How Is Android App Development The Most Beneficial ?

Now a days mobile has become one of the most used devices for advance computing system , thus replacing PC’s for day to day use  . For these amazing devices , mobile applications are made which facilitates more ease of usability . They are made for different platform including Windows, iOS , Blackberry and Android . But the market leaders are Android and iOS only .

Android is invented by Internet Guru , Google . Since it is open source Android platform , it attract developers and customer to . Android apps are developed on Android Studio  , a free software by google using java technology . Since it is open source with affordable features , mobile application developer has choose these platform worldwide . With very little investment , android app can act as an helping hand to grow your business .

The future of android app seems to be very bright and will also increase if it continues to stabilise its performance with innovative technology like this .

High Return On Investment(ROI) , Low Investment

An Android application can be made simply on any computer using Android Studio or other available platform , and it also provides SDK to coders with lessens development and licensing cost . The Google is charging only $ 25 as one time fees for opening a Google play developer console account .We don’t need any specific computer or additional software which need to be purchase for building the application .

Open Source Nature

This is the main benefit of this platform .The source code of development kit (SDK) is easily customisable according to developers need . Developer has also access to many frameworks which can obviously simplified the work and way of understanding and making the app , thus making the developmental process faster , and at the same time giving opportunity for mobile application development company to earn more .

Easy Integration

Android platform provides inter app linking platform .Business can integrate with each other and get linked through simple apps , and at the same time can be connected with their branches and employees in such a way that information can be communicated quickly and easily . Apps can also be easily integrated with the existing systems to cater needs of company .

Easy App Approval Process In Android

Have your app ready to be launched  ? With google play developer console , it can go live within hours . The team of experts reviews the submitted apps using automated tool . They keep an eye on on appearance of the app , with also search for copyright violation , and sexually explicit content and then will launch your app to go worldwide . Unlike iOS user , android developer enjoy a much more freedom .


As market for android is becoming popular , android devices are hacked by hackers broadly . Google gives you regular updates and thus made Android highly secure platform . Google also sends cyclic notification to user to change the password , update necessary setting to almost secure the devices , and thus presently Android has become one of the fastest growing platform in world .

Since now you are aware of the benefit of having an android mobile application developer , you can go ahead and choose the right partner for your app . In case you are searching for app development company , you can Contact Winklix .

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