Making money out of your smartphone

Making money out of your smartphone

When smartphones came into our lives they changed everything. The new technology enabled us to take high resolution selfies and watch YouTube videos from anywhere in the world with the help of a decent enough WIFI. These handy gadgets have also made many people self-reliant, as they started making their own videos showcasing their cooking and gardening skills.

There are many things that these devices are capable of doing, but we have not reached that stage. The mobile app economy, which is all set to touch $6.3 trillion by 2021, gives a lot of opportunity for independent-minded people. Let’s explore how these gadgets work for you.

Earn Off An App

You would be better off building an app if you have a unique idea for the same or if you can think of a refurbished version of a current app. Lot of money is involved in building an app.

Free apps having in-app purchases can be a gold mine and possess a lot of money-making potential than apps that charge money. They arrest the attention of the people and make them actively involved in their activities and then it becomes difficult for people to make an exit without buying. Game apps have proved this right. Candy Crush makes $1.6 million on a daily basis. Clash of Clans Royale earns $2.3 billion yearly.

The other way for apps to earn money is via subscription-based services. Headspace, the meditation app conceived by Richard Pierson and Andy Puddicombe, has become one of the most popular subscription apps in the App Store.

The Instagram Success Story

Instagram, as we all know, was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger with the intention of becoming a useful app with check-in and photo-sharing facilities, and at present has close to 700 million users. The company was bought by Facebook in 2012 for an astronomical sum. Post Facebook buy out, Forbes said that Instagram has evolved monetarily in the range of $25 billion and $50 billion. The company that owes its rise to Instagram is the makeup and skincare company Glossier, which found success mainly through word of mouth and Instagram presence. The founder and CEO Emily Weiss confessed that the best medium to market is via social media.

Nurturing Brand Through Apps

Instagram has given people an ideal tool to achieve fame and earn revenue income as per their personalities and interests. For example, Fitness trainer Kayla Itsines owes her success to Instagram through her popular workouts. As a result, she has created her own subscription-oriented app called Sweat With Kayla, worth over $46 million. Around 25 million users give $20 a month to train “with” Itsines. In fact, many chefs, makeup artists and influencers have eked out careers as a result of their short Instagram tutorials and YouTube videos. Among the most popular are Patrick Starr, Jackie Aina, Jamie Genevieve, Bret Manrock, Manny MUA, and James Charles. These people conceived and devised their own content, formed their own fan-base, and made their into subscriptions, endorsements, and merchandise.


There is another option to create wealth and that is through the phone by your side. The on-demand app job market gives a lot to the economy. They are ideal for students, part-time professionals, retired people and anyone wanting to create good money. Some of these jobs happen to be unstable so it would not be wise to depend on them as your only income. However, these jobs can be a good start and you can earn decently as well.



The Wag app has gained serious momentum after its launch in 2015 and it has emerged as a best dog walking app since then. The initial dog walk is free for those who sign up and then there are contests and potentials to earn extra money on holidays. In case you don the official green shirt for walks you can get bonus cash.


Rover is famous for its home-based and doggy daycare facilities. Jobs to perform on this app are like a commitment than Wag. This app is amazing and the application process is convenient.

CARE.COM is also an ideal option to look for dogs to walk and dog sit. The processing aspect is also very in depth. It has provision for user testimonials as well.

Some of the Finest Side Gig Apps


This is an ideal platform to make good money. Even if your skill is very ordinary like lifting heavy things, you still have some options. Jobs on TaskRabbit include getting something from a store, painting a wall, handing out flyers etc. You are only required to let the app know your skills and expectation for utilizing those skills to assist others and you will be swarmed by requests.


Handy is perfect for cleaners, movers, and people who love to make Ikea furniture. This app links people with their local handyman or woman. The app is very effective in spotting work in the near vicinity and creating customers who will hire you repeatedly.


Fiverr is a good platform to flaunt your creativity to earn money and get exposure. In case you possess skills in writing, technology, photography, editing, or translation, Fiverr is apt for you. The services provided on the site/app encompass anything you desire to create or do. Prices with regard to services begin from 5 dollars and some services go beyond this.



There is an intense debate on Lyft or Uber being a better company to work. In fact, many drivers find both good options. Hence, they both are tied at number 1 spot.


