Benefits Of SalesForce Integration With ERP And Its FruitFul Cases

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It is an known fact that almost 50 % of the sales go to vendor who had responded first . Any delay or disruptions in sales response will unfortunately cost you more , as you loose your customer by then . This is the main reason why company is using Salesforce to eliminate barrier between sales response and business opportunities .

Since SalesForce integration with other system is one of the most easiest job with the help of good SalesForce consultant , we have decided to prepare article describing the most common integration cases .Let’s start with SalesForce to ERP integration and explore how it can benefit for your employees .

Useful Cases Of SalesForce Integration To ERP Integration

1) Account And Contact Information :

We tend to use both SalesForce and ERP system to store the same customer data at 2 places . While SalesForce focuses in sales and leads data while ERP focuses on billing information . The end to end solution of thing problem can be solved by integrating ERP system with Salesforce CRM . At first you can transfer customer information from your ERP system to SalesForce and then can configure a two way system . After that you can synchronise data between both platform rather than updating both the platform separately .

2) Invoice And Payment History :

Whenever accounting department raise a new invoice for customer or have updated the payment done by customer in ERP system , it must also be reflected in SalesForce so that your sales and accounting team can provide them discount and get possible measures to recollect debts .

3) Quote And Order Management

One of the difficultest task for the companies is to provide accurate quotes . In case you are looking for a solution of integrating proposal  ( created in CRM ) with actual orders ( Processed in ERP ) , you will necessarily need to integrate both the system to work simultaneously . Such integration will improve your sales reps and customer to get updates regularly .

4) Inventory Data

The inventory data which is usually stored in ERP must have to be integrated with SalesForce CRM so that sales person can check the actual availability of stock and then can give customers the correct shipping date for products .

5) Product And Price Books

Guess if your all product prices are stored in ERP system , but is not showing to sales department in salesforce CRM . Then how your sales team will be able to see the prices of it and can quote the same to customers ? You will need to integrate your ERP system with the CRM in order to get the product list with prices . This is also helpful in case you are selling products who’s price are continuously fluctuating . The ERP system can be easily integrated with salesforce price books and product module to get regular update about prices and stocks to your sales team .

Why Go For SalesForce Integration With ERP ?

The chain gets smoother and thus ease on the working and selling process if the ERP gets integrated with SalesForce CRM . Which this integration you may get the following benefits :
  • Deal faster with customer
  • Get accurate data
  • Enhance customer service .
  • Increase data accuracy .
  • Automate data management task

Integration Options

SalesForce has deep relationship with world’s largest ERP vendors namely SAP and Oracle . Oracle has created marketplace for ” cloud adapters “ or you can say pre built integration kit which helps integration with SalesForce and Oracle ERP system and customisation as required can also be availed . In case you are planning to use a less popular ERP ,  then SalesForce gives the API’s for pre integration , which can be used for custom integration with and other systems .
Any of the SalesForce Consultant might advice you to specify your integration needs before launching any of the projects  . If you are planning to transfer data from CRM to your ERP system then it is a little complex and time consuming process and hence requires SalesForce consultant help !


It might have been cleared in your mind now that integration of CRM with your ERP system brings on many benefits for your organisation , the only thing you need to do is priotize the list which need to be synchronised with the system first and them can start implementing the same . In case you are looking for some expert advice , you can contact WinklixSalesForce CRM consultant in New York And India .

A Beginner Guide To Angular JS Technology

Angular JS is technology that rules over the internet for it’d easy to use interface . It is go on front end programming tool – which is known to be extension of Java which sets it apart from contemporary tool . It has always been in debate that Angular JS has made web browsers and its extensions more interesting , so lets have a look at some of the tool which has dragged it on top of the internet .

What is Angular JS ?

The very first thing which derive us of quickly using Angular JS is its user interface ‘UI’ which attract most of the users . Another use of this technology is to make application for internet . Earlier when was launched in late 2009 , most website and application are influenced by this technology . Angular JS has built in directives which are applied to incorporate new syntax into browser.

Features :

Although Angular JS seems like any pother framework , but what sets it apart from other is its compressive sets of features . So let’s look at some of the best features that has really made this technology popular :

1) The Angular Community : With over years of its existence and worldwide users , Angular JS has a well developed community which act as a repository which includes tutorials , tips , guides etc . The experience holder within this community has made the framework more worthwhile .

2) Open Source Coding : The open source platform which allows customisation to the extent it is needed leads to better quality of product by the developers . The level of security offered by this technology is another aspect of its open source technology .

3) Documentation : Angular JS offers vide range of documentation with all desirable features that might be needed for a developer to start working on .

4) Two Way Data Binding : This build a relationship between DOM and model that you are using , thus making this technology truly an appealing factor .

5)Templates : It uses a basic traditional HTML technology , thus acting as a buffer between DOM and browser , in such a way that it feeds templates into browser .

What’s New With AngularJS

Being an open source framework , Angular users enjoys constant updates for main as well as for extensions .The latest version of Angular JS , version 5.1 was released in December 2016 along with the updated version 1.6 of angular cli . The bugs which was in earlier version has been rectified in the new version .  The regular freezes and crashed has been minimised .

How Relevant Will AngularJS be For Your Future

Inspite of lot of competition in the market  , there are many alternatives that are in use today for same purposes .

Developers prefer to use Angular JS because of its wide range of infinite possibilities . While Python related tools do threat to AngularJS , but it has the potential to be above all .

In case you are looking for Angular JS web and app development company , you can right away contact us . Winklix is leading software development company as well as mobile app development company servicing across all domains .

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Travel App ?

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With technology advancement , everyone around the world is influenced by digital devices . Technology has also break the boundaries of communication , now anyone present anywhere in the world can communicate within seconds , and that is the reason laptop and mobile phones are now known to be the must must have devices .

Who does not want the world in his hand , and that is the reason mobile phones are more preferred over laptops , and for this purpose various mobile application has been developed to ease on the things in people life .

While booking a travel booking app , the mobile app developer must consider factors like flight booking along with hotel booking , transportation and guidance on the same and lots of other factors in order to be ahead with your competitors . The various components involved in developing of travel booking app include :

Important Of Building A Travel Booking App

As per the recent studies shows , almost 80 % of the travel in USA are booked online , and that’s so through mobile app . Looking at such a great figures , many of the entrepreneur think of starting venture of developing travel mobile app .
In order to stay ahead with your competitors , you must have a unique strategy which really benefits your customers together with competition with your competitors .

Cost Of Making TripAdvisor Like App

The cost of the app depends on multiple factors , usually travel app consist of booking flight’s , hotels , generating travel packages and more . Considering these factors the develop of travel booking app depends on the following factors :

PlatForm Of App

The major factor that decides cost of app is platform you want to build in , and whether you want a native based application or hybrid one . As far as we suggest better go on for both android and iOS platform with a native based application .

Size Of The App

The size usually indicated the number of features and functionalities required in the app . As advisable , rather than thinking of app which consist of all the functionality of Tripadvisor , you must focus on smaller functionalities in phase 1 , and then gradually keep on adding new features for better audience engagement . It usually take 3 months for high quality app to develop . In case you are looking for more detailed cost , you can contact Winklix .

Type Of API’s :

When it comes to developing of travel booking app , most of the people use api’s to fetch hotels across the world , book flight and thus we can say works on the revenue model of commission basis . The more features you want in the application , the more number of api’s are needed to be purchased from mass vendors and will definitely add on to the cost of investment .


The cost of travel booking app depends on multiple factors . It depends on specific person choice that will decide the cost of developing travel booking app . So in case you are looking for best travel app development company , you can right away contact us .