundant setups which are often not intuitive for the user. Being adapted to access all those tools with the macOS terminal out of the box makes the use of macOS an excellent option for developers. 

Some may argue that PowerShell on Windows may be close to being competitive with the macOS terminal. In some cases, it may, but in comparison with Unix, the PowerShell syntax has a very steep learning curve. Unix is also used all along an important technical structure used today. This makes it a more advantageous syntax to learn and use for developers. 

2. Gestures 

Two of the biggest benefits of macOS quality of life are its gestures and shortens. Combining macOS software and hardware from Apple devices generates a killer user experience. The result is very smooth and intuitive movements and shortcuts. The features are not only pleasant for the average user but software developers too. Here are a few of the things macOS does. 

Swipe through the full-screen applications. 

It is an available alternative to the norm. 

alt-tab or tab 

how to switch from one page to another. This enables the user to move from one screen to the other by sliding left/right with three or four fingers without having to use the keyboard. Whether you’re switching from one code to another or from a stack overflow screen, this makes it easy to navigate your desktop. 

Mission Control 

By sliding with three/ four fingers on the trackpad, you can see each open program on your desk. This enables you to detect any program or window in an accessible space without the need to click on it. This is especially helpful if a program you use gets lost behind a ton of other programs and gives you direct access to them. 

App Expose 

By swiping three/four fingers down on the trackpad, you can see each instance of the current program you are using. For illustration, if you have many terminals open, opening the app exposure lets you see every terminal open. You can also select the one you need from the source rather than having to open each to check. 

These are three of the many gestures available for mac OS. Windows has no such actions. When Windows does not allow movement, it is not as smooth and intuitive as the macOS experience. These gestures are helpful for programmers as they always have many open programs. From IDEs to terminals to websites, mac Os gestures make it easy to interact with these programs and pages. 

3. Cross-platform development 

The final one is that macOS allows more development of accessible cross-platform. macOS is one of the most flexible operating systems in software development. Whether you’re building Android, iOS, web, or desktop apps, macOS has the tools to do everything. 

The biggest benefit of macOS is the possibility to develop native iOS apps and many more through Xcode. With Xcode, you can run, create, and test iOS apps right from your computer. Compared to Windows, if you want to build an iOS app, you must install a virtual machine to launch macOS. This is not only less efficient but not as perfect as the developer process on macOS. For those looking to develop apps in the Apple ecosystem, macOS is an elegant option. 

macOS also has a variety of tools that work and switch from the Windows operating system to macOS. Not only does this help developers develop Windows applications, but it also runs the Windows OS on the hardware of an Apple device. This is the best option in comparison with running a macOS virtual machine on Windows hardware. Access to both operational systems offers the ability to develop any software on almost any platform.

Let’s chat. 

Combining the Unix-based OS with the gestures and multiplatform capabilities of macOS is what has conquered my heart from Windows to Mac. Out of the box, macOS delivers the most different set of tools for any developer to begin developing software. The hardware coupled with the software of macOS makes the experience unmatched to another system. 

How To Reserve Your App Name

The process involved in reserving an app name

“Is it possible for me to reserve an app name so that nobody can use the same?” This is a common question that crops up in people’s minds when they decide to develop an app. This is worth thinking about. Actually, you don’t want to create something that is already there and that can be very annoying for you. So the question is how to prevent such a situation?

Essential things to do to avoid embarrassment later on

First and foremost go to the App Store to ensure none has a similar name. Also with Apple you can book the name for yourself to dissuade others from using it. For this you have to:

  • Login to your account.
  • Visit My Apps at the top right corner
  • Add new app
  • Provide full details about the new app. 

Caution: You require an app bundle to finish it.

  • Click on “Create” and your app name is now booked.

As for Android everything is convenient! You cannot reserve a name however it is possible to have apps with similar names. So you don’t have to book the name. It is up to you to decide whether you need the name of another app.

Apart from booking a slot in the app store you should examine and reserve:

  1. Domain name for the app
  2. Name regarding Facebook page
  3. Name of Twitter page
  4. Name of the rest of social media page

In case if you name your app as “Max Pirate” then your:

  1. Domain would be “”
  2. Facebook page:
  3. Twitter page:
  4. Other social media pages like Instagram will also have similar logic:

Why Mobile Apps Are Better Option Than Mobile Websites ?

