How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Paytm

paytm app development cost

About Paytm

Paytm is India’s largest online recharge company headquartered in Delhi , India wherein the company is owned by One97 communication . at first started with mobile recharge only , which was later on extended to online shopping , Paytm marketplace , wallet and much more . Bus ticket booking , and payment of electricity bills and at the same time gaining cash back in wallet has helped paytm to step up the stairs of success . Since India is getting digitalise , the market demand of online recharge app , and app development companies are getting increased .

Cost of developing Paytm like mobile app :

Well is it really a difficult question !! The cost of developing any recharge mobile application depends on the features ,  the platforms on which you are planning to launch your app and so on . Some of the major factors which determine the cost of app is given below :

App Platform :

The cost varies from platform to platform .  The android app cost is always on higher part in comparison with iOS app , as android app required more written code along with testing on number of devices . In case you are looking of hybrid solution rather than native one , it might not be as successful as the native one . For more information on Hybrid Vs Native app , you can refer our article here .
App Design:
App design is crucial part , and the reason to succeed behind every app success . The app design should be made in such a may that is ensures smooth interaction with the user . Engaging and eye catchy design will always bring you repeated customer . Designing an app requires using advance technologies , material design and much more , which goes beyond the role of application developer , and obviously will burden your pocket but will worth it . The designing of the app will be requiring between 80 hours to 170 hours on an average basis .
Lets take on an average around 140 hours to design the complete app , in which :
  • Wireframe required 30 hours
  • User interface will take 50 hours
  • user experience will take around 60 hours .
App Functionalities :
When we are talking an app like paytm , it may not necessarily means app completely like paytm . You may want some additional features , and not the complete feature as present on Paytm . Frankly speaking , Paytm is not an app made within few months . The development of the Paytm app requires dozens of developers along with years to build the complete app with all functionalities . According to my opinion , if you are planning to have your own recharge application , start with the few features as required and later on after your app started gaining popularity , you can add on features and functionality in it.  App development and launching is not one time job , rather it is continuous process in order to retain customer and cope up with the competitive world . The app size can be reduced to giving preferences on only core values in version 1 of the app .
Depending on the feature , if you consider the basic functionality like mobile and other recharge together with basic commerce functionality will take somewhere around 390 hours to complete which includes backend development of admin cost and implementation the things with UI .

Third Party API’s Integration :

When it comes to development of the app like paytm , specially the recharge one – it all depends on third party api’s implementation. Where it is matter of online mobile recharge , or nth recharge or you want to book a movie or bus ticket , you have to be completely dependent on third parties API’s so that customer and service providing companies can directly gets connects while using your app platform . Third party api’s implementation  requires man-hours ranging between 200 hours – 400 hours depending on the api’s required by you . Also in third parties api’s , implementation hours also depends on how well the third party support to mobile app development company in implementing their api’s .
So the api’s implementation part will take on an average of 300 hours to implement the api’s .

Mobile Wallets :

Wallet act as a lifeline for any recharge app . Recharge app is nothing without a wallet .Mobile wallet app development and its integration requires additional hours depending on the requirement . When talking about paytm mobile wallet , it allows you to add money in wallet , send money to your friend , pay money to vendor , transferring the money to your bank account and much more .
The complete wallet functionality as present on paytm wallet will be costing 270 hours of man hours.
There are numerous other features and functionality that can impact the app cost estimate like push notification , news feed , geolocation  , sms gateway integration and so on .
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mobile app development

When I was young I remember a TV show stating about the future world. In that show it deeply described about how technology is going to change the world. And I always used to wonder- will I be able to talk and control the machines in the future? Well now… I have the answer fast forwarding to today. The big heavyweights in technology like Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa has been making their presence felt with the help of voice recognition technology through which we are able to talk with the appliances. This has been made possible due to Internet of Things.

In the current scenarios, developers are already looking to explore new technologies and their specified areas:

Voice Recognition Software: 

Talking to Siri is just a beginning of how we will be able to control the devices with our voice. This technology not only helps in communicating with the apps and smartphones but it assists in providing dedicated service to the user

Machine Learning:

As we all are aware of the recent acquisition of Deepmind by Google which has led to growth of an artificial intelligence agent which has learned to play the games better than the humans and it keep on improving itself. This is the best thing about machine learning; the machine keeps on evolving and learning. Machine learning apps are truly a technology to look for in the future.

