Winklix Features As Top Software Developer Company In Mumbai , India

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We are excited to announce has been features as top software development company in Mumbai , India in recent investors meet , where all B2B companies are being rated . These rating has been given on the basis of multiple factors like clients rating and reviews , reliability and experience in in the field of technology .

” Mumbai is being know as financial capital of India , and thus everyone wants to grab the funds from Mumbai . And this is the reason increase in companies in tech industries has been seen , making it difficult and challenging task for user to choose the right company .

At Winklix , Our first and primary aim is client success and that’s why we only focuses in delivering highly polished products with innovative technology and best  UI/UX design . Our Winklix profile has been flooded with positive feedback and the most important five star yeeee !!

We are agile agency who are dedicated towards delivering highly polished mobile app , which can get features on app stores and user will love to use that in their daily life . At the same time we provide on call support , thus to minimise the communication gap  . Communication gap is the main thing because of which we many of the project fails . Our team consider time as money and the most important factor and that’s why committed towards delivery of the project always on time .

About Winklix

Winklix Team want to set higher bars for mobile app development companies and thus being focus on getting only 5 star reviews by satisfying clients at highest level and set as the most promising software development company worldwide .
Winklix has been specialised in industries like Mobile application development , Enterprise app development , and AI for multiple sectors like education ,healthcare , event management , automotive and so on .
So in case you want the next big app to be developed by us , you can contact us right away , discuss the idea with our BDO and get your app delivered on time .

What Are The Latest iOS App Development Challenges Faced ?

iOS app development

The very first iPhone arrives inn 2007 . Since then it has changed the way we deal with smartphones . Apple iPhone is known to be the best phone in the world , which everyone wants to buy . Apple has also introduced 4000 API’s for developers to take as a challenging task for developing an mobile application .

Thus to make an app , developers has to act smart , satisfying the user need for app , and deliver the best iOS app . Now let’s talk about some latest challenges faced by iPhone app developers while developing the app.

Application Compatibility

All iOS application made by the developers must be compatible across all the devices , be it an iPad , iPhone , Mac etc . Although its not a tough battleground for developers as in the case of android devices ,  but still . The more our application will be compatible with the devices , the more chances of getting  wider audience  . App compatibility is challenge for developers to choose among many devices  , therefore it is essential to test application by TaaS product to identify issues , if any .

System Limitation With Performance & Memory

Its a big big challenge in iOS application development that every app development company has to compact with as iPhone does not comes with garbage collection system . If a developer is thinking of developing an app for only one iOS version , we can’t forget even the multiple devices are running different iOS version , which were having different memory and storage . If you have to reach wider audiences you have to make your app compatible and tested across all devices . At the same time , app must be made in such a way that it does not consume more than required battery life of the iPhone , otherwise even if your app is good and necessary , user will delete it as it is consuming more battery life .

Poor Network Condition

The internet speed you are using might not be the case that user is also using . We may have an internet speed of 1000 Mbps and the user might have only 1 Mbps . Apps that are rich in media , specially streaming apps requires good internet speed won’t run smoothly until and unless the app find good internet connectivity . So it is essential for an app development agency to consider app developmental process in coordination with internet speed which can be tested by Network Link Conditioner . Youtube is the best example of app which shows low resolution videos at slow internet connectivity and HD videos at the time of high connectivity .

App Store Approval

Numerous of reason can be behind the disapproval of your mobile application . Your app might be rejected due to simple violation of rule . Apple regularly updates their policies , so an app development agency must be aware about the latest updates and then must be sent for approval to apple accordingly . There are more than 1.5 billion apps in app store , so you are not the only one to face any such disapproval problem . Working along with  the rules and regulation helps you save time and efforts and easy approval of application .

User Interface

The mobile app , specially the apps which are made for apple should use clean designing process and superior UX . Your app should be regularly updated to some up with frequent changes in design and fashion . However the small mobile screen is always been a challenge for any app developer . A developer should focus on creating simple creative user interface to attract user .

How Is Android App Development The Most Beneficial ?

android app development

Now a days mobile has become one of the most used devices for advance computing system , thus replacing PC’s for day to day use  . For these amazing devices , mobile applications are made which facilitates more ease of usability . They are made for different platform including Windows, iOS , Blackberry and Android . But the market leaders are Android and iOS only .

Android is invented by Internet Guru , Google . Since it is open source Android platform , it attract developers and customer to . Android apps are developed on Android Studio  , a free software by google using java technology . Since it is open source with affordable features , mobile application developer has choose these platform worldwide . With very little investment , android app can act as an helping hand to grow your business .

The future of android app seems to be very bright and will also increase if it continues to stabilise its performance with innovative technology like this .

High Return On Investment(ROI) , Low Investment

An Android application can be made simply on any computer using Android Studio or other available platform , and it also provides SDK to coders with lessens development and licensing cost . The Google is charging only $ 25 as one time fees for opening a Google play developer console account .We don’t need any specific computer or additional software which need to be purchase for building the application .

Open Source Nature

This is the main benefit of this platform .The source code of development kit (SDK) is easily customisable according to developers need . Developer has also access to many frameworks which can obviously simplified the work and way of understanding and making the app , thus making the developmental process faster , and at the same time giving opportunity for mobile application development company to earn more .

Easy Integration

Android platform provides inter app linking platform .Business can integrate with each other and get linked through simple apps , and at the same time can be connected with their branches and employees in such a way that information can be communicated quickly and easily . Apps can also be easily integrated with the existing systems to cater needs of company .

Easy App Approval Process In Android

Have your app ready to be launched  ? With google play developer console , it can go live within hours . The team of experts reviews the submitted apps using automated tool . They keep an eye on on appearance of the app , with also search for copyright violation , and sexually explicit content and then will launch your app to go worldwide . Unlike iOS user , android developer enjoy a much more freedom .


As market for android is becoming popular , android devices are hacked by hackers broadly . Google gives you regular updates and thus made Android highly secure platform . Google also sends cyclic notification to user to change the password , update necessary setting to almost secure the devices , and thus presently Android has become one of the fastest growing platform in world .

Since now you are aware of the benefit of having an android mobile application developer , you can go ahead and choose the right partner for your app . In case you are searching for app development company , you can Contact Winklix .