Why Mobile Apps Are Better Option Than Mobile Websites ? `

We all are currently living in world wherein mobile apps has become one of the important part of our daily life . They have become important in our life in a way that we can’t even imagine our life without smartphone . Right from early morning till the day it ends we keep on using mobile phones to fulfil different purposes .

Gone are days when desktop users are more than mobile users.  Now a days count of mobile users are greater than desktop users . Due to this statics business worldwide has realised the important of mobile app to attract mass customers . As a result business has already started working on mobile website as well as mobile apps to attract more number of customers and increase their sales and revenue .

But as we all know choosing both the solutions will cost more and as a result small business can afford to choose only one between mobile app and mobile website . Hence the selection process between the two platform by business depends on variety of factors like cost , features  , usability and audience .

In fact few studies  has also written that customers prefer to use mobile app rather than mobile websites as mobile apps are best to engage users as well as quickly reaching out large number of audience . In this blog we have specified the reason why to choose mobile app and not mobile website . Lets look at them one by one below .

Basic Difference Between Mobile App & Mobile Website 

Mobile website and mobile apps are both accessible by smartphone . But mobile website are web pages in HTML which has be access in browser based software . They are often termed as mobile responsive website which are tailored to various screen size and formats . This website has ability to display videos , pictures , info as well as click to call functions , mapping features and more .
On the other hand mobile apps has display the content by downloading in the app over internet or can also showcase downloaded material without the internet . Mobile app gives better user experience , and hence can also aids you in getting engaged with large number of customers with your business. 

How Mobile Apps Are Better ? 


Mobile apps are intended to give personalised experience to users on the basis of their search history , preference , location , behaviour etc .Users can quickly explore the business services by use of mobile app . Once you download the app for very firs time , it facilitates users to set up setting and configuration as per their specification . Apps also has ability to engage users and provide feedback and alerts . Apps which collects users location also facilitates discounts and offers on the basis of their locations .

Brand Experience Enhancement 

If your website is not able to provide customers with adequate value , then you can easily achieve it with mobile app . Customers get attracted with better UI/UX in mobile app and hence business can use mobile app as a device to test for their branding and design tactics . A app physically present in customer smartphone makes it easier for customers to tailor image according to their personalised taste .

Leveraging Device Capabilities 

Mobile app has ability to collect information from users smartphones like GPS location , searches they are doing etc . Getting easier access to these information is proven beneficial in case of retail applications wherein their focus is to enhance their customer service . This we can say mobile app is simply the best way for any business organisation to increase user experience , branding and more which can’t not be found somewhere else .
Some of the possibilities which are achievable by mobile apps with ease are Push Notifications , Camera , Tap to call , automatic update , which either can’t be achievable by mobile website or performs very slow even if some of the access is allowed .

Offline Access 

The best part about mobile app is it can even be accessible without internet . Although many apps requires internet connection to perform any kinds of actions , but apps can be designed in a way that the result can be shown even when there is no internet connection , which facilitates users to view information right from anywhere even without internet .

Customer Engagement

Another major advantage of mobile app is , it is compatible to work on users personal interface environment which facilities users to immerse themselves in mobile experience . It can easily be designed by mobile app development company in Delhi .
Mobile apps facilitates users to easily engaged with content in more organised way . Mobile app installation includes app which facilities users to communicate with components of apps , which aids business in increasing conversion rates .

Brand Presence 

Another major advantage of developing mobile app is to increase visibility of your brand name on customers apps .Even if they don’t user your app regularly , they will still be able to recall your app name and brand logo . Any mobile app development company always consider UI/UX of mobile app with care .

Fast Performance  

A property build mobile app can perform fattest than mobile website . Website in general use cloud servers , which takes some time to render data from . In comparison mobile apps stores data locally in mobile devices . Therefore data recovery in mobile device takes place very fast . Apps also saves users precious times to search for things of their interest .


The cost may be less for mobile website and may me more in case of mobile app , but undoubtedly mobile apps given better performance and user experience . Hire a mobile app development company to get your next big mobile app developed.