Via is a newbie and has presence only in Washington D.C., Chicago, and New York City. This happens to be a carpool app with fixed rates and no choice as far as riding solo is concerned. It is very economical as well.


Most food delivery apps are alike in several ways, however, some offer good salaries than others and some busier than others. Therefore the experience of working for each will be almost similar. There are apps that offer jobs only to those having a car. However, many permit you to work with a bike or a car.

  • Door dash
  • Postmates
  • Cavia
  • Uber Eats
  • Seamless


“Get paid to shop!” goes their slogan, which pretty much makes obvious of their intention. As an Instacart employee you are required to pick up and deliver food for customers who are not able to shop on their own. Instacart provides delivery services from a lot of shops such as Whole Foods, Costco, CVS, Fairway, etc. It is to be kept in mind that Instacart was in controversy with regard to the “service fee” on customer’s bill that goes to employees. Many customers did not tip in a big way as they thought workers were getting the money from the fee.

Apps To Let Out Your Stuff


Zilok permits you to earn money through your speakers, camera, blender, car, or anything else that could be useful to others.


Free lifetime membership is an advantage and cars can be obtained on an hourly and daily basis. However, Maven is available only in a few states.


By featuring your car on this car sharing app you can earn up to $6,500 a year. The other advantage is that Turo has its presence in more cities than Maven.


In this peer to peer car sharing service there is a whole range of cars to be rented on an hourly or daily basis. Getaround claims that people can earn up to $10,000 annually by renting out their car.

The App Reality

There are several apps on the App Store and Google Play Store, claiming to give an opportunity for you to make additional money, but everyone is not trustworthy. The problem lays in the thin user base to make it viable for you to work with the company. Another issue is the inconsistent jobs, so depending on them to make sufficient money for rent is not feasible. It would be only appropriate to perceive them as part-time jobs, meant to earn some extra money, not a stable income.

Grab The Possibilities

On-demand jobs are good in their own ways. They offer flexible work arrangement, and an option to earn some additional bucks. In case you are living at some place temporarily and a full-time job is not possible, then work on-demand would be a perfect fit for you. Over here, you also get a lot of independence sans a boss to report to.

There are infinite options for those trying to eke out a career from the side gig app economy. It is up to you to grab those.

Develop an effective enterprise app with Java

Develop an effective enterprise app with Java

These days a lot of businesses opt for tailored enterprise applications. The reason for this is that they help in accomplishing all of the companies’ objectives. Through this write up we are trying to let you know the essential things required to build a successful enterprise application.

What do you mean by Enterprise Application and Why Do You require the same?

Enterprise applications happen to be the apps with which companies can facilitate and organize tough business methods. These apps are cutting-edge and encompass robust business logic to operate diverse processes and evaluate huge amounts of data.

Types of enterprise applications:

Enterprise management systems are useful for various business processes such as finance and accounting, HR, production and manufacturing, and sales and marketing.

Customer relationship management The systems are segmented into customer analytical apps to collect and evaluate data on your clients and customer service apps that communicate with clients and look into their requests.

Supply chain management systems assist in planning delivery of goods, evaluate product demand, and monitor goods from a warehouse to retail shops.

Enterprise software applications benefit businesses in many ways. Given below are the few examples of these.

Maximize customer service by evaluating customer data and offering best tips on the basis of data collected.

Cut down costs by automating salesforce and customer assistance, thereby reducing the prospects of goods loss or damages.

Enhance marketing plans by assessing goods supply and predicting demand, as well as closely watching customer satisfaction.

Why is Java ideal for Enterprise Application Development?

Java happens to be the much sought after programming language with software developers. As per Stack Overflow Developing Survey, it has been ranked 5th among the most constantly opted programming languages with regard to software development. It’s very flexible and utilized for creating web and mobile applications, building big data analysis software, internet of things (IoT) systems, and enterprise applications.

When it comes to enterprise applications, there is a Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE, formerly known as J2EE) platform. Armed with a host of APIs and a runtime environment, this version of Java fully assists in the creation of enterprise applications. It even aids developers to focus on functionality instead of figuring out the development environment.

