Why To Consider Android App Development , Even After Having iOS App

android vs iOS

Android app faces different challenges that iOS app development , but can be proven advantageous due to flexible Android infrastructure . But is there any possibility of replicating my iOS app into Android ? Or do I need to build the whole new app right from the scratch ?

The answer to all above question is its not possible to directly convert developmental work . Even a minor designing change in the app requires tons of development time . This is possible because of difference between the coding languages between the two competitors  . Its not like we can simple copy it and then paste it on another version . There may be the case that app that is featuring currently on the App store may also be on the top of the play store .

Apple app store was firstly launched in 2008 , and since then Android and iPhone are in direct competition with each other fight like Tom and Jerry . Apple launches phone at incremental level . Every upgrade contains few features upgrade with iOS version and chip upgrade . The app running on iPhone 7 will also run on iPhone 6 and iPhone 8 and iPhone X . But yes we agree apple is always dedicated to provide sleek , touch based design .

In 2008 , Android phones has not gained that much ubiquity . But in recent years , they are the most used smartphones worldwide . Android apps are developed to work across all the platforms , where it is large touch screen or a phone with small screen .

Finding Market Fit Product

If app development was science . we would till now have been the einstein of it . Well you have to study market demand in case your user want Android app , you must proceed with it .

If your current position at iOS market is giving you satisfying experience , then you are likely in good place to implant Android app in the market .

Android App Development Allows More Growth

Walk around a New York city and you will find iPhone everywhere . But oh ho wait a minute , are you startup app developer ? Then your presumption is absolutely wrong . Although it’s the fact that Apple is leader in terms of App Store Revenue and hardware profits , but but Android market has already touched 88 % worldwide last November .

In European and Asian countries , where english is not so common , people find it convenient to use Android phone , which fulfils their needs in their own local language . And its the universal fact that in android phone is affordable , whether it is US or whatever country it is . The innovation of phones like Pixel by Google and , plenty of budgeted phones are available in the market , except the added flavour of the world best camera in iPhone . But if we have you buy a camera phone , then you would be don’t take a decision to buy a DSLR camera , instead of phone which has limited memory and small screen size ?

Also right from Google maps to Google drive , all these are the child of Google , which are inbuilt software present in Android phones . Whereas in iPhone they are cohesive and disjointed as they are not native to the platform .

App On Google Play Store ? Your SEO Ranking Will Get Boosted

The key to success in online industry is getting discovered in search engines worldwide , or at least in the market you want to target the customers in . So want to increase the brand awareness ,  SEO(Search Engine Optimisation ) is the key .

Open Source = More Freedom

The most common advantage of Android platform is its open source nature of platform .In open source developers can easily cope up with the upcoming modules due to its flexible easy to use framework . Also Android app development is cheaper and easy process , say integration of push notification in the app can be easily done by using Google Firebase , even within a day , whereas in iOS it can take upto two or three days .

Thus the above point must have created a short story in your mind that how the app works , and on which platform you can choose from to launch your mobile application . In case you want the expert opinion , you can Contact Us , Winklix – The leader in mobile application development .

Native vs Hybrid : What App Suits You Best ?

native vs hybrid app development

During designing of mobile app , one has to fight between Hybrid and Native app . Most of us get confused because as a layman we don’t know what exactly is Hybrid and Native app .Well the decision made by you affect your final product , and so will be the customers . So before making any decision , understanding of each type of developmental works is mandatory  .

You have to fight with fork and spoon to take the right decision . Umm  , well before that you have to know what all are these , and what exactly is the difference between them . Each options has their own pros and cons , so think twice before taking any decision . So lets discuss in details what all are these :

Native App

A native app is an app build specifically for each individual platform  . So in case you are going ahead for iOS , it won’t run on Android platform until and unless you build another app specifically for it . Even the developmental software and their languages are completely different , say Android studio with java is used for Android app development , and Swift C is used for iOS app development.
The biggest advantage we can say is native app is accessible to all the functionality for that specific platform , and if developed with utmost care will be 100 % error free also .
The cons being is native app can not be run on different platform , you ultimately have to spend few more bucks to get the app for the platform you are willing to launch your app . That means in case you are planning to go ahead with 3 platform , the expense will be 3 times the cost of the individual hybrid app , thus making the developmental process slower and more expensive .
Its suggestible to develop the app for the startup on only single platform , and if everything goes good , you can move ahead on other platforms too .

Hybrid App

Hybrid app make once , can be launched across all the platform . It is coded using single code language , particularly combination of HTML5 and Javascript .
One of the biggest advantage of hybrid app is it works on all the platforms and thus is cost effective to , and you are not going to loose money out of your pockets to develop app specifically for each platform . The user does not care at all  , or will waste it time on searching whether your app is hybrid to native , they just care that whether app is running on their platform , and is doing what they expected to do it .
The disadvantage being the cost of supporting hybrid application may be higher than cost of supporting a native application , this is usually the case in case of any version and OS upgrade in system . Also limited plugins are available on Hybrid platform , thus closing the doors for implementing each and every functionality .

The Take Away

The mobile app offers biggest opportunity to entrepreneurs specially in 2017 , where apps are flooding in the app market . Choosing the right developmental approach helps you understanding and making the right decision . Winklix always suggest its clients togo with a Native one , as it will enhance user experience and will leads you to path of success .
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How Can You Make Money By Developing A Mobile Application ?

how to make money by app

Every business person ultimate aim is to make money if he has invested money in something . And that is the reason every business person searches for the better business opportunity and chooses to invest in project which gives long term profit . Well now i am wondering why i am showering something else which is out of the topic . The question is How you can make tons of money by developing  an mobile app for your company ?

The current revenue as per the report is $ 76 billion from google play store , which is expected to reach about $ 100 billion by 2020 . So you can take the advantage of this greatest opportunity ! Isn’t so ? Although revenue of the Apple App Store is just double the revenue of play store , the android market is attracting large number of users . As per the study , Apple user are more likely to pay for the mobile apps , and thus making their revenue double .

Have you ever wondered how can you make tons of money by developing an mobile app ? Where you have to launch free app or a paid version of it ? Even after offering free apps , will you be get benefited ? Lets understand the difference which will help you make decision .

Advertisement In Your Mobile Application

This is the concept we all are aware about for in app advertisement .Google is offering AdMob , while Apple is offering iAds . But to take the real advantage of these kind of advertisement , you need real time traffic and really good download for your mobile app .

Free or Paid App ?

Sometimes apps comes with free and premium paired version  . This is usually in case of gaming app . The app is going to offer you some free features which can be used to influence you to buy the premium version of the mobile application  . App should at least provide the features which are best in part and plays an important role in app for free for specific time or plays or period and thereafter can be used only on paid version  . The second measure is to give user a full of in app advertisement version on free version of mobile application , and in case user want to purchase the paid version , they will add advertisement free app with enhanced features .

In App Purchase VS Low Priced Mobile Apps

It has been seen that offering an app with a low price makes low money than offering an in app purchases . Free app with an in app purchases can be fun , as we can be influenced by the app , and thus will be convenience to buy them due to reward relation with app .

Cost Per Install Network(CPI)

Cost per install is new concept in which you have to pay some bucks to third party for every app downloads . With CPI network , in app advertising , in app purchase can lead to greater profit .

What Is Future Of App Development ?

Never ending endless opportunities are being seen in app market . The fast scale growth in app market is seen from day 1 .Video gaming application are making millions. Smart TV’s and watches are also stepped into this market thus giving rise to iOT .
So as of now you have understand the benefits of mobile application , in case you want to know more about it , you can contact us and talk with our expert in Winklix.com