Cyber security:

The confidentiality of a person data in very important. With the recent rise of blockchain, this has given an entirely new prospect of ensuring safe, documented and secure transactions. This is certainly the technology to watch out for. This will give rise to blockchain apps in future.

Mobile app development with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a technology for which everyone is excited about. The reason behind this excitement is the reason that one day our daily tasks will be done automatically. Isn’t it amazing?

Well… the trend has already started with the Google’s acquisition of Deepmind which has received tremendous response. IBM has recently launched WATSON which with the help of Big Data has been used for treating the patients in a hospital. WATSON scans all the details of the patient and comes up with the best possible treatment of the patient. Isn’t it fascinating? 

There is a start-up which is developing software which can detect the presence of rare disease just be reading the facial expressions. The rare disease shows symptoms in your facial structure which is read by the AI enabled machine, thus helping in detection of disease.

Blockchain and high end secure banking solutions

Recently there has been huge innovation in the way banking is done. There are apps like Monzo which are taking large strides in the mobile banking. It allows users to keep an eye on the account balance and charge very low on foreign currency transactions. It got its banking licence approved recently.

Blockchain has been creating a lot of buzz recently. The rate at which blockchain is growing is extraordinary. It creates a digital ledger for the transactions which provides an incorruptible data or record of the transactions made which is hosted in many places. It can be updated by lot of users instantly. In every organization, security is the key in the every transaction. Blockchain provides exactly that as the blockchain keeps an entire record of every transaction.


Everyone who has used the internet would have saw chatbots on various websites. The websites use these chatbots to help the users to resolve their queries, and answer the frequently asked questions. There is a great future ahead of chatbots. They have very high demand presently and will continue to have in the near future. 

In the future it may happen that chatbots will be used as logging software. Logging in is a very time taking process but with help of Chatbots and AI, this process and be quickened and can be made smarter. Rise of the chatbots is foreseeable. 

Chatbots are like mini apps inside the apps. Chatbots can helps in the free app services like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp to tempt and attract the customers. 

As we can see that there is a huge scope for these types of technologies and app. In the near future there will be a great demand of these types of developers and apps. The apps are incorporating these technologies, changing our future. These services will produce the outputs that will completely change the lives of people.All these type of technologies will give the rise to new apps. If you have an idea that can transform the lives of the people incorporating these technologies, then contact us as we are the best app development company  and we will assist you in turning your dream apps into reality. 


app security

We know that with the changing time, it is very essential to keep the app up to date if your business has to survive. People choice changes rapidly. So it is very vital that your app has optimum quality. There are so many app in the market that if your app does not score well on the quality parameter, it may happen that your app goes unrecognized. If your app is not of good quality, people will not use it for the second time and your app will get lost somewhere in the crowded app store. So it is highly crucial to give attention towards the quality of your app.


Mobile app testing is the key


Many developers believe that their job is done as soon as the app is developed. But it is a bad practice to undermine mobile app testing. This process is as essential as the development. Whenever you add a feature in the mobile app, it is better to test to remove all the bugs. It improves the user experience of the app.

Testing can be done two ways- manual and automation. Manual testing is good for testing the simpler features. But for the complex process, automation testing is done for testing the regression cases.

Keep an eye on the app performance


High quality apps have good performance. Make sure that your app is providing high speed access to its features. Navigation must be quick and it must have a good UI/UX etc. These are parameters that define the performance of the app. Don’t use too many SDKs (Software Development Kit) as they will slow down the performance resulting in app crashes.

Security is necessary for the app


The security of the user’s confidential and private data is very important. Developers must make sure that the app which is being developed has high security. Android apps are more vulnerable to malware attacks than the iOS. So, special attention must be given while developing android apps. This improves the quality of mobile apps.

Maintain a clear vision about the app


It is very necessary to have a clear vision about the app which you are going to develop a mobile app. You may have lot of experience in developing apps but if you don’t have a clear vision, then it may affect the quality of the app. It should target the users which will result in high number of downloads. So it is crucial to have a clear vision.

Analyse the reviews and ratings carefully


Ratings and reviews are the feedback of your app. Users give their reviews about the quality of the app, what features must be included and what must be removed? So it is important to analyse the reviews and ratings carefully if you have to provide a high quality app.

Final note


The popularity of the app depends on the quality of the app. If you app does not possess high quality, it will result in the failure of an app. There will be less downloads, and bad reviews. So it is important to give attention towards the quality of an app.


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