What makes this version of Java ideal

Wide variety of development tools

As we all know that software developers have to develop sophisticated systems with expansive and hugely customized functionality, Java provides a set of useful libraries. This apart, it has APIs, development environments (IDEs), and frameworks for adding functionality of any enormity. Also, with a huge choice of tools, Java developers are able to build apps quickly devoid of any potential bugs.

Swift and enhances performance

For enterprise developers there is nothing like Java as it assists in stabilizing enterprise apps. It can also easily counter heavy load of traffic apart from consuming less memory.

Safety assured

This is very critical for enterprise applications as data loss or hacking would lead to heavy damage to the entire business. Java offers heavy protection for data and application and makes data transfer involving a client and a server with highly secured protocols.

Very simple

This is a very unique attribute of Java. This happens to be a language of superior level, very much like English, and hence it becomes convenient to write and maintain. Java offers a lot of scope for flexibility as it enables developers to develop a reusable code that can be used for creating other applications.


Java EE can quicken the development process and helps in reducing development errors. Each of these factors have a huge bearing on the price tag of enterprise software development.

Ways to create enterprise apps properly

Enterprise app development has undergone huge transformation in the last few years. It has become very dynamic, swift, collaborative, and cost-effective.

In the past IT companies spent a lot on making applications. These days, with the advent of cloud services, superior internet connectivity, and outsourcing it has become possible to create safe, highly functional, reliable, and expandable solutions in less time with frugal cost.

4 reasons why outsourcing helps in making enterprise app development efficient

Leverage the newest Technology

To beat the competition many outsourcing companies provide the latest technologies and tools for the sake of enterprise app development. For example, to efficiently handle business processes of your company, outsourcing companies provide mobile and web apps for you to operate your business from anywhere across the globe. This gives you the privilege to access enterprise systems from any place, all that is needed are a good internet connection and an installed application or a web browser.

Get a huge pool of skillful people

While developing an enterprise application, it is highly likely that you would require developers with superior knowledge in a particular domain. With outsourcing companies, this is hardly a worry as they have a humongous pool of varied specialists to come out with an incredible enterprise app.

Swifter churning and high quality

Outsourcing companies are armed with advanced tools to quicken the pace of software development. The quality of enterprise apps is almost assured. As for tools there are Java Spring framework, Java EE, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and others. They assist developers in focusing solely on building apps and cut out the possibility of configuring the development environment or writing code from scratch.

Offers a lot of scope for reducing expenses

If you outsource enterprise application development, then you can easily cut development costs. This happens as a result of transferring the task of app development to other countries with modest labour costs. Resultantly, you will get an app that is highly cost-effective. However, there is no guarantee that all outsourcing companies are equally good. In order to get good service at a lower cost you need to research a bit as well. In this regard we request you to look at Eastern European software development outsourcing companies as these have got thumbs up on reputed sites like Clutch.


Enterprise application development is not a child’s play as it needs effective tools and very good knowledge. Java happens to be a potent and effective software solution pertaining to enterprise app development. It’s very user-friendly and it comes with a diverse supplementary instruments that ease the process of software development considerably.

Now, the choice before you is to invest in an in-house talent or take the help of outsourcing companies. In case you opt for an outsourcing firm then do a thorough research before selecting your enterprise app developer.

Who is ideal for the app project: Developers, agency or partners?

Who is ideal for the app project: Developers, agency or partners?


Let us assume that you are working on an app project. In case you don’t have the team for the same then you will have to create one. While scouting for talent, you might come across people who are pretty economical or very expensive. You want the best people on board for your app project. However, money is also a concern as well and not all cheap purchases live up to your expectation. The option before you is simple: you have to get the ideal candidates without loosening your purse strings much. You need to strike a perfect balance between money and talent. There are other considerations as well. Whether you need to hire a developer, agency etc. So, the question is how to kickstart the pricing part of the project?

What is required for a Development Project?

Firstly, you require a developer. Is that the only talent you require for the project?

No, you require a designer for the purpose of designing the app as well. This apart, you also require a QA engineer to ensure that the app is working fine. There will be a requirement for a project manager as well to make sure things are panning out according to the deadline or not. Hence, you need more than just one developer. Therefore, it has to be remembered that you need a team and each component in the team is significant to your app project.

