Major Benefits Of Using SalesForce

As we all know SalesForce is one of the largest cloud platform CRM provider in the world which benefits business in number of ways thereby maintaining healthy relationship with your customer and also helps you to be ahead with your compeditiors .

When it comes to salesforce subscription , there are sets of benefits that comes preloaded in CRM . Let’s quickly look at some of the major benefits of salesforce :

#Storing Customer Information

One of the biggest advantage of using Salesforce is storing customer data on the cloud which is easy to be accessible anytime . When we are using salesforce , you will be able to access customer name , number , contact , task , events , previous follow up , their needs and more all at one place .
This gives your team couple of benefits . The very first benefit benefit being it will help you to track all the information as needed to keep your customer profile in organised way . The best things is that you will have the access of all the information needed under one common roof. These information can be easily accessible , and you will need not necessarily be worried if someone goes on a vacation , as all the information is stores on a cloud server , thereby eliminating any gaps that could have in your customer support model .
The other best thing is the information can be updated by an excel sheet in a more responsive and convenient way .

# Planning Of Accounting

As we have discussed in above paragraphs that all the customer information can just a click away . This approach helps your company employee to keep an eye on the track records , making connection with the clients , and defining plans according to past records for better results . Salesforce also facilitates an option to create a to do list and your employee can use lists to stay organised throughout a day .
Along with creating reminder you can also set reminder or assign any other employee c for taking the follow up with the clients , in case of non availability thus minimising the communication gap and helps in building stronger relationship .

# Time Management

With detailed customer information and allocation of resources at your disposal , you will actually take awesome time management benefit . For any service industry , time is money and assigned task must be completed within allotted time in order to get customer satisfaction and help build better business relationship .
Salesforce collect all the information needed and then priortize work for the client which needs to be completed according to the set deadlines .  Build in calendar tools aids visualising the complete schedule fo a day , week or a month so that you will be able to know what you have to perform today and how much time is allotted to you for the completion of the task .\

# Team Collaboration

Salesforce strengthen team collaboration and easy communication between different departments . The “Chatter” feature in salesforce helps individual as well as groups to chat about anythings they want . Chatter also addition of different team members to accounts and opportunity that really needs priortize  attention , can mark calendars for leads follow up which can finally leads to leads closure .

# Accessibility

The best things that Salesforce facilitates is it is totally based on cloud platform , which can be accessed through internet access . Salesforce also facilitates mobile app which helps you to stay ahead always by connecting your team on the go on round clock . This makes the Salesforce CRM handy for business owner as well as marketing guy who may be travelling .

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