Common Question that Arises When Developing A Mobile App

Mobile app development has now become the top most priority for many business organisation now a days . Launching an app in the market requires set of planning and research . The commonly arises question are described below :

Is Mobile Website Good Enough ?

When it comes to mobile website or mobile app , it totally depends on the goals of your business . When there is only matter of showing content , then there is no better option than a mobile website which can attract more number of users and is also cost effective solution . But it will lack quality and functionality as user will face load time , small images and more .
For this reason mobile apps are the only solution for engagement and effective communication with the customer . The app can act as a personalised tool for engaging customer on the basis of their geographical location , user interest thus giving them personalised experience and in app content .
In some cases you will be needing both mobile app and website an it depends on users valuable choice to choose one .

How To Make Money From App ?

Choosing the right app monetisation model will definitely affect earning of your app , and can negatively affect your business in you choose the wrong strategy .
Always select the model that suits best for your business . For instance when you are planning to launch gaming application , the in app purchases are the best option . But when it comes to music or video streaming , subscription model suits bests . Sp arising a question about what problem does it solve ? What areas they app need to serve in ? And various other question need to be arisen before launching to successfully make money from the app .

Which App To Develop : Hybrid Or Native

Native app are build for specific platform and hence deliver more richer experience for user and is also fast and responsive . Whereas when we are talking about Hybrid app , these apps are made for all the platform , and can be developed by anyone who have good knowledge of HTML designing and development .
We would always prefer user to go with Native app as it is highly performable and delivers best in class user experience , however when talking about the development cost , it is costly and requires more time for development .
In case you are preferring to launch some light weighted app in the market across all the platform at minimum investment , then there is no better option than hybrid one .
For more details about hybrid vs native app together with its advantage and disadvantage read our article here .

How To Choose The App Development Team ?

It is always preferable to choose a mobile app development company who has a dedicated team of designers , developers working solely on mobile app development . Hiring a app development agency means hiring a team who has strong capability and specialised knowledge .
When you are choosing a development team , always look at their portfolio , reviews and rating and if possible do visit their physical office for measuring their team capability . The best way to find out the capability of app developer is to quickly checkout their past work together with client satisfaction.

What To Plan For App Maintenance After App Launching ?

The real game begins after all launching , when the real user start testing it . The app developer job does not gets finished as soon as they deliver the app to you , rather their real task starts after that , finding the bugs in the app , getting feedback from the user and so on .
Once you have launched your app , closely monitoring areas where you can provide more values to your customer need to be screened .
To be successful in the market and increase your brand awareness you must provide regular update of app as peer the market demand of the users .

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App ?

The cost of the app depends on variety of factors like features required , project size , time required to build the complete project and so on .
For more in depth knowledge of cost breakdown you can refer here .
Doing a business in 2018 without a mobile app is a big challenges for business . So in case you are planning to have an app for your business and is searching for app development company , then you can quickly contact us .

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