Cost Of Developing App Like Spotify

For a company who was a startup in 2008 to more than 100 million active subscriber in 2018 – Spotify is one of the more popular apps for music streaming that we are using for . As the trend of the smartphones is increasing , demand for the apps like Spotify is also increasing . The most common question that is being asked in this app development of app like Spotify is what is the total cost of developing a music app like Spotify . With the apps like Spotify , it has been made possible to stream and listen songs even without downloading it . This article is restricted to the estimate cost of developing an app like Spotify so we will start with our discussion on the same .

How Does Spotify Work ?

Spotify is music streaming and social sharing app that let users to stream music online which is currently offering its services in more than 60 countries . It has been developed by mobile app developers keeping in mind the demand of the users. Currently Spotify has more than 30 billion songs stored on their server which can be streamed online . That’s not all , if you have buy their paid subscription you can even download the song in your phone and can play without an internet connection .

Benefits Of Providing Online Music Streaming Services

It is obvious that you will be in need of mobile app development company for creating a music streaming app . Some of the major benefits being :

  • Quick access to all songs library
  • Unlimited storage
  • Social engagement
  • Easy affordability by user
Since Spotify charges a very less fees per month by user , user can easily afford their paid services and can avail benefits of using the app as premium subscriber .

Factors That Helps Deciding Cost In Developing Music Streaming App Like Spotify ?

  • Planning for the desired features in the app
  • Finding the right mobile app development company
  • Technology you want to develop your app
  • Developing features


Before starting the developmental process of your app , market analysis about your competitor apps , proper planning of the project is what needs to be fixed at the initial stages before processing further . The main aim of any app owner is to attract more and more users . So deeply understanding your user requirement and cooking the app as per the requirement of the user is important factors . So always keep an eye on the interest of your targeted user in respect to their interest , age , location and customise the features as per their taste and needs .

Finding Mobile App Developers :

After freezing with the features of music app , you have to move ahead with the next step of choosing an mobile app developer or mobile app development company . Their rates depends on the location , type of companies they are , location of the company and so on . Searching developers as per your pockets is best option .
Its always beneficial to pre check their portfolios and past experience in creating suck kind of apps before and the most important being is the company is reputed one by quickly checking the user response .

Deciding Platform On Which App Needs To Be Launched

The 2 most used platform in the world being Android and iOS . The costing factor also depends on these factors to the large scale specially when you are willing to launch a native mobile application . Alternatively Spotify SDK is also available for both the platforms that can make easier for the developer to make fully features app like music streaming .

Technology Factors

This factors helps in deciding the cost of the app to large extent . When you have chosen Hybrid platform then the cost will be obvious half in comparison with the native mobile app development as in native  app development company needs to employ more resources for your app .

Developing Features


Spotify offers a freemium feature to its user in which user can sign up by email or even by social media like Facebook and can play streaming of songs online . But if user want to download the songs in their phones and get advertisement free app then Spotify offers a paid monthly subscription to its user . This feature will take 20 hours for front end and 16 hours for backend development .

Music Streaming

In streaming  developers usually develops the platform is a way that audio is delivered in small packets of the data which is buffered into device and played instantly . So the whole file will not get downloaded instantly in one go . Developers have to still work in a way that user can stream songs without any interruption . Time require for simple MVP :
Frontend : 70-80 hours
Backend : 60 hours

Search & Share

In Spotify user even search for the desired songs he wanted to listen . The MVP needs about 60 hours for front end and 50 hours for backend .
The share of songs link with app is also a great features will be require additional 5 hours for each platform to develop and 60 hours in backend .


Playlist offers personalisation services in respect to any special occasion or while partying with friends or family .User can set up their own music collection with their friends with social sharing features .
Front end : 50 hours
Back end : 80 hours

Offline Mode

This is the most liked feature by user relying on which they can be converted into a paid customer .Offline features facilitates user with streaming of the songs even when you are not connected with the internet . Songs are stored in local storage of the device which can be accessed from the app only.
Front end : 50 hours
Back end : 30 hours

Approximate Cost

As per the above discussion to develop an app with MVP it will take approximately 600+ hours in relation to which the cost may start from $ 20000 . It may increase or may even get doubled depending on the add on features as required from time to time .

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