Native vs Hybrid : What App Suits You Best ?

During designing of mobile app , one has to fight between Hybrid and Native app . Most of us get confused because as a layman we don’t know what exactly is Hybrid and Native app .Well the decision made by you affect your final product , and so will be the customers . So before making any decision , understanding of each type of developmental works is mandatory  .

You have to fight with fork and spoon to take the right decision . Umm  , well before that you have to know what all are these , and what exactly is the difference between them . Each options has their own pros and cons , so think twice before taking any decision . So lets discuss in details what all are these :

Native App

A native app is an app build specifically for each individual platform  . So in case you are going ahead for iOS , it won’t run on Android platform until and unless you build another app specifically for it . Even the developmental software and their languages are completely different , say Android studio with java is used for Android app development , and Swift C is used for iOS app development.
The biggest advantage we can say is native app is accessible to all the functionality for that specific platform , and if developed with utmost care will be 100 % error free also .
The cons being is native app can not be run on different platform , you ultimately have to spend few more bucks to get the app for the platform you are willing to launch your app . That means in case you are planning to go ahead with 3 platform , the expense will be 3 times the cost of the individual hybrid app , thus making the developmental process slower and more expensive .
Its suggestible to develop the app for the startup on only single platform , and if everything goes good , you can move ahead on other platforms too .

Hybrid App

Hybrid app make once , can be launched across all the platform . It is coded using single code language , particularly combination of HTML5 and Javascript .
One of the biggest advantage of hybrid app is it works on all the platforms and thus is cost effective to , and you are not going to loose money out of your pockets to develop app specifically for each platform . The user does not care at all  , or will waste it time on searching whether your app is hybrid to native , they just care that whether app is running on their platform , and is doing what they expected to do it .
The disadvantage being the cost of supporting hybrid application may be higher than cost of supporting a native application , this is usually the case in case of any version and OS upgrade in system . Also limited plugins are available on Hybrid platform , thus closing the doors for implementing each and every functionality .

The Take Away

The mobile app offers biggest opportunity to entrepreneurs specially in 2017 , where apps are flooding in the app market . Choosing the right developmental approach helps you understanding and making the right decision . Winklix always suggest its clients togo with a Native one , as it will enhance user experience and will leads you to path of success .
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