How To Develop A Custom CRM For Large Enterprises

Its hard to run a large enterprises without any customer relationship management system . In present market , numerous of CRM softwares are available in market tailored for different business sizes and industries . Then you must have a question arising in your mind that why to choose custom build CRM for your enterprise ?

These are lots of CRM mass vendors available in the market – the most famous being SalesForce which caters across 20 different configuration : Solutions for banks , hospital  , sales automation and more . Despite of its CRM functionality and flexibility to customise by a salesforce consultant , the enterprise where more than 20 user are working the cost will be $ 160- $ 320 per user/month , which is really a costly solution for any business organisation .

Why You Should Develop Your Own Custom CRM ?

The very first thing which comes in mind while choosing a CRM solution  is cost involved in developing the portal . Mass vendors ready to use CRM are expensive in nature and may contain excessive features that may not be viable for your organisation .

But while talking about the custom CRM development , the cost of developing this is also not cheap , but you will only pay for what functionality is required by you . Secondly employees will not have to spend additional hours in understanding the flow of the CRM as it is built as per the existing work flow of the organisation made custom for you .

For instance , while developing an CRM software for POS ( Point Of Sale) industry , we will be focusing on colours , icons and customer’s specifics approach for easy of usability for vendors and they can easily get familiar with the things as required by them

What Things Need To Be Considered While Developing CRM System ?

1) Ease Of Convenience

Time is money and should be invested with utmost care . Its better to save the time of the employees without wasting for searching things like common information or documents that should always be handy , and as per the requirement of the organisation , and at the same time can be able to generate reports and communicate directly with customer .

” Perfect CRM is one which is accessible from anywhere , from any device and provide meaningful reporting capabilities ”

2) Level Of Complexity

The more you add on the features in CRM , the more complex it will be as it will be requiring a set of technologies for CRM development .  We have developed a CRM for construction company using symphony2 framework because of its reliability and easy to use feature . Together with this framework we have used RESTful API and Ember.js . The project was built on a single page application thus allowing richer user experience .

3) Flexibility In Usage

When it comes to flexibility , it means your CRM should be capable enough to grow with your company , instead of choosing a new solution . Also it should be flexible enough of changing a setting of CRM system under particular process .

4) Compatibility In CRM

In addition to the other features in CRM , its compatibility with third party resources must be present . For instance the integration of CRM with messaging services , telephony , ERP and all .

5) How Reliable Is CRM

The CRM stores the most important data in the organisation , and it should be secured with utmost care , thus protection data from any third party security breach by applying appropriate measures .

Why It Is Necessary To Develop A Mobile Application For CRM ?

A web version of the CRM might be enough for organisation and internal management of employees , but when it comes to customer interaction mobile app must be available for interaction with them . Moreover mobile app is also necessary to communicate with sales employees of the organisation who are mostly in field to grab to give them new leads information , meeting schedules information and also to track the location of employees .
We would always prefer building of native mobile app for CRM solution for higher performance .

Defining MVP For CRM

We divide the CRM system application into two area’s :

1) Interaction With Customers

While taking about the CRM , it must have the following necessary feature in order to automate customer relationship :
  • Integrating it with telephony and message  and email service
  • Database of customer with filter to search as required
  • Tracking of customer
  • Generating of reports of customer
  • Calendar with build in notification for entering information on future meeting and updating the sales person accordingly .

2) Interaction With Internal Employees

CRM is all about allowing the task , defining the work load and ability to control all things by the Higher authority of the organisation . On the basis of these point the CRM system should have the minimum set of functions as follows :
  • Different level of access for different employees
  • Calendar with build in notification for assigned task .
  • Project assignment and monitoring .
  • Attachment of files and documents to particular task .
  • Communication with employees for particular task .
  • Getting task status update and its priority
  • Generation of workload reports .
Depending on the size of business you may be in need of different set of features in addition to the features listed above . The main motive is to create a CRM system than can automate the task of the organisation and help your organisation to reach to next level .
Winklix have dedicated team to develop custom CRM solution for your business as well as integration and customisation of SalesForce CRM . So in case you are looking for web based CRM development solution , or mobile app for the same you can right away contact us .

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