Do you require the help of an App Development Agency?

Agency might look like a viable option as you don’t have to look for people individually. As an agency will have an exclusive team for app development. But agencies deal with man-hours and you might end paying a lot. Also, they will not challenge or contest your ideas in any way as they will be more than willing to do what you ask them to. This is where a partner can come in handy as he can guide you when you are going wrong and would suggest you in circumstances when you are stuck. Also, being a partner, he or she might be interested in taking your company to greater heights. Hence, you need to be sure as to what you require: partner, agency or create a team of your own. It has to be remembered that money is important but don’t base your decision merely on the basis of finance. There are things that can’t be quantified monetarily.

5 methods to employ while looking to build your team

We have already broached upon the basic requirements. Now let us get into the methods to be employed while handling developers, agencies or partners. These points will assist you take the best call.

Method #1 — Break down quotes by line items

Quotes need not be super detailed, but they should clarify how the developer or agency decided their prices. The ideal manner is to break down a quote line item by line item.

The whole intention behind the exercise is to make them justify the price.

This is done to ensure that no one cheats you while hiring their services.

Also, this makes sure you pay appropriate prices to everyone and not shortchange anyone in the process. This instills a sense of honesty and diligence in your team. So, be fair to them.

Also ensure that a proposal from a developer, partner, or agency fits into your scheme of things. After all, you don’t want anything that is not required for your project.

Method #2 — Differentiate Quotes in minute details

Once you get quotes from various sides, it is imperative to compare them one by one.

Find out if these quotes gel well with your business. Also, consider any additional service you might require. For example, you’ll have to take into account hosting expenses for your backend data. Push notification servers, analytics servers, servers for user notifications, and user authentication these things are there. All of them have to be added in the list of expenses and these might not be there in the initial quote. For instance, if you are dealing with an agency or a developer they might only quote what you have asked for and not what you require. So, once you get actively involved in the project and some additional expenses crop up, you are bound to get annoyed. You cannot back out as well, so it is better to opt for partners in such circumstances. They won’t throw up any surprises for you in the middle and can always assist you in pointing out what is amiss in your initial demand.

Method #3 — Be organized while differentiating line items

One needs to be organized while comparing line items. Let me explain the same in detail.

After getting several quotes from various developers or agencies things are dissected the way you have asked for. Now you need to compare everything in detail. While doing this

you need to weigh in on every feature that’s important to your business. This enables you to make a decision based on data. You need to factor in aspects such as longevity, marketing time, features involved etc. After this you will get a clear picture about your efficacy of the project.

Method #4 — Product or Solution

So what are you looking to get: a product, or a solution.

A product is basically a kind of widget that you are buying. It might be software or something tangible. While purchasing the items you can assess the price involved. This will be appropriate if the size of your problem is quite small. However, if you are confronting a huge problem, then the product won’t be of any use to you as you would require a solution.

For example, we are currently reeling under COVID-19 global pandemic. For businesses rhis is a huge problem as they have to devise a map for the next 1 year or so. It is true that this type of problem is tough to predict. However, with a partner it becomes easier to adapt to shifting markets. A partner can also help you plan a minimum viable product (MVP).

Hence, the crux of the matter is that a solution is more appropriate than a product. Solutions are ideal if you have a partner, who can deal with constant changes or problems confronting you.

Method #5 — Contest the Quote

By contesting or debating about a quote you can easily get a hang of the agency’s or developer’s intentions.

Simply ask them what difference it would make if we put in more money. They might come up with some excuses like your servers are not secure enough, so they need to protect them with encrypted data or your servers need to scale up to accommodate more users for your app.

Hence listen properly to what they are saying carefully. Are they giving new features? Or are they plugging the gaps that were already baked into the quote?

Alternatively you can also challenge the quote by asking them what they would do if you don’t have enough money. In case they have to do away with three features, what would they be.

So by requesting them to revise the quote you are cutting some flab from the same.

Therefore contest the quote in several ways. This manner you can assess the commitment of the developer or agency and also eliminate unnecessary frills from the initial quote.


With these methods you can assess your quotes in different ways. These would help you take the right call, whether you are dealing with an agency, developer or partners for your next big app development . For finding the best solutions opt